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California Election 2006 Watch: New Field Poll

Poll tests candidate recognition

The Sacramento Bee has Lots of names, but who are they?

If your name is Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cruz Bustamante or even Warren Beatty, California voters may not think much of you, but at least they know enough to have an opinion.

But if you’re Joe Dunn, Debra Bowen or Charles Poochigian, toiling away for years in the Legislature apparently has done little to record you in the minds of most, according to a new Field Poll.

As the field shapes up for seven partisan statewide offices at stake in next year’s elections, most hopefuls face a long path to reach voters’ collective consciousness, and even longer to win their hearts and minds, the poll found.

The Field Poll can be found here.

Most noteworthy:

State Sen. Tom McClintock, a Thousand Oaks Republican running for lieutenant governor, drew acknowledgment from 53 percent of voters, with favorable views outnumbering unfavorable 2-to-1. Even Democrats were relatively divided on McClintock – with unfavorable views outnumbering favorable by only 27 percent to 23 percent – despite his status as one of the most conservative voices in the Legislature.

McClintock is drawing wide appeal and makes a formidable candidate for Lt. Governor.

Then, it is onto 2010 and the battle against Antonio Villagairosa, the Mayor of Los Angeles for the governorship.

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