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California Special Election Watch: It is the TURNOUT Stupid

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks about proposition 76, a state spending cap measure, from an empty parking structure Monday, Oct. 3, 2005, at the Sherman Oaks Galleria on a campaign stop in Los Angeles.

George Skelton, Sacramento Leftie columnist from the Los Angeles Times is FINALLY getting it.

The public employee unions have been saturating the California television airwaves and cable with ads – spending tens of millions of dollars exacted from union member’s paychecks.

In the meantime, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has conserved his resources for targeted media in Republican base areas. His message focusing on conservative evangelical households which will turn out to vote for Proposition 73.

Four weeks to go before November 8 election day.

Schwarzenegger has Rope-A-Doped the Unions.

Will he win?

Schwarzengger has already won.

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