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Justice John Roberts: Filibuster of Confirmation Unlikely

A filibuster of Supreme Court nominee Judge John Roberts is extremely unlikely. The ASSociated press has Democratic Filibuster of Roberts Unlikely.

The possibility of a Democratic filibuster against Supreme Court nominee John Roberts in the Republican-controlled Senate seemed to all but disappear Wednesday.

One influential Democrat said Roberts was “in the ballpark” of being a nonconfrontational selection. A Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will hold hearings on Roberts’ nomination, said she did not think the appeals court judge was “filibuster-able.”

“Do I believe this is a filibuster-able nominee? The answer would be no, not at this time I don’t,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., a strong abortion-rights supporter and a committee member.

Several of the seven Republicans among the 14 senators who brokered a deal over judicial filibusters indicated they thought a filibuster against Roberts would be unwarranted. Most have already praised Roberts. Their support would make it almost impossible for Democrats to carry out a filibuster.

The President has hit a homerun with this nomination.

This is not to say that the confirmation process will not be contentious, but unless something extremely damaging comes out Judge Roberts will be confirmed.

Captain Ed over at Captains Quarters agrees, Democrats Signal Filibuster Unlikely.