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Air America: Follow and Give Back the Money

Welcome Hugh Hewitt Readers.

Michelle Malkin has the continuing FLAP about Air America radio, THE AIR AMERICA LOOPHOLE.

Blogger Leon H. takes a hard look at Air America’s latest explanation for the public funding mess involving NYC non-profits. Writes Leon:

There are a couple of other rather large glaring holes in this statement. If Gloria Wise went under, was that due to the fact that they were short about half a million in cash? If so, it more or less leads you to believe that the money has not been “actually repaid” but is still in “agreed to be repaid” land.

Second, given that Gloria Wise is now closed, how will the money now be repaid? Isn’t this a handy loophole for Air America to jump through? “Gosh, we’d really like to repay them – in fact, we agreed to repay them, but due to some unforseen circumstance, they went under. Weird. Oh well, nothing to be done now.”

Unless I am missing something in this statement, that is exactly the position Air America is currently taking: we agreed to repay this months ago, but Gloria Wise doesn’t exist anymore…

Also raising eyebrows: that bizarre summer camp compensation arrangement noted at the end of Air America’s statement.

Fishier and fishier.

Janeane? Al? Anyone? Anyone?

Mark in Mexico has a great round-up:

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And finally Hugh Hewitt takes note that the MSM has finally picked up the story. And there is no mention of the diversion of funds on Al Franken’s blog.

And Flap wonders why…….

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