Hugh Hewitt: Milking Rage and Anger for Personal Benefit

Hugh Hewitt has it right: Tancredo’s Crusade and its Costs.

Flap previously had Tom Tancredo: Irresponsible Statements.

In fact Tancredo is preoccupied with attention-getting statements that play to the frustrated edge of the conservative camp that sees any denunciation of “political correctness” as an endorsement of their desire for blunt talk against media elites.

But not threatening Islamic countries and populations with the destruction of the places they devoutly esteem is not p.c.-generated double-talk. It is sensible respect for a vast group of Muslims abroad and a few million Muslims who are our fellow citizens from whom we must ask cooperation and to whom we must pledge a non-bigoted appreciation for their religious choices.

The jump Tancredo makes from Americans disgusted with his foolishness to al Qaeda’s reactions to American outrage is incoherent. Really, incoherent.

Incoherent and irresponsible.

The more quickly conservatives can disavow these wacko statements the better.

You can read Tom Tancredo’s piece in the Denver Post here.

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