The Gator Gripper: Bringing Baby Tooth Removal into the 21st Century!

Check out this new way to extract (pull) a deciduous (baby) tooth, the Gator Gripper.

How have you removed a loose baby tooth in the past?

* String and a doorknob
* Clump of Kleenex
* Biting into corn on the cob

These methods may seem tried and true, but the fact of the matter is these archaic techniques can be painful and even dangerous!

The patented GatorGripper® is a unique, child-friendly gadget designed to enable adults to grasp and remove a loosened baby tooth. Its slim plastic design allows the GatorGripper® to slip easily into the mouth of a child to grip a loose tooth as it’s safely wiggled free.

One of the most significant elements of the design is that the GatorGripper® applies “pressure numbness” to the loose tooth, which eliminates the pain that is sometimes associated with a baby tooth being extracted.

With the GatorGripper®, you and your family have a safe and affordable way to remove a baby tooth.

Hummmmmmm but do lay folks have the skill and patience to extract a tooth on an apprehensive patient (nee screaming kid).

The lightweight GatorGripper® is safe to use. Parents can easily adjust two settings to grip either a molar (posterior) or a front (anterior) tooth. The GatorGripper® is not like the forceps used by the dentist; the GatorGripper® is a gadget to let you hang on to the tooth and wiggle it free in a painless and simple way.

Dr. Lance Long, a dentist, and one of his patients, Fern Rossi, developed the idea in 1997. After obtaining a United States patent for the GatorGripper® in 1999 and a Canadian patent in 2003, the inventors focused on shifting the design of the GatorGripper® from paper to an actual product.

My dad used Nylon Cord and he was very dexterous but…………this looks too ooooowwwie.

Better to see the dentist.

H/T Baltimore Tales