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Harriet Miers Watch: Conservatives Vs. Conservatives

One in, one to go: In July, White House counsel Harriet Miers escorted Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr., right, to a meeting with President Bush. Conservatives, many of whom were lukewarm about Roberts, have split over Bush’s choice of Miers to replace Sandra Day O’Connor.

Captain Ed in the Washington Post has How Harriet Unleashed a Storm on the Right.

Well, he’s finally done it. By nominating White House lawyer Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, George Bush has managed to accomplish what Al Gore, John Kerry, Tom Daschle and any number of Democratic heavyweights have been unable to do: He has cracked the Republican monolith. Split his own party activists. And how.

The president’s surprise pick to replace Sandra Day O’Connor has ignited a massive debate among his former loyalists, especially in the blogosphere, where I spend a fair amount of time. Wails of betrayal are clashing with assurances of the president’s brilliant strategic thinking. Meanwhile, the heavyweights of punditry drop columns like artillery shells into what already may be a conservative civil war.

And to think that Harriet Miers with a wink and a nod from President Bush and James Dobson was supposed to be a STEALTH EVANGELICAL CANDIDATE

Hugh Hewitt and the The Loyalist Army have it RIGHT.

Michelle Malkin and the The Rebel Alliance have it WRONG.

And since Harriet Miers will be a SUCCESSFUL EVANGELICAL STEALTH CANDIDATE we will have to wait (for validation or I told you so) until after she is sitting on the bench.

Flap recommends that the Eastern intellectual (?) and elitist RIGHT chill out.

Why are you carrying Leahy’s and Biden’s bags?

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