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SoCal Law Blog: Podcasts

A fellow member of the California Bear Flag League, the Southern California Law Blog has begun Podcasts on his blog.

SoCal Law Blog’s First Podcast is here featuring:

  1. Background on the successful lawsuit removing Proposition 77 from the November 2005 election.
  2. An update on the post-conviction developments for Alejandro Avila and Gregory Haidl.
  3. A report on Bell v. Blue Cross of California, a California Court of Appeal decision allowing an E.R. physician to lead a class action lawsuit against Blue Cross of California to challenge the manner in which Blue Cross reimburses E.R. physicians who have no contract with Blue Cross.
  4. A report on a new gadget, the Slingbox. The Slingbox is the next evolution in tv watching following VCRs and DVRs. It will be met with the same litigation tactics that big Hollywood attempted to use against VCRs and, more successfuly, Grokster.

If Craig and Denise can podcast, why can’t I?

Flap recommends you head over there and listen.

You will be glad you did.

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