LA Times: Tell John Carroll Why Circulation has Gone Down

Patterico has asked his readers to tell departing/retiring editor John Carroll why the Los Angeles Times circulation has gone down.

Back in February, I asked these questions:

Do you read the L.A. Times? If so, why? If not, why not?

If you have cancelled your subscription, tell us why.

What bugs you about the paper? Is there anything about it that you do like?

I got 89 comments — most of them from people who had canceled their subscriptions due to their perception that the paper slants the news to fit a leftist perspective.

If you have not contributed to that thread, please do so now. Don’t leave comments on this post. Click on this link and tell John Carroll why you do (or don’t) read the L.A. Times.

Flap did.

So, go here and give the new editor, Dean Baquet, something to ponder.

Los Angeles Times Editor John S. Carroll, left, announces his retirement to news staff. Managing Editor Dean P. Baquet, center, will succeed him on Aug. 15. Publisher Jeffrey M. Johnson, right, praised Carroll’s leadership, saying, “We are indebted to him for his extraordinary legacy of journalistic excellence and wish him every happiness in the future.”

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