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NHS Dentistry Watch: More Dentists Now, More Dentists Later

Medical News today has More Dentists Now, More Dentists Later Key Targets Hit In Drive To Increase NHS Dentistry Access, UK.

There are more NHS dentists now and will be in the future thanks to a successful recruitment campaign bringing dentists to the NHS to improve access, and an increase in the number of students able to train as dentists, said Health Minister Rosie Winterton today.

Speaking at the Institute of Dentistry at Queen Mary, University of London, as she met new dental students, Rosie Winterton confirmed that the Government has far exceeded its target to recruit the whole time equivalent of 1000 more dentists and has also seen the largest increase in the number of dental training places in nearly 20 years.

It is apparent the Labour government of Tony Blair has spared no expense to sustain the socialized National Health Service Dentistry.

The government is lowering standards for licensure and has recruited over 500 foreign dentists, including 216 from Poland. Interesting that private dentists are taxed to pay the government to recruit and license competition to treat their own countrymen. If Flap were a taxpaying dentist and the government exacted my hard earned money to set up a competitor across the street because I would not accept low government fees for their socialized national scheme it would precipitate political outrage and probably emigration.

The terms of the future contract for dentists (to appear in April 2006) gurantees an income, 5%work reduction and a government pension among other advantages like NHS paid continuing education. Uusally, when something sounds too good to be true then it is not true.

What Flap asks is at what cost?

Wonder what the British Dental Association has to say?

Stay tuned…..

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