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The Bear Flag League Summer Conference

Flap is off in a few hours to the Bear Flag League Summer Conference.

Blogging will be light until Flap plugs in……after lunch of course.

Update #1

Dan Weintraub from the Sacramento Bee and the California Insider Blog has just finished speaking and answering questions. He questioned the current model of newspaper journalism and forsees a great role for citizen journalists.

Los Angeles Mayoral candidate and former California Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg is now speaking.

Hertzberg is talking about the blogging world and his campaign for Mayor. The role of endorsements from bloggers and the spin thus resulted and how it affected his donor base.

He just called the MSM a bunch of “lazy bums.”


He calls himself a shit-stirrer and wants to push the blogging community forward. He doesn’t know where it is going but will push the envelope.

He wants to take a subject area and outline ten ideas on how to collect trash, for example. Go to his Big Ideas blog folks, calendarize the ideas and hold government responsible.

Keep the pressure on government, issue press releases and move debate forward.

Have a catalyst for new ideas – figure out a way to capture energy and freshness of the internet like he witnessed during his last campaign.


Joe Phillips will now discuss blogging and politics.

Bob Hertzberg being interviewed by Sacramento Bee reporter, Dam Weintraub with Independent Sources Blog A Senior Administration Official in the background.

Update #2

Check out TDM over at West Coast Bored of Exchange. He is live blogging as well.

Ted Costa who was behind the Gray Davis recall and a sponsor of Prop. 77, the redistricting measure on the November Special Election ballot is now speaking.

Alan Hoffenblum just finished speaking about the impact of the world wide web, and the blogs on political campaigns and campaign finance reform. He tells the story of an incumbent legislator, elected in a competive district and how immediate communication on the internet will affect his responsiveness to his constituents. Immediacy of response and the threat of instant communication within your own district to voters will do more than McCain-Feingold ever could.


As an enemy combatant to the LEFT……. we aren’t so bad.

Thanks for coming Kevin!

Update 11:30 PM

Flap has lots of photos and will be posting them over the next day.

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