Dental Town Watch: Ad Traffic Down

Flap previously reported Dental Town: How Does Blog Traffic Compare.

Flap was discussing with a colleague today about the immense growth of the blogosphere and what it means for dental bulletin boards and web sites. So, I started to compare.

Here is the Dental Town site probably the largest (at least by Howard Farran’s claims) dental bulletin board site. It boasts over 56,000 members (unverifiable and likely a grossly inflated number since so-called Townies can join with more than one name and/or identity). There are no sitemeter counters that Flap can see on the site.

It appears that participation in their annual Townie Choice Awards is down.

The downloadable ballot is here.

After 9 days of the Survey their traffic was:

Today’s numbers are:

2005 Stats:
2162 participants
Voting Aug 1 – Aug 31

2004 Stats:
2483 participants
Voting Aug 24 – Sept 30

But, voting has been extended apparently for another 7 days.

Have dentists abandoned Dental Town or are they just refusing to complete a commercial survey?

Or do dentists prefer the non-commercial dental discussion sites like Sci.Med. Dentistry or the Internet Dental Forum.

Stay tuned.