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California Republican Party Convention Watch: Senator George Allen To Speak at Dinner

Senator George Allen, R- Virginia, will be speaking as one of featured headliners (Governor Schwarzenegger will speak tomorrow at noon) of this convention.

The Senator, a non-declared but running nevertheless candidate, for President is spreading his name among the party faithful – to mine those contacts and fundraising powers of the California GOP.

Flap remembers Senator Allen’s father, also George Allen (George Herbert Allen), who was the coach of the Los Angeles Rams — when Los Angeles had an NFL franchise.

Flap remains skeptical that the younger Allen can score a Super Bowl win to the Presidency in 2008.

The Vice Presidency?

Live Blogging will commence within the half hour.

Senator Allen has been introduced by the Chairman of the California Republican Party.

He starts his speech by saying Governor Schwarzenegger has been leading the fight for real change in Sacramento and gives him credit for balancing the California budget without raising taxes.

He is happy to be back here in Orange County. The Senator was raised in California when his father was the coach of the Los Angeles Rams where the training camp was at Cal State Fullerton. He remembers meeting Governor Reagan who came out to the camp to watch the Rams. Reagan was elected Governor of California in 1966.

Then he moved to Virigina when his dad went on to coach the Washington Redskins where he got involved with Virginians for Reagan.

He credits his start in politics here in Orange County and with Ronald Reagan.

Discussing a broad range of issues:

1. Supports permanent 15% capital gains tax

2.Elimination of Estate (Death) Tax

Protestors are heard through the door of the hall….chanting …..?

Nahhhh relax it is a demonstration for a young Republican campaign.

The Senator is also supportive of less litigation – tort reform; energy independence from foreign sources of oil via drilling for domestic sources in Alaska.

Questions from the audience:

He supports parental notification for abortion – supports California Proposition 73.

He is now discussing illegal immigration:

1. Secure the border

2. More detention and patrol

3. Effective Guest Worker Program and not the McCain-Kennedy bill but more like the Cornyn bill

He finishes with a Ronald Reagan story and the Cold War. How he was ridiculed and discounted in the war against communism but because of Ronald Reagan perseverence people in Eastern Europe are now free…… so it goes for Iraq.

America must be patient, support our troops in Iraq and persevere.

America must stand strong for freedom!

Thanks to SactoDan for the photo.

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