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George Galloway Watch: Galloway in Los Angeles Part II

George Galloway taking a question from the audience, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, September 22, 2005.

Flap previously had George Galloway Watch: Galloway in Los Angeles Part I.

After making our way up the steps of the church Armed Liberal and Flap were immediately confronted with socialism at it finest(?) – the literature dissemination table by sponsored groups or kindred spirits. But……

They were selling materials.

The Democrats were NOT there but……

The Peace and Freedom folks were.

Galloway, of course, needs to fund his vacation home(s) so he was selling his book and stayed around after his speech to sign them (Flap did not wait around to get his autographed copy).

We made our way to seats in mid-central church pew and waited.

Armed Liberal was live blogging with his Treo until a call came……and he had to go.

So, Flap waited alone for the warm-up speakers and the main event.

This next photo is for Patterico. Note what the socialist folks were reading while they awaited the program.

Yep – socialist worker flyers and the Los Angeles Times.