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Harriet Miers Watch: The Speeches

Supreme Court Nominee Harriet Miers meets with Sen. Russell Feingold, D-Wisc., at his office in the Hart Senate Office Building on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2005 in Washington.

The Washington Post has Clues about Miers’ views in 1990s speeches: report.

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, in speeches a decade ago, said “self-determination” should guide decisions about abortion and also defended social activism, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

The speeches, which she provided to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, offer some of the clearest insights yet into Miers’ thinking on contentious social issues that could come before the Supreme Court, the newspaper said.

Miers talked about abortion, the separation of church and state, and how the issues play out in the legal system in a 1993 speech to a Dallas women’s group, the newspaper said.

“The underlying theme in most of these cases is the insistence of more self-determination,” Miers said in an excerpt reported by the Post. “And the more I think about these issues, the more self-determination makes sense.”

With Republican Senators already having reservations the Fat Lady has sung with this revelation of self-determination .

Doesn’t that spell PRO-CHOICE?

In speeches delivered when she was president of the Texas bar association, Miers also defended judges who order lawmakers to address social concerns, the newspaper said.

Miers also showed sympathy for feminist causes, referring to the “glass ceiling” faced by professional women and urged her audience to support female candidates, according to the report.

So, let’s see……

1. Mier’s is pro-life but makes pro-choice speeches.

2. She was a catholic and was discovered not to be.

3. Miers is an evangelical but only recently – but she does go to church. And, she once supported a constitutional amendment banning abortion

4. She won’t legislate from the bench but gives speeches supporting judicial activism.

Now, you know why Flap opposes Miers and why the President should accept Harriet Miers’ withdrawl.

Harriet Miers should ask the President withdraw her nomination and she should resume her duties as White House Counsel.

Patterico is STILL on the Ledge.

The President should then nominate former Texas Supreme Court Justice Priscilla Owen.

or any of these other fine federal appeals court judges:

Janice Rogers Brown

Edith Clement

Edith Hollan Jones

Charles Krauthammer has a reasonable face-saving approach here.

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