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Schwarzenegger: Election is Good – Cancelling it BAD

Dan Weintraub of the Sacramento Bee today has Election is best bet, win or lose.

Thanks to his recent string of unforced errors and a free-fall in the polls, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting a ton of unsolicited advice these days, and much of it is bad. The worst idea yet is one that is dangerously close to becoming conventional wisdom among the pundits and political consultants who hover around the Capitol: Cancel the Nov. 8 special election.

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Glad to see that Dan agress with Flap:

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and finally

But, remember Schwarzenegger has already won the 2005 election. Even if he loses every measure (very unlikely), he stays the course for California reform, maintains the status quo and depletes the resources of his opponents. Resources that cannot be used in the Democrat primary race in June and cannot be saved for television ads against him.

Actually, Flap has heard from members of the Governor’s team that he was gearing up for the campaign all along.

Flap is glad he was the Terminator and not Gulliver.

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