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Harriet Miers Watch: Eating Their Young

Michelle Malkin has MIERS: BEWARE.

Flap compares this to eating your YOUNG.

Read what HH has to say.

If those disappointed by the Miers nomination want to assure that a Michael Luttig or a Michael McConnell never get nominated much less through the Senate, they will pursue tactics that will diminish the Senate majority so that the constitutional option is off the table.

Flap has Harriet Miers Watch: Conservatives Vs. Conservatives

Some of the Washington pundits (albiet elitist or not) should CHILL.

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2 thoughts on “Harriet Miers Watch: Eating Their Young

  1. I agree. I had no time for the original Coalition of the Chillin’, which focused on the Gang of 14, but would happily join one over Miers. She’s not my first, second or third choice, and probably wouldn’t have been in the running at all if I were President, but barring any new bombshells I don’t think she’s worth getting all that upset about, either.

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