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NHS Dentistry Watch: Disaster Warning

The BBC has NHS dentists ‘disaster’ warning.

Liberal Democrat health spokesman Steve Webb has warned NHS dentistry services are “on the brink of disaster”.

He said many dentists were threatening to quit the NHS because of new contracts which pay on the basis of the number of treatments performed.

Mr Webb said less than half of people in England were currently registered with an NHS dentist and predicted the contracts would see that figure fall.

The Lib Dems are due to debate the issue at their conference in Blackpool.

Mr Webb will be speaking for a motion calling for action to encourage dentists to register more NHS patients.

What a Joke!

How about the government getting out of the dentistry business entirely.

The U.K. should privitize their dentistry but provide vouchers for the poor, disabled and truely needy.

How simple is that?

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