Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: Jesse Jackson, Bianca Jagger Plead for LIFE


AFP has Jesse Jackson, Bianca Jagger plead for life of US inmate

Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson and human rights champion Bianca Jagger visited a condemned US inmate and called for celebrity governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to spare his life.

Crips gang co-founder Stanley “Tookie” Williams has redeemed himself writing children’s books during his 25 years in San Quentin State Prison and still denies committing the four murders that landed him on death row, Jackson said.

“The evidence, at best, is shoddy. His reputation as a gang leader was on trial, not the actual evidence of the murders,” Jackson said after he and Jagger walked out of the prison where they visited Williams.

“Not long ago we were told there was evidence of weapons of mass destruction, a slam dunk. We lost American lives on circumstantial information and we should not make that kind of life-or-death decision again.”

Jackson and Jagger decried the case against Williams as based on evidence that included jailhouse “snitches” out to ingratiate themselves with police.

Williams is an African-American man railroaded by a prejudiced judicial system because he couldn’t afford better lawyers, said Jagger, the first wife of famed Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger.

Potential black jurors were kept off the jury that convicted Williams, Jagger said.

Williams has not apologized for the slayings because “he would rather die than lie” and lay claim to crimes he did not commit, Jackson and Jagger said.

“I appeal to governor Schwarzenegger,” Jagger said, her eyes watering and her lips trembling. “You could grant him clemency; change death to life imprisonment without parole.”

Flap wants JUSTICE for the four DEAD MURDERED victims of Williams.

He deserves the “BIG JAB”.



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193 thoughts on “Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: Jesse Jackson, Bianca Jagger Plead for LIFE

  1. All too often in this country the victims of a murder are forgotten. Justice is the only thing left for the poor unfortunates. He was convicted and must pay the ultimate price.
    Writing books or getting law degrees in prison are superfluous exercises that cloud the issues that sent him where he is at present.

  2. This man should be granted clemancy ! the Crips have murdered & terroized more Black Americans in the past centery then the Klan could even imagen,infact he should be nominated for the nobel peace prize for his either concious or unconcious work reducing crime by Killing off scum!

  3. It is difficult to believe that Stanley Williams and Raymond Washington formed the Crips because they were fed up with the random violence in their neighborhood. I grew up in Compton until I was five in the late sixties, and can remember the acts violence being committed by the Crips, the Bloods, and Piru gangs. The competition for drug territory or violence against one another made Compton an unsafe place for me and my family to live-so we got out. Williams and Washington were responsible for the migration of spin-off and copycat gangs throughout our country. I don’t think killing a child and her family, going to prison and writing children’s books to curtail youth violence allows him to be forgiven. It’s very little too late; he couldn’t even save his own son.

  4. The world is upside down! How can celebrities such as jesse Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Bianca Jaggar, Susan Sarandon, et al defend an admitted street criminal, co-founder of one of the blood thirstiest gangs in the country AND a convicted murderer? What do I possibly tell my children (12 & 13) as they watch this story un-fold? Do I say that crime is ok as long as you make “ammends”? Do I tell them that it is alright to kill innocent victims in cold blood, but not alright to use lethal injection on the perpetrators? Do I tell them that “crime pays”, that if you are a smart enough murderer you may be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize? I am sick to death of the bleeding hearts making my job as a parent even more difficult, where is the sanity? Pop icons defending the indefensible in front of a media gone stark raving mad, mocking our criminal justice system. “Dad, what is a nobel Peace Prize”? “do you have to kill someone to get one”?

  5. I cannot believe How many people bought into the act that he helped to change lives in Jail and is really a good person. Yeah he such a good person he shot someone in the face, twice with that shotgun. My sister made him sound out to be a saint. I think its sick. If he was truly Repentant he would tell everyone to stop defending him as he knows he did the crimes and now its time for him to take the responcibility for his actions. Actions that have dire consequences. I say Justice for the victims and let him die. To the tyrant, always.

  6. Do you suppose that if I, being white, had gunned down a black family, as Tookie has been convicted of doing, and was going to be executed would have these same people trying to get my sorry ass saved? I DON’T THINK SO.

  7. Thank you for your correspondence regarding Stanley Williams.

    There is a court order currently in place that calls for Mr. Williams
    to be executed by the State of California on December 13, 2005, and
    Mr. Williams has, through his attorneys, expressed his desire for the
    Governor to grant him clemency in this matter.

    Capital punishment is an issue about which many people hold strong
    and impassioned views, and Governor Schwarzenegger appreciates you
    taking the time to express yours with regard to Mr. Williams. Your
    correspondence will be given due consideration during the clemency

    Thank you again for writing.


    Legal Affairs Secretary

  8. Though Stanley “Tookie” Williams may have done wrong in his past, but whom are we to judge this man. God is the Judge in charge. If Mr. Williams committed these crimes, let God be the one to decide on his life. If God wanted him dead, God would have seen to that Himself. What gives us the right to take the life when we did not give life? No I am not saying that Mr. Williams or anyone else who may have taken a life had nor have the right to take a life or cause harm to others. I am saying that we have no right to take a life. Yes, I feel as though when a murder is committed, they should spend the rest of their lives in prison. However, when the government ends ones life, they themselves become murders. What should happen to the person working for the government who takes a life? Let God take control. If the message of death row is to keep people from doing the crimes that places them on death row, then the government has done a poor job of getting the message across. How many people have been put to death? It’s just like a parent punishing a child for wrong doing. We all remember being punished. Everything was taken away for a period of time. Punishments like that kept us from trying or repeating that act. I feel that the government should take everything away from a prisoner. The problem is that jailers have just as much on the inside as on the outside. In jail you can have TV’s in you cell, get an education, enjoy outdoors, etc. I feel that if you do the crime, then do hard time. Work for your meals, work for the things that you need, take away everything. The life should be work to maintain the facility, eat and be in you cell. Prisoners should have enough time to think while serving hard time if the crime was worth it. They should have second thoughts about doing wrong. Prisoners should feel as though death would be better that being in the jail system. If this was being done, there would not be any needs for death row and the prison population would not be as high. Death row is not a threat to those who still commits crimes. It is just an easy way out of the crime. People must understand that people who commit violent acts do not have and self respect for themselves and do not care about life. If this type of mentality can be changed before in manifest into a problem, children like Mr. Johnson would not be committing such acts. A CHANGE NEEDS TO COME. THE WRONG MESSAGE IS BEING SENT OUT TO OUR GENERATION. WE NEED TO PROVIDE INTERVENTION BEFORE PROBLEMS BEGAN. WE NEED TO STOP FAILING OUR PEOPLE AND GIVE EVERYBODY A CHANCE FOR POSITIVE SUCCESS.

    We as a people should understand that yes people can change. Though he started this history of gang war, he did not place a gun to the members head to make them do the things that have done and are still doing. People make their own choices. As far as the murders, I was not there. From what I have read, it is a hard decision to make to say that he committed the murders. What seemed fishy to me is that all of the witness who testified against him had something to gain. That gain was pressure off of their backs of the crimes they committed. If I was in the same situation, I would lie to if I had something to gain from lying. So just with that fact alone, yes I think that Mr. Williams should be pardon. He is serving his time. What will be solved by killing this man? Every man must account for himself. He has served his time, he has reversed his ways, he seems to be trying to help the next generation from going down the wrong path, and he is trying to make up for his wrong. So yes, Mr. Williams should be pardon. As a matter of fact, he should be set free.


  9. Your long winded spiel was all about poor Mr. Williams. Now lets hear your spiel about the poor victim. Go on…I promise I won’t cry. I had a hellava laughing jag on all the while I was reading your bleeding heart sermon….I’m still…Ha ha….not over it.
    Your pathetic, Precious.

  10. I truely bieved that God almighty only have the power and the opportuinty to give life or take life. Only to often we as a nation states one thing and do another. HE HAS THE PAID PRICE AN SHOULD AND CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER ON THE OUTSIDE FOR OUR CHILDREN. Only God can choose and give life and understanding to man and that purpose for his redemetion.That why he is able to understand our children pain and that is why he is able to speak and give healing to the one who want to listen to and read his knowledge. We say in God we trust, but do we really?

  11. Arnetta? Do you sit in the same pew with precious? I get all choked-up inside reading your text. This poor misunderstood man. His understanding of pain and the sharing of this feeling to young children through his book(s). Hogwash! Neither you or precious will attempt to speak out for the victim. Why? Because it would expose your hypocrisy.
    You yourself said that you believe that only God can give or take a life, right?
    Williams took a life and a jury of his peers want to take his. That my dear Arnetta is justice.”Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that
    are God’s.”
    If this isn’t plain enough, I’ll spell it out for you bleeding hearts:God does not enter into the laws of California(Caesars’things) The man should be put to death. If your concerned about Williams’ redemption ( God’s things), if he is truly sorry for his actions, I’m sure that God will find a special place in heaven for him… soon as the medical doctor has determined that his heart has stopped beating.

  12. Stanley Williams killed four people, and is responsible for the deaths of many others. He has not taken responsibility for his actions. My empathy is only for his victims. He is garbage in human form.

    “Tookie the murderer” is going to get the BIG JAB. If you think an Austrian is going to spare him, you should put down your crack pipe.

    I am going to wake up a 3:00 EST and toast another job well done in the State of Kalifornia

    Here’s where “Tookie the murderer” is going on December 13th.

    They will strap him to a gurney and stick a IV needle and tube in his arm and roll him into this puke green room, then they will inject a drug to sedate him, inject a drug to paralyse him, and then inject Potassium Chloride to stop the electrical signals to his heart. Total time 18 minutes or less. Then he be just another dead-ass turd flushed down the sewerpipe of humanity. His victims never had it this easy. Do you think his victims were frightened before he snuffed them out? Call him tookie, or Mr. Giggles, of any other dumbass fucking name, he gonna be dead as Rosa Parks by the 14th.

    I bet he shits and pisses himself before it’s over. I would. That’s why I don’t murder people.

    By Dec. 14th his 15 minutes of fame will be up and he will be promptly forgotten.

  13. Anyone out there that feels the same way I do: That williams should be executed.Please send your emails

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  15. The only people who should believe that Tookie is guilty should be the same ones that honestly believe OJ is innocent. OJ got off because the cops were racist.Tookie got convicted because the prosecutor was racist.If he is really guilty lets have a trial now and skip all the controversy.His original case was a little shady.

  16. It’s time for Stanley Williams to pay the piper. I live in Compton, Susan Sarandon,
    Jessie Jackson and other supporter of this monster do not. I see his legacy every day. He can claim racism or whatever, it does not matter this no good man needs to pay for his crimes against humanity.

    In these children books he writes, does he talk about all the children rotting in their graves today because of him?

  17. On February 28, 1979, Stanley “Tookie” Williams and three other men drove in two cars to a 7-Eleven store in the city of Whittier, California, a suburb southeast of downtown Los Angeles. The lone clerk on duty at the time was 26-year-old Albert Owens, who was sweeping the store’s parking lot when the men arrived. Owens apparently believed the men to be legitimate customers, for he put down his broom and dust pan and followed them into the store. Williams, armed with a sawed-off shotgun, forced Owens into a back storeroom. After ordering Owens to lie on the floor, Williams fired a shotgun blast into the store’s security monitor. Then, though Owens had offered no resistance at all, Williams fired two blasts into the prostrate man’s back, killing him. When an accomplice asked Williams why he had shot Owens, Williams explained that he didn’t want to leave any witnesses. The accomplice would also later testify that Williams told him he killed Owens “because he was white and he was killing all white people.”

    Williams and his three accomplices netted about $120 in cash for their efforts that night.

    Less than two weeks later, at about five in the morning on March 11, Williams went to the Brookhaven Motel at 10411 South Vermont Avenue, less than a ten-minute drive due east from Los Angeles International Airport. After breaking into the motel’s office, Williams shot and killed 76-year-old Yen-I Yang and his 63-year-old wife, Tsai-Shai Yang. Next he killed their daughter, 43-year-old Yee-Chen Lin. As in the Owens killing, the murder weapon was a 12-gauge shotgun. The take in this crime was about $100.

    Williams was identified as a suspect in the killings and arrested. In March 1981 a jury convicted him of all four murders and also found true the “special circumstances” that under California law exposed him to the death penalty, to wit, multiple murders and murder committed during the act of robbery. The jury recommended the death penalty, and on April 15, 1981, the trial judge did in fact sentence Williams to death.

    Today Williams remains very much alive and enjoying a most peculiar brand of celebrity, the type previously heaped on men like Mumia Abu-Jamal, the unrepentant and still-living killer of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. But, while Abu-Jamal’s case languishes in the courts nearly 24 years after the murder for which he was sentenced to death, and while Abu-Jamal himself advances steadily toward the natural death that appears to await him, time is at long last running out for Tookie Williams. On October 11 of this year, the United States Supreme Court declined to hear Williams’s final appeal, and as things now stand he will be executed by lethal injection at 12:01 A.M. on December 13.

  18. Whether you are the most disgusting gang-member alive or the most wonderful citizen alive, I hope you experience justice in this country. And if you are arrested and brought to court for a crime you did not commit, I hope your judge is not a racist. I hope you are given a jury of your peers. I hope you can afford a brilliant defense attorney. I hope your past mistakes are not used against you to convict you of a crime you did not do in the present. And if you are convicted and sentenced to die for a crime you did not commit, I hope someone, ANYONE is brave enough to stand up for you and try to save your life! This is the right of every American. And this is Tookie’s right, also. JUSTICE FOR TOOKIE! JUSTICE FOR ALL OPPRESSED PEOPLE! Peace.

  19. Tookie, Thanks for the books and trying to keep kids away from gangs and all th other supposedly good things you’ve done while in prison. Also thanks for the empty apology. But it’s time for you to die!! It’s time for you to stop wasting tax payers money on meals,housing clothing,tv and all the other amenities you’ve enjoyed at the tax payers expense. The same things you deprived your victims from enjoying. And to all your supporters i have one wish for them. And that is they walk into a room as i did and find their loved one brutaly raped and stabbed 17 times. Then and only then can they talk to me about mercy. May God have mercy on your soul because i sure as hell don’t!!!!

  20. I have mixed feelings about the death penalty. If in-fact Mr. Williams did the crimes he was accused of at trial then he does indeed deserve the death penalty. However, if he was convicted using hear-say evidence I feel that he should be granted Life-in-prison instead. Now let me clarify what I mean by hear-say: If the only witnesses against Mr. Williams were also hardened criminals who had everything to gain by testifying against him then I think the trial may have not been up to The American Justice System’s standards. You cannot believe the testiomony of these criminals. I am not familiar to a great degree with the entire case against Mr. Williams and I would like to know more. I do know that one of the witnesses was beat up by the LA Police and said he would of told them anything.

    My questions are not about if or why the death penalty is the right thing to do. I think that after you die… well, we will let God sort that out.

    I do however question why the Jury was not his peers [African-American community members of the Compton La area]. Where were these Jury members chosen from? There was a majority of white people in Compton in the 70’s? Are these jury members familiar with who Mr. Williams was? Have the Jury members been unfairly slandered against Mr. Williams with sensational media spin about his gang activity (true or not)? Were the jury members informed that the witnesses were also criminals that would be given leniency?

    If any of this is starting to make you wonder; then if I was governor I would want to know these things and I would base my descision not on the celebrity hype but the facts of the trial. If the trial was concrete and the jury was fair and a true representation of Mr. Williams peers then I would allow the execution to go forward. If not then maybe he deserves Clemency.

    Btw. I am white.

  21. Tookie, like all scumbags, only finds the true path after taking someone else’s life and then finding themselves on deathrow. In the haste of the chase of the spotlight, washed up celebs plea for the life of these turds and completely forget the victims in the case. Al Sharpton, please, and Jesse “got bastards?” Jackson jump in the spot as well. Nobody cares about either of them or their opinions. I believe my opinion is every bit as important as a preacher who has known the pleasures of extra marital affairs. What makes the opinion of an idiot like Snoop Dog, another waste of skin, any more important than those of the victims families left behind? What about them Snoop?

  22. No one deserves the dealth penalty. However I think Mr. Williams does deserve to be in prison. I believe being the leader of a gang that he has committed a murder or ordered murders at one time or another. Also if there are reports that he is having violent fights with other inmates and having run ins with the guards (IF THIS IS TRUE), then this shows that he is not reabilitated but he still doesn’t deserve to die.

  23. who really knows if he killed those people there is evidence that questions his inocence there is a man know that has lied to us and is killing people everyday but yet nobody has yet to put him on trial so go figure, spare him his life he will be judged by a power more deserving than anyone of us killing him know would be to easy save his life wich is already dead so let him live out his life behind bars

  24. who really knows if he killed those people there is evidence that questions his inocence there is a man know that has lied to us and is killing people everyday but yet nobody has yet to put him on trial so go figure, spare him his life he will be judged by a power more deserving than anyone of us killing him know would be to easy

  25. We all have choices in life. We are also aware of law. Stanley Williams made a choice in 1979 to kill four INNOCENT UNARMED people just trying to make living. The law in California is death for the types of crimes this man committed. He knew that.

    As far as this so called redemption, he has never apologized or admitted to committing these cold blooded murders. Williams has not even tried to help the police to solve other unsolved gang murders that he knows about. That would be true redemption. If he would just apologize, admit his crimes, and help to solve other murders, I think the hearts of some people would soften toward him.

  26. why do the black interest groups, hollywood socialites, and other people who leave their brains at home clamber to support thugs like this? its pretty obvious tookie aint man of the year in any year. why arent you freaks supporting Colin Powell, or Condaleeza Rice, or other real people that actually do good? how many white inmates have you tried to get off death row? name just one, i dare you to. oh, and how many INNOCENT death row inmates have actually have been killed? go ahead, name them, were waiting, im tired of that argument. if sh– for brains, i mean tookie, killed your family, would you still try for clemency? i didnt think so. i dont care what color you are, if you intentionally murder people the way these thugs do, you deserve your punishment. if you are tried, and the verdict is guilty, guess what? youre getting punished for the crime. these tookie supporters look about as bright as oj and blake jurors. tookie deserves nothing less than death.

  27. Lets put it this way, he (Williams) is on death row for the murder of 4 people. He has not caught a break from the most liberal court in the United States. Nothing else matters. In life for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction. Time for his reality of opposite reaction which is to be put to death (much more humanely than his victims I may add.) He has had 24 more years than those he chose to murder.

  28. This is not about Tookie Williams’ past gang-activities. This is not about Tookie Williams’ children’s books. This is not about Tookie Williams’ Nobel Prize nominations. This is not about the celebrities who support his clemency. This is about the specific crimes he was convicted of. In this country, even the most unsavory person has the right to a fair trial with a jury of his peers and an unbiased judge and prosecutor. This is about the unfortunate fact that Mr. Williams’ trial was badly mishandled and it was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he was responsible for the deaths of these four victims. If Mr. Williams is executed before he ever receives a new fair trial, we will be sending a message that we can put people to death without giving them due process…just because we don’t like who they are or what they’re about. This is not the American way. Trust me, I have no feelings of love for Mr. Williams. He has done some horrible things during his gangster days. But that does not mean that we have the right to kill him without absolute proof that he committed these murders. And by the way, I am a White Republican man.

  29. Here’s an idea about the Death Penalty. In some other countries, here’s how it works. Once somebody is tried and convicted of a murder, the FAMILY of the victim gets to decide the convicted person’s punishment. Oh yeah!!! That’s right, man. So they get to decide if the convicted guy gets life in prison, or death. And if they chose death, they get to decide what kind of death: firing-squad, electrocution, gas-chamber, burning-at-the-stake, being dragged-to-death behind a bunch of horses, drowning, hanging, stoning, or even the ultimate—crucifixion!! And another thing–the convicted man has ONE chance to appeal, and only ONE year in which to do it. Then he’s DEAD!! And nobody is able to “buy” there way off Death Row the way rich people do here in America. Now THAT is the way the Death Penalty should be! The way it is here is America, it is totally flawed, it takes too long, costs too much and the victim’s families have to wait for years to get their revenge and satisfaction. It doesn’t teach anybody anything, except that if you’re rich enough ( like O.J. and Robert Blake ) you can literally get away with murder.

  30. Man, it’s obvious that “tookie” killed four people…that’s automatic first degree murder. He had the right to either not join a gang and not end up killing people, …or to do what he has decided to do…kill people for money. Very stupid. And I hope Williams pay the price for killing four people. I don’t give a rat’s a$$ if williams published a book, has been nominated for the nobel peace prize or has black leaders rubbing his a$$ to protect him. He’s obviously wrong…done wrong…and decides to simply die. None of this “oh williams trial wasn’t fair because he’s black.” Horse sh_t!! I just hate listening to black criminals make excuses after excuses after excuses. Guess what guys….I’m an African-American myself…and I work hard, pay taxes, have gone on to college….and I don’t give a f_ck if some of you call me an oreo. That’s the only way out of poverty and the best way to “be respected.” You don’t go out, kill people, get arrested and play the race card. No way. Plus what irked me about williams, is that he has committed a hate crime by killing a white guy…simply because he’s white,…and three Asians…calling them “buddha heads.” As a black guy myself, I have had racial slurs hurled at me…and don’t like it. Just because williams is black doesn’t mean he can hurl racial slurs at other ethnic group…it’s just plain wrong. Black racism is just as bad as white racism. So all in all, williams should die on December 13th…nothing more nothing less. If the public wants to use this upcoming event as an example to deter kids from joining gangs….why not air this execution live on ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox? Heck, even if its was on Pay Per View….I’d order the damn event. None of this “oh I published a book” kind of sh_t or celebrities without a brain supporting this loser without knowing the full facts!

  31. This guy is a racist murderer. The prosecuter in the case is not racist if he didn’t want black people on the jury, because people tend to sympathize more with people of their own race. That is just obvious. Tookie is a racist, or at least used to be. He claimed to have killed one of the victims because he was white. Yes, he wrote some kids books. Yes, Jamie Fox(Gods gift to acting) played him in a movie and wants him to be spared. But none of his supporters are focusing on the facts of the case. They are just screaming racism and bringing up all kinds of nonsense just to get him of the hook. I just can’t wait till December 13th when I can celebrate that I am alive and enjoying life and this guy is dead. Hopefully everyone will forget about him soon.

  32. I hope your comments are also going to Arnold where they will do some good. His email is in one of my previous comments. Lets send this man to Hell with his other friends.

  33. The California Republican Party knows of this blog and Flap is sure they monitor it as well.

    Flap had press credentials at the last CRP convention.

    Comment away…….

  34. Sorry Tookie…Your Time is about up. Now you will pay for the people you have Killed, The Prisoners you have Raped, and the Guards you have Injured while on Death Row! The World will be a much better place without you!

  35. Stan Tookie Williams has accomplished a lot since being in prison… the books, the movie deals, etc. What else did he have to do in there? He did these things for his own means, the attention, the special privileges and meeting movie stars among them.

    He still hasn’t admitted to what he did, he has helped no authority with information about gangs or other crimes. He says that would be snitching and his new life is about doing good, not hurting others. What a load of dung.

    It’s time for Tookie to say goodbye. He had time in life to make his mark and say his farewells, to provide for his family. The people he hurt did not have that luxury.

    It’s time for Tookie to die!

    P.S. Jamie Foxx start helping people who deserve it, you stupid racist jerk.

  36. This man has been allowed to live far to long as it is. Lets put this dog to sleep and move on to something more worthy of our attention.

  37. Count me as another American of color who wants to just. . .give Tookie what he deserves. He killed four people in cold blood and got feted by the elites because he fit their agenda.


  38. every person deserves a chance to change their wrongs on earth once they become conscious of their true purpose. it’s taught in many religions under the title of repentance, which in many religions gives you forgiveness or clemency by GOD… drug dealers turned businessmen (urban to suburban), corporate thieves who steal peoples pentions turned teachers, prostitutes turned psychologists, ku klux klan wizards turned politician — everyone should get the chance to be truly better people in their existence. now, i don’t condone gang violence or ignorant acts of disrespect from or toward any person regardless of color at all, but Tookie has definitely changed his life for the greater good. he is now a positive individual reaching right back to the same streets where the new kids roam. he grabs their ears, he grabs their eyes, he’s monumental in the community and he’s relevant in the present day. you can’t ask for more than that. it started out rough, but he found his way. how many of us have done that? not many.

  39. Whether or not Tookie Williams is guilty is between him and God. Even if he is given clemency, he will still spend the rest of his natural life in prison so he will never again walk among us either way. What really amazes and disgusts me about some of the posts I’ve read on this and other Tookie-related sites is the absolute arrogance, rage, fear and ignorance of some people in America. What has happened to us? Did we learn anything from the Civil Rights movement? Why are we still tearing eachother apart over stuff like this? I hear anger and bigotry from both “sides” and we need to be better than that. We need to evolve to a better way of communicating with eachother. I can’t believe the number of people who are willing to post insulting, violent, bigoted nastiness on these sites–things they would never say in public. Clearly, this is how many people truly feel. I hope some of you will take your angry energy and use it to do some good–help improve your own communities, help your neighbor, help a stranger. If you don’t, none of this will mean anything. Tookie’s life (and eventual death)will mean nothing. The lives and deaths of the victims will mean nothing. Open your eyes and envision a better world. Now.

  40. You need to get a life, Jim. We do not live in a idealistic world…if we did, that murdering s.o.b. would not have commited the murder(s).
    Come down from the clouds,your showing signs of oxygen-debt.
    And your correct in saying we’re angry. There is a chance this black bigot(who hates the white race)will escape the grim reaper.We don’t want that to happen.
    This subhuman killer must die. It is the only way that justice will be served to the deceased….THE ONLY WAY!

  41. You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. Perhaps someday you will join us. And the world will live as one.

  42. Dear God! You can’t even think for youself. Jim, I was right: you need to get a life.
    Sell all your beatles and John Lennon records, take the money and get some help…it’s obvious you can’t help yourself.
    In the meantime, stay out of politics and current events. The real-world events like the tookie williams affair might upset your delicate condition and cause you real harm.
    And lastly, be brave when the medical doctor inserts the IV into that murdering creeps forearm.

  43. What we don’t need is a society that exalts murderers as heroes. Regardless of what good Tookie has done, it doesn’t absolve him of killing four people. What actual and factual proof is there of Tookie REALLY saving kids from gang life anyway? If he is involved in saving kids and making the world a better place, why hasn’t anybody heard of him before last month?

  44. Tookie Williams deserves to die if for no other reason than that he founded a gang which has spread violence and hate all across the United States in the last 24 years. This makes him (IMO) ultimately responsible for all gang-related Crips murders done in the last 24 years….a conspirator, if you will. It is because of him that thousands of our youngsters in all large metropolitan areas, and many smaller ones, wear “colors” and purpetrate a multitude of crimes in the name of the Crips. The man is the FATHER of gang violence!

    I find it offensive that a man like that can say he should be commuted to life because he wrote a couple children’s books while in prison. So what? He had nothing else to do….after all, he couldn’t be out on the street robbing and shooting, so he decided to pen a children’s book or two. Boooo hoooo. He’s a murderer, with 4 murders to his personal credit, and thousands more that his proud gang has purpetrated since it’s inception. He’s old now, and understands mortality, where the young and vicious do not. Most people don’t really understand the concept of mortality being permanent until someone they care for dies, or they find themselves on the business end of the needle, or in a prison cell for life…’s only THEN that life becomes precious.

    So, even if his trial was bogus, he should die for the founding of a criminal dynasty, if nothing else. As for has-been and about to be has-been celebrities touting his supposed innocence….screw ’em. Their fifteen minutes of fame is near expiration, and I won’t be sorry to see a bunch of liberal idiots go the way of the dinosaurs. It’s time we made the death penalty in this country a REAL deterrent, i.e., you get one appeal, then it’s a date with the executioner, not a 20 year stay on death row.

  45. What if Tookie Williams is executed and years later it is proven that he did not commit the four murders? What then? Then the State is guilty of murder, right? Think hard about that before you start screaming for his death. Think, think, think.

  46. I don’t need your approval, “albeej”. I don’t need you to agree with me. I am just as entitled to my opinion as you are. Why are you so threatened by my philosophy of peace? Why don’t you just have your opinions and allow others to have theirs? You are wasting your life living in a constant state of competition and anger. I believe in justice and peace. Why that bothers you is a mystery to me. It does not bother me that you believe in violence and revenge in the Tookie Williams case. You can think what you want. And so can I. Freedom of opinion is one of the things that makes our country so great. Or have you forgotten that? You need to study American history. It will open your eyes and change your life. But I’m pretty sure you will not do any historical research. You will just post more insults and nastiness to hide your insecurity and fear. What a waste.

  47. James, you are so right! The idea of peace is very frightening for violent people because they know in their hearts that peace is the way and violence is wrong. But they are too afraid and embarrassed to admit their mistake. Or maybe they are just not smart enough to figure it out.

  48. As Michael Savage so eloquently put it: “Liberalism is a mental disorder”.

    Only the perenially liberal mentally-ill would even think of sparing a piece of human swill like “Tookie”. (What the hell is a “Tookie” anyway? – but I digress). Oh, and by the way, is there any way to just hook this untermensch up with Mumia Abu Jamal on the same IV drip? And a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE? My God, Rigoberta Menchu got wunna those, and the big story that never came out was, that that piece of human offal threw acid in a Guatemalan police officer’s face, prior to receiving her “prize”! Yeah, just try and find THAT story on the web. HA! EXPUNGED from the earth. The loony left can’t die off soon enough for Conan.

    I have spoken…

  49. As my 14 year old daughter said when she heard this on the news. Well the bible says an Eye for an Eye. So I guess God has already made his decision.

  50. James and Julia would be singing a different tune if it were their parents that were wasted by that piece of fecal matter(Williams)
    You could bet your own life on that too. They would be in here opining the same things I’m saying now and have been saying all along.
    At least I don’t have to have a dead rock star doing my thinking for me. I’m sickened almost to death with you psuedo pulpit pundits and your bleeding hearts….defending trash like Williams and never once considering the side of the victims and their families;what is happening to them now. How they are coping with the loss.
    You people have your opinions(and I say that with tongue in cheek)as well as we do, but your thinking somehow become disjointed. Murder is wrong! If the two of you cant see that, you do need to seek help.

  51. James was right–you can’t be civil. You are so blinded by anger and fear you’ll never get it right. You are a pitiful waste of time. And you’ll never stop us. Peace, justice and truth always win in the end. Too bad you’re too simple-minded to understand that. James said “you will just post more insults and nastiness to hide your insecurity and fear.” And you that’s exactly what you did. I guess he was right again. LOL.

  52. I predicted “albeej” would continue to post insults and nastiness–and he did! The truth hurts. But is still the truth. I’ve made my point. Ciao.

  53. Last time, What about the victims and their families? The two of you avoid the question like the plague.

  54. First off, let me say this to James: “But I’m pretty sure you will not do any historical research. You will just post more insults and nastiness to hide your insecurity and fear. What a waste. ” How can you expect albeej (as petty as I feel he is) to not respond? You take the high road—-then cut him down? Interesting tactic.

    Now, onto Tookie. He was convicted of his crimes by a jury of his peers. He repented and wrote children’s books & asked kids to get out of gangs. We’ll still have copies of those books! And then, we can have the ultimate deterence….his death. And I love the comments that say, “only God can decide to take a life or give a life.” Right. So God wanted all those people dead? I’m not sure I can agree with that angle.

    As for the scholars that are touting him for the Nobel Peace Prize, could they may be the same ones who agreed with Gloria Steinem when she said that Bill Clinton’s advances on Paula Jones (pulling out his penis and asking her to perform fellatio) were a poorly conceived pick up line, and not sexual harrassment……at least the Norwegian Nobel Committee is smarter than Hollywood and much of our supposed cultural elite.

  55. Read the transcript of Tookie’s murder trial. It was an unjust trial. The judge was corrupt. The evidence was tampered with. The whole thing was botched. There was no proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Tookie did these murders. So why should he apologize for something he did not do? He has already apologized for his prior gang-involvement. But he is on Death Row for something he did not do. I have yet to hear anybody on any site dispute this by using actual facts! Some of you scream and shout “Kill Tookie” but you don’t take the time to go on the net and research the facts of the case. I think Tookie has done some horrible things–but not these murders! It’s a matter of public-record. Look it up. Or maybe some of you don’t have the intellectual capacity to comprehend legal documents. I’m not surprised. James and Julia were right on target. Thank God people like them are brave enough to tell the truth!

  56. Oh, I see! the Judge is corrupt, a Kangaroo court, insufficient evidence and what evidence there was was tampered with. In your eyes, the only one in the courthouse that was uncorrupted was Williams.
    Now, I have news for you! Williams never wrote those books in prison. Santa wrote them. You don’t believe me? I don’t blame you. It was just a made-up story, like the crap you been trying to sell us.

  57. Yo Adrienne-check out ‘tookie must die’ and go to the gando web site if you think tookie didn’t do it, plus the fact he did admit it, then wake up and support a responsible person. You want to deter crime? Then turn jails back to jails, punish people for what they did, turn juries into a professional job, and put capitol punishment on PPV. my .02

  58. Whoever you are “albeej”–you have got to be the dumbest person who has ever posted on this (or any other) site! Quit while you’re still human, you idiot. It is obvious to anyone who bothers to read the trial transcript (I notice you still have not had the decency to do that) that the Tookie Williams trial was a total distaster. He did not have a jury of his peers and the prosecutor and judge were totally unprofessional. “albeej”, I think you are just stupid enough to replace that moron George W. Bush as our next President–all you need is a pair of cowboy boots and a bag full of lies. You’ve clearly already had the lobotomy!!

  59. Well maybe this has already been said, but what would all you people say if it was your family that was killed. Would you still want the murderer to go unpunished. I mean would you doubt the judicial system or accept it. Yea you can say that you would forgive but believe me, it isnt that easy. If you were facing death, would you start doing anything and everything to avoid it. Hells yes. Would you go against your principles to save your life. Uh yes you can say no, but look deep.

  60. Dear Russell and Adrienne,

    Kindly put up a link of the trial transcript so we all can read it. I have done some cursory searches but have not been able to find the actual transcript. I don’t want the links to or Those are completely biased, and I don’t want their opinions mixed in with the facts.

    And Russell, speaking of lobotomies—what do you mean “He did not have a jury of his peers?” He had a jury trial. That is a jury of your peers. Do you feel that his peers should only be black gang bangers? Or is it not a jury of his peers b/c the prosecuter removed three black jurors from the jury in his ORIGINAL case. How many appeals has he had that still found him guilty?

    If you only read the information, you are blinded by their bias.

  61. The 7-Eleven Robbery-Murder of Albert Owens
    On February 28, 1979, Stanley Williams murdered Albert Lewis Owens during a robbery of a 7-Eleven convenience store in Whittier, California. Here are the details of that crime from the The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s response to Williams petition for executive clemency.
    Late on the evening of February 27, 1979, Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams introduced his friend Alfred Coward, a.k.a. “Blackie,” to a man named Darryl. A short time later, Darryl, driving a brown station wagon, drove Williams to the residence of James Garrett. Coward followed in his 1969 Cadillac. (Trial Transcript (TT) 2095-2097). Stanley Williams often stayed at the Garrett residence and kept some of his belongings there, including his shotgun. (TT 1673, 1908).

    At the Garrett residence, Williams went inside and returned carrying a twelve-gauge shotgun. (TT 2097-2098). Darryl and Williams, with Coward following in his car, later drove to another residence, where they obtained a PCP-laced cigarette, which the three men shared.

    Williams, Coward and Darryl then went to the residence of Tony Sims. (TT 2109). These four men then discussed where they could go in Pomona to make some money. (TT 2111). The four men then went to yet another residence where they smoked more PCP. (TT 2113-2116).

    While at this location, Williams left the other men and returned with a .22 caliber handgun, which he also put in the station wagon. (TT 2117-2118). Williams then told Coward, Darryl and Sims they should go to Pomona. In response, Coward and Sims entered the Cadillac, Williams and Darryl entered the station wagon, and both cars traveled on the freeway toward Pomona. (TT 2118-2119).

    The four men exited the freeway near Whittier Boulevard. (TT 2186). They drove to a Stop-N-Go market and, at Williams’ direction, Darryl and Sims entered the store to commit a robbery. At the time, Darryl was armed with the .22 caliber handgun. (TT 2117-2218; Tony Sims’ Parole Hearing Dated July 17, 1997).

    Johnny Garcia Escapes Death
    The clerk at the Stop-N-Go market, Johnny Garcia, had just finished mopping the floor when he observed a station wagon and four black men at the door to the market. (TT 2046-2048). Two of the men entered the market. (TT 2048). One of the men went down an aisle while the other approached Garcia.
    The man that approached Garcia asked for a cigarette. Garcia gave the man a cigarette and lit it for him. After approximately three to four minutes, both men left the market without carrying out the planned robbery. (TT 2049-2050).

    He Would Show Them How
    Williams became upset that Darryl and Sims did not commit the robbery. Williams told the men that they would find another place to rob. Williams said that at the next location all of them would go inside and he would show them how to commit a robbery.
    Coward and Sims then followed Williams and Darryl to the 7-Eleven market located at 10437 Whittier Boulevard. (TT 2186). The store clerk, twenty-six year old Albert Lewis Owens, was sweeping the store parking lot. (TT 2146).

    Albert Owens Killed
    When Darryl and Sims entered the 7-Eleven, Owens put the broom and dust pan down and followed them into the store. Williams and Coward followed Owens into the store. (TT 2146-2152). As Darryl and Sims walked to the counter area to take money from the register, Williams walked behind Owens and told him “shut up and keep walking.” (TT 2154). While pointing a shotgun at Owens’ back, Williams directed him to a back storage room. (TT 2154).
    Once inside the storage room, Williams, at gunpoint, ordered Owens to “lay down, mother f*****.” Williams then chambered a round into the shotgun. Williams then fired the round into the security monitor. Williams then chambered a second round and fired the round into Owens’ back as he lay face down on the floor of the storage room. Williams then fired again into Owens’ back. (TT 2162).

    Near Contact Wound
    Both of the shotgun wounds were fatal. (TT 2086). The pathologist who conducted the autopsy on Owens testified that the end of the barrel was “very close” to Owens’ body when he was shot. One of the two wounds was described as “. . . a near contact wound.” (TT 2078).
    After Williams murdered Owens, he, Darryl, Coward and Sims fled in the two cars and returned home to Los Angeles. The robbery netted them approximately $120.00. (TT 2280).

    ‘Killing All White People’
    Once back in Los Angeles, Williams asked if anyone wanted to get something to eat. When Sims asked Williams why he shot Owens, Williams said he “didn’t want to leave any witnesses.” Williams also said he killed Owens “because he was white and he was killing all white people.” (TT 2189, 2193).
    Later that same day, Williams bragged to his brother Wayne about killing Owens. Williams said, “you should have heard the way he sounded when I shot him.” Williams then made gurgling or growling noises and laughed hysterically about Owens’ death. (TT 2195-2197).

  62. How is this for Brass Balls. The latest statement:
    “You can bet your bottom dollar that between now and Tuesday additional petitions will be filed by Mr. Williams’ attorneys in state and federal court,” he said. “Mr. Williams wants out of prison. This has nothing to do with redemption

    Can you beat this? that…bleep…bleep murderer wants out of prison!

  63. albeej and kelvin–do your own research. Figure it out for yourselves. Anyone with half a brain can figure out how to get a transcript of the Tookie Williams trial (and transcripts of all his appeals). All that crap you are reciting is not evidence, it is a doctored version of the truth. You bigots make me sick. You’re so lazy and stupid. You’re the same kind of people who demand of Black people “Teach me about Black history! Who is Martin Luther King? Where is Africa? Did slavery really happen? Do Black people really all eat watermelon?”. You’re so narrow-minded and self-involved it makes me want to vomit. And you are now telling me you’re too retarded to figure out how to get a copy of the Williams trial. And by the way, “a jury of your peers” is supposed to include more than one member of your own ethnic group. But you’re both total idiots, so you probably don’t understand that concept either. You’re dumb as dirt, and I’m bored with you.

  64. Cope with me, Russell. Four more days before the state executes that killer. I know your bored…just four more and you will hear no more from me on this subject. However, if the state cops out to media pressure and allows that maggot to live, expect one more opinion from me.
    In the meantime,Definitions of Jury of one’s peers on the Web:

    A jury is a body of persons convened to render a verdict (finding of fact) on a legal question officially submitted to them, or to set a penalty or judgement in a jury trial of a court of law.’s_peers

    You don’t need people of specific color or persuasion as part of a jury.
    Lastly, my only ambition concerning this matter is to do everything in my power to get this killer executed. I don’t want to see another OJ fiasco repeated. That is why I wrote the Governor asking him to deny clemancy, writing my opinons in various blogs and writing letters to the editors of local newspapers in my area.
    As for your poison keys…you couldn’t provoke me into reciprocal vehement personal attacks because when that occurs dialogue disintegrates and nothing intelligent follows.

  65. I’m a lawyer. I know exactly what I’m talking about. A jury of one’s “peers” means just that. During jury selection in both criminal and civil cases, these qualities are taken into consideration: age, occupation, religion, race or ethnicity, gender, etc etc. Even a potential-juror’s attitude toward law-enforcement is considered. Several potential jurors in the original Tookie Williams trial were disqualified from serving on the jury specifically because they were African American. There, now you know a little more than you did before. But you “albeej” and your buddy “kelvin” are still too mentally-deficient to be believed. I’m really bored now. Adios.

  66. Hey, “albeej”–enough already, buddy! You have been posting idiotic comments on this site for far too long. Get a life, man. That guy “Russell” already left this site and you are still trying to argue with him. He’s not reading the posts anymore, dummy! You just can’t stand the fact that he whipped your ass. Deal with it. He’s right, you’re wrong. Period.

  67. The selection of Williams jury was agreed upon by his defence lawyer(s). That jury found him guilty and sentenced him to die….period!

  68. Wow–you’re really an idiot, aren’t you? You know, there have been many cases of innocent people going to trial and being wrongly convicted. Ever hear of Nelson Mandela? He spent thirty years in prison in South Africa for a crime he did not commit. While he was there, he was beaten every week and nearly died several times while incarcerated. Would you have been happy if he had died or been put to death? I personally am very happy that he was able to gain his freedom. It changed the world. I honestly think you’re too dumb to comprehend the implications of the Tookie Williams case. You just don’t get it. Well, I’m done battling wits with an unarmed-person. Enjoy your afe little world of ignorance.

  69. In my last opinion I said…..”period”
    You have nothing more to say concerning the Williams case, therefore, no opinion of mine is necessary.

  70. Good, does that mean you’re going to shut-up, “albeej”? Excellent. Free Tookie! Free Tookie! Free Tookie!

  71. I read all the comments. And everybody is right in someway. Some forget the victims, other forget possible failures during the trial. And there were definatly some with just wrong opinions (comment 2) and some who should learn how to discuss.
    But in the end isn’t it that four people got murdered for no reason. Four humans who surely planned their lives a different way died.
    But also nobody can say he (Williams) killed those people. Nobody was there at the moment. Except the murderer. No trial, how fair it might be, can prove it a 100%.
    So now there should be another killed person?
    It won’t help the relatives of the victims nor anybody else.
    If he commited the crime he will suffer till the end of his live and even after that.
    If he didn’t commit the crime then our system already went the wrong way before.
    In the end really nobody ever has the right to take away live, although I really understand the feelings of relatives of crime victims. But revenge doesn’t help and won’t make anybody alive again.

  72. I think Tookie should be set free if…

    …just one of these limosine liberals agrees to take his place and fulfill his justly arrived at sentence of death for the murders of the young man at the convenience store and the three members of the chinese family at their motel.

    Shwartzenegger probably will commute his sentence…just so he can have an excuse when he loses the next election.

    And lastly, isn’t it nice that the bleeding hearts cite Tookie’s good works and children’s books. It’s so nice that he has this legacy to leave. But what legacy did he allow the people he is convicted of murdering to leave? What happened to their chances to leave a life’s legacy? They will forever be remembered simpy as unfortunates executed without a moment’s notice. No chance to leave anything but those gurgling sounds Tookie found so humerous.

    I hope Mr. Williams can provide us with some funny sounds himself soon. I’ve grown tired of his incessant bleating of “poor me, poor me!” You’re done, son.

  73. Lets not give Williams credit for “writing” the four books. The real author is Barbara Cottman Becnel. Her name is on all four of them. She will probably write one more book after he is planted. Most likely the title will be “Free at last”.

  74. Mayne one of those wonderful humans who desparately wanting tookies life saved because he’s such a nice guy and benefit to society, they would voulunteer to take his place on Dec 12?

  75. what about that white farmer in south africa who killed a black woker who failed to show up early to work one day couple years ago. Does he deserve to die? let’s say Bush, does he have to die too for killing thousands of civilian in iraq?

  76. I can not believe you pathetic people. YOU ARE ALL STUPID, JAGGER, JESSIE JACKSON, JAIMIE, HOLLYWOOD LIBERALS…Spare TOOKIES LIFE? This man wants to not only be spared but, also the next step would be to get out of prison and kill again. He’s a menace to our society and is getting all of the voices from you all. I ask you, where are the voices for the victums? Are you not shamed of yourselves? Woud you let TOOKIE live in your home like he is in your hearts? Look at this world of crime for what it is, and not what you think it is…GET REAL! If he killed your family members or a close friend I ask you how would you feel then? Still the same? Then something is seriously wrong with you…Maybe this is his DEBT TO SOCIETY FOR FOREMING ONE OF THE MOST LOW LIFE STINKING STREET GANGS IN THE NATION…CRIP CRIP CUZZ! C-R-I-P = COWARDS RUN IN PACKS!

    Tookie Williams had no qualms about issuing the sentence-of-death upon his victims. He believes in the death penalty – except that his victims were not worthy of death, having not committed any crime. Suddenly, he opposes it? Convenient!



  78. Steve M, you beat me to the punch. Justice was served. In this life he will pay for his crimes against Humanity. In the next,for sooth, I’ll say a prayer for his soul.

  79. I don’t care who you are, or what color you are, if you think Tookie deserves clemency, you are an idiot, and need counseling.
    You ever notice the areas in the country that are the most liberal AND democratic, and bleeding heart for these thugs have the highest jobless rate, homeless rates, AND people on government assistance?
    You Tookie supporters, and all the rest using this as your agenda to abolish the death penalty, need to find a cause that will do your community good!! Quit portraying Tookie as a victim of a botched trial, and start acting like responsible citizens for a change. If you want safer communities, you hold people responsible for the crimes they commit, and you punish them so harshly that they, and their stupid, criminal peers get the message!!

  80. So let me get this straight.. If I go kill 4 people with a shotgun, start a gang responsible for countless deaths and crimes, but then I write some children’s books, everything is ok? Are you kidding me? I am so happy to hear that Tookie is going to die. It’s about 20 years overdue. I think Arnold should kill Tookie himself, Conan the Barbarian style with a sword. Ok, just kidding about that, but seriously, if you think Tookie deserves to live another second you are an idiot. Go Arnold!

  81. Liberal contradiction on display once again. First, liberals claim that the death penalty is too harsh. Then they claim that life in prison is an even worse punishment because the person has to stay confined for the duration of their life. So liberals are trying to extend this man’s life to punish him more? I would think after 24 years facing the gallows, it would be a relief to finally get it over with. They look like they are trying to do this man a favor, but in fact they aren’t. All the white liberals who don’t live within 50 miles of a crips member, leave their mansions, park their cadillacs, and try to get some face-time with the media, nevermind that Tookies and his gang would slice their asses up in a second if they walked in crip turf. The taxpayers who have paid to keep this scumbag alive these last few decades deserve justice. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the victims in this case

  82. Typical liberal response written below by Jagger…blame it on the race-card. Blame it on a botched legal system. Blame it on everything except don’t dare blame the killings on TOOKIE. Heavens forbid, my gosh then, who did KILL these four innocent people. Maybe they were all in the wrong place at the wrong time, stupid them. Is it maybe too much of a coincident to be a coincident? I think so. GUILTY AS CHARGED! Take your desructive street gang members to hell with you, Tookie! 12:01AM Count! -1 on Death Row…+1 in Hell…Count is clear! Count is clear! America is safer. Thanks Arnold, job well done. GETER DONE!!!

    Williams is an African-American man railroaded by a prejudiced judicial system because he couldn’t afford better lawyers, said Jagger, the first wife of famed Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger.

  83. We talk as if we know what happened, like maybe we know the real truth. Not just the truth about the case, but the truth about life and death. Conservatives ask, “would you take his place on the 12th?” “wouldn’t you want justice if someone killed your family?” Liberals say “it’s inhumane,” “and it costs more to execute than to keep them alive.” Well, it’s not you! You’re not the one being executed, you’re not the one who has to count down the hours until hate consumes you. The truth here is that hate has consumed everyone. Forget about what happened that got Tookie in prison… yes, the families who have lost their loved ones deserve to move on and mourn, but we are dealing with someone facing execution… whether you agree with it or not, they are still human and loved by God.

  84. Stanley “Tookie” Williams was a very evil man. In addition to the cold-blooded murders he committed he helped to raise a whole army of cold, evil people who have murdered and foisted drugs upon our young people. Unfortunately, this evil will continue long after his death, through the infamous crips (no capital letter there on purpose). If, in fact, he has repented, let his savior forgive him because we will not. He should have been put to death years ago. As for Jesse Jackson, Bianca Jagger, and the other bleeding hearts, they are always around if there is a camera presentand are not people to be taken seriously.
    Why is it many forget the victims in these cases, that is where the love and compassion is needed

  85. it would be nice to be able to grant clemency for those that need it, but currently CALIFORNIA DOES NOT HAVE THE OPTION FOR LIFE WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE. yes you heard that right, if a death sentence is communted a inmate could theoritcally out at his next parole hearing because his sentence would be reduced to life with possiblity of parole. one of the failings of the california judical system. i am not anti-death penalty, i figure if you got a chair you should keep it in use. but i would no be opposed to life in prison without possibility of parole IF prison were actually a terrible place, where they were actually denied tv’s and had to do laborous output to pay for their room and board and food instead of making me pay for their crimes. yes thats right, i dont want to pay for their crimes. if prison were a horrible place, that is: if they were kept in solitary confinement, worked 12 hours a day, were not allowed tv’s or any form of entertainment, then and only then would i even think of consider that in case of the death penalty. keep in mind that i would only be applying this to present crimes and not people that have already been convicted, in fact for those people who are on death row currently i think there should be a max amount of time (say 10 years, instead of the 24 tookie has spent) before your execution is put on. so what i’m suggesting is that california impose a life without the possibility of parole and make prison actually harder. prisoners live better then bums, because when was the last time you saw a bum with free medical care and a place to sleep every night?

  86. WOW… If ever there was a position NOT to be taken by a parasitic jackass like jesse jackson, this would be it.But ooohhhh nnnoooo! Jesses’s position: This guy is being off’ed cause he’s black. Forget the fact that the crip’s basicaly only kill blacks. Not whites, not hispanics (well, maybe a few hispanics who are stupid enough to try and sell drugs in crips turf)only blacks. So jesse is supporting the rights of a asswipe who has DIRECTLY/INDIRECTLY caused the deaths of a shitload of his own people. jesse,,, if you allow vicious humans like this into your inner-circle, your doomed. If their dead, moron boy, they can’t vote for you. Oh, bye the way…. I just viewed the awesome porno of jesse plowing condoleeza rice up the ass. Amazing what they can do with computers. I know it’s fake, but it sure was funny.The best part was when CR started to cum, and was screaming”George,Jesse,George,Dick!!!!!! She didn’t know who was fucking her!!! Geeze, I hope that’s not reality. And then of course, maybe somebody jusy made it all up.


  87. Tookie Tookie lend me your comb. (because you won’t need it anymore) because it’s time to pay the “Grim Reaper”. See ya, oh ya! you can quit whining now, it’s over! Even your Liberal 9th circuit court will not try and save your murdering butt!

  88. Here’s the question I have for all of these African American stars and politicians backing Tookie- Do you really know tookie or do you know only that Tookie is black? Hey Jamie Fox and Jesse Jackson, do you know that twenty years ago Tookie would have blown your head off for a gold watch, and laughed about, and then denied that he ever committed the crime after he was caught, and put on death row. So long that you were white that is… So long Tookie, you gave it a good go, but unfortunately for you, you still haven’t grown enough emotionally to look at yourself in the mirror. Fascinating really…

  89. It is over. This is the lesson: go forth and learn to love eachother. God is watching. Make Him proud.

  90. Enjoy the ride Tookie ….awww, what’s wrong man they ain’t playin fair huh? Of course those four people were just simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when you pulled the trigger.

    Yeah, we see just how powerful you are Jessie Jackass Jackson.

    So long gangsta crip!

  91. I am not a proponent of the Death Penalty…in any case, for any any indiviudal, of any ethnicity, socio-economic or educational background, under any cirucumstance. I believe that life in prison without possibility of parole affords our judicial system several advantages, saves money by eliminating the costly appeals process, allows one the opportunity to commute sentences in the event that error is discovered and the convicted is actually innocent, and life in prison is far more punishing than death. My view of the Death Penalty does not fluctate from case to case, based upon racial bias, empathy or sympathy for the impoverished, or distaste for the wealthy. It remains the same. I am also a Christian. As such I do believe in forgiveness for ones sins. However, I also believe in suffering the consequences of one’s actions, which could possibly mean prison time. I have read so many entries on this page that were frankly…disturbing. Must racial hate influence some individuals every thought and opinion? Some here claim to be humanitarians concerned with victims rights, however, based upon their very ugly comments, they are not far from the murders and criminals they claim to so detest. I would be afraid to be left alone in a room with some of them. Where is the dividing line?

  92. Save Tookie becuase he’s done so much for kids in gangs?????? Give me a break. If we don’t execute him we’ll teach them that there is no ultimate consequence and they can always dodge the penalty. Do the young kids a favor and show them there ARE consequences — Give it to him!!!

  93. I am not originally from this country, and so I do not really know what to think about this case. I don’t know why he refuses to admit to the murders he committed. I do not understand why big celebreties back him with all this considered. This case reminds me of the movie Natural born killers, where the murderers are glamourized, and at the same time they are only very superficially understood, at best, by anyone who is not a sick and depraved criminal. What the celebrities do not understand i think is that Tookie has been traumitized as a child, and even as a criminal who witnessed his own horrific acts against humanity. He would have to laugh off, and deny anything as horrific and traumatizing as the horrific murders he committed, or else he would go crazy. Maybe he was a good man, and that is what the celebrities saw in him. Maybe he was a good man who made a traumatic mistake he could never go back on. Maybe he was a good kid that got swept away by drugs and wreckless idiots.

    But then it seems Tookie could have done much more than write childrens books. He still shakes hands and accepts, with arms wide open, cryp members like snoop doggie dog. Not to mention the fact that snoop is spreading trash talk and violence throughout the poor black neiborhoods with his profit-generating, self-serving music. Kids in the ghetto now adays DONT READ BOOKS, THEY LISTEN TO RAP MUSIC. If Tookie really wanted to do some good for poor black urban culture I could name hundreds of things he could of done besides write childrens books!(not to mention hang around the respectable people at the very least!)

    But I am wrong to blame Tookie for this, for it is not his fault that black celebreties and politicians have failed and continue to fail to do ANYTHING to reverse trash-talk and violent culture. I guess they are all to busy trying to “get some” or “catch some booty” or too busy trying to be a “brotha- know what I mean?” instead of being a role model or going against the grain. Tookie was simply doing the best he knew how to do.

    In fact one could argue that it was the celebreties and politicians who ultimately sealed his fate. For some of these people might have had the power and social respect to reverse his fate had they done something more respectable for young black america than continue to write gangsta rap. It seems the celebreties used Tookie for selfish gain like they used every other resource available in their lives. I’m sure none of them knew him well enough to cry after his death, either. Proof to the bolony!

    How about Tookie’s white lawers too.. It doesn’t seem they did everything they could have done to keep him alive. Tough case…Tough case… So long murderous spirit. Good luck in the next life!

  94. Bye Tookie. You messed up. Redemption? Explain it to Saint Peter. And Albert Owens, Tsai-Shai Yang, her husband and her daughter. That is if you see them. I’m thinking you might not.

  95. Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams killed those people and there was ballistics evidence traced to his gun. His two friend that he hung out with reported that he confessed to both of them. I am convinced that Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams did kill people violently for little or no reason. Regardless of his new jailhouse halo and stuff. He should have thought twice before he killed those people. He referred to the Asian family that he killed as “Buddha-Heads” as he confessed to a friend.
    I am against the death penalty, but I feel that Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams is most definitely guilty.

  96. I wish to remind everyone here that it is NOT our place to decide where Tookie ends up after death. For those of you who would like to immediately place him in hell, I’m sorry, you have no power in this instance. God’s graces, however mysterious they may be, will have the final say. The minute a humanbeing tries to speak on behalf of God, well… tries to play God. That is the original sin, that is the fall. Becareful of damning someone who has already been damned. You only make yourself look bad.

  97. i give up. in my 20yrs of livin i have seen too much ignorance and racism to care anymore. america today is based on every man for himself and aint shit we can do. if u dont have money or power, then u live on other peoples morals. my messages to all my black brothers and sisters is take care of yourself and your family thats the only thing that matters.

  98. A Europesn governour ——— I am ashamed
    murdering, killing armees as heroes —
    as long as people want revenge and are not striving for a change to the better
    this world is lost to the …………
    who is it, who is throwing the first stone??????????????
    How would all of us be, if we grew up in such a neighbor hood????????
    But on a big scale, we make business with Saddam – with Osama Bin Laden….
    What is Justice????????????
    Do all the ones, who ordered and did killing and torturing get a death sentence??????
    May them all be forgiven – since they don’t know what they are doing.
    Let us all pray for wiser men to govern this world.

  99. What really kills me is the fact that at any point the race card can be pulled. Someone please explain to me how that card is not completely worn out. Listen, this man (or lack there of) was a gang member. Excuse me, founder. How then could you even begin to base any decision off his word alone? Do you realize that gang members are not upstanding citizens of this country that you can take at their word or trust at all? I do not know what these people smoke or whatever to come up with these bogus rants on how innocent he is and what a victim he is. I’m sorry, but if a jury decides that a man is guilty and that man has the record that “tookie” had, chances are they are right. And please do not try to take the focus off his crimes by talking about the ethinicity of the jurors. These people had functional brains and made the right decision based on EVIDENCE!!! Anyway, how many gang members do you know choose the crimes they are going to commit and say to themselves, “Oh no. Killing people is the wrong thing to do. I have to draw the line here.” In that case, he wouldn’t have been anywhere near the crime scenes where these innocent people lost their lives. You can’t change a man like that either. People, don’t you think that if your life was on the line that you would try any stunt to make yourself seem reformed? Let’s clap for this bastard cause he can write a book for kids. You wanna do the kids of our nation a favor? Try NOT STARTING A GANG!!! How does one think you can fix a mistake like that. That’s why he had to die. And while I’m thinking about it, how ignorant must these celebrities be to waste their energy by making any ridiculious plea on this moron’s behalf? In the past few years, it seems like all these celebrities who have smoked themselves stupid have decided to get in the public eye and make profound statements, or so they think. Snoop Dogg (CRIP-go figure), Jesse (I’m completely worthless) Jackson, Jamie (Can I just get some attention) Foxx, Susan (everything I say is profound) Surrandon, and all these other douche bags have way too much time on their hands and absolutely nothing going on in their brains. You know what? Use your time and energy, since you think it is so special, to be an activist for something worthwhile. Try “feed the children” or something like that. Spare the rest of us from having to listen to your bull shit. You know, it’s a tough world, but if you worry about yourself and do what you KNOW is right, more than likely you will never find yourself in “tookie’s” shoes. My rant is over. Please use your brains.

  100. What really fucks me up is that none of this shit had anything to do with tookie. The real reason that they killed him is that they are hoping it will calm some of the gang violence here in Californis down, but it wont this people go, go out now and bang harder then ever before bacause you killed one of thier leaders.

  101. “Are you kidding me?” GROW UP! If forget the tookie case… if you really think that racism is gone right now in our day and age, then you sir haven’t used your brain.

  102. i wouldve killed em too. he killed them n yall know he did it. just cuz he wrote books and did campaigns on anti-gang violence, he stilled killed em. who else do yall know killed bout 4 people and got away wit publicly. just cuz he black all d black people said he didnt do it. by the way im black

  103. JUSTICE WAS SERVED. Pathetic people. If only I was black then I could sit on my fat ass and draw a welfare check and cry some one owes me this.

  104. ….Getter done! Yeah baby, gang-bang this REHABILITATED….FREE AT LAST!

    …pathetic gang bangin low-life dirt wads!

    Arnold did the right thing! Hre’s your crip sign…Thumbs UP! or DOWN…however you want to read it idiot retards!

  105. Justin, buddy, no one said racism is gone. My point is that you cannot use “racism” as an excuse to do whatever you want and get away with it. Think about it, SIR! What kind of ignorant person says the reason this man was found guilty is because the jurors weren’t from Compton. Give me a break. Read what someone says and quit using your excuse for a brain to decipher plain english.

  106. It is done. What have we learned? What do we do now? Let us try to practice peace so that the four who died will not have died in vain. So Stan Williams will not have died in vain. Let us put a stop to the hate. This is a hard world. Bittersweet. Let us make it better. Now. Before it is too late.

  107. All these post mortem opinions are really not necessary. We got the man we wanted…he is gone now. To abuse the people in here who happened to be on the opposite side of the table in their idealogy, with vulgar and personal attacks, lowers your esteem to the level of the man we just sent to Hell. If you persist in rubbing their noses in it, then I haven’t any use for you people either.
    Your not anything close to being funny in your comments. In fact,You reinforce the notion that America has it’s share of rampageous Stupidity.


  109. Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!

    (get a REAL job Jessie Jackson) your are tired and your antics are old hat, dude! Anything to do for a person just as long as they are BLACK. You create more racisum on this turf than you ae worth…pathetic! no shame in your games…

  110. I don’t believe that one or two people can start up a gang like the crips, thats hard to believe thats one person’s doing.
    To say he deserved to die for all those killings is wrong, I believe people can change for the good.
    In our judicial system you are guilty until proved innocent, but sometime that theory seems to throw innocent people in jail, I’ve learned that prosecutors want to throw the book at you, knowing that they know your innocent and not enough evidence to proof the case, if your poor that even worse, they assign you a horrible lawyer, your pretty much screwed, I believe the system is a racist one.

  111. WAD UP DOC!!!!!!!

  112. Tookie for Nobelprize? I am afraid of peoples warped brains. Tookie a Gangmurder equal to Mother Theresa, Albert Schweitzer. Hard to believe uh…

  113. Noname? You got it all wrong. Your innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.

    And about starting a gang!? Jesus approached Peter, than Andrew, than James and etc. Ending up with a gang of men for a good cause. Nevertheless, Christianity started with Jesus, evolved into a gang and ultimately into a huge organized Religion.

    Now, why is hard for you to accept the fact that williams started the Crips gang for an evil cause?

    Now, if you want to discuss the system as being Racial, here is a fact you might not know about: Since the death penalty was reestablished in California, eleven men were put to death.
    Eight were white, two were black and one was Hispanic.
    This throws the baby(Racism)out with the bath water. In a simpler explanation, over 70% of the men executed were white. Racism is a catchall word connoting Discrimination or prejudice used by the opposition to further their cause, even when it doesn’t exist.
    Other catchall words that are often used by the opposition are : Anti- Semitic; Sexism, Nazism, to name a few.

  114. The sympathy wasted on this murderer sickens me. I’m not big on capital punishment but in this case I make an exception. People are making a celebrity out of this guy. It’s infuriating! Goto as see what he did to his victims. It’s a discusting snuff site but it will get you to wake up especially you pathetic European losers who think his penalty was unjust. No childrens book will make up for that. Regarding the Nobel Peace prize; I bet I could get myself nominated, I know I’m more worthy. It’s a ridiculous argument for clemency.

    Williams stood ever his dying victims who were begging for their lives and offered no mercy, he deserved none himself. He excuted a 26 year old father of two who’s children now have no memory of their dad at point blank range blowing football size hole into his back, mocking him as he lay dying gasping for his last breaths while he eats a stolen burger over his body. All four murders netted around $220. Are you pathetic enough to believe someone like that can be reformed?

    You people are pathetic. Bottom line is that he was a sociopath who would say anything to anyone to save his own skin.

    Justice prevailed for a change; It’s a shame it took 24 years.

  115. I see in the CNN photo from their website, that the people that had the balls to burn an American flag in front of San Quentin State Prison did have big enough balls to NOT wear masks over their faces. You don’t like how things work here? Get the f*&# out. You don’t have to burn our flag to be heard. Go to Iraq or Iran if you want to burn flags. They will love you.

  116. burn in hell tookie!! tell johnny cochran I said HI! hahahahahahah!! stupid tookie supporters make all us normal folks laugh!!hahahaha!! hope it hurt tooks!!!! hahahahahah!!

  117. CORRECTION: I see in the CNN photo from their website, that the people that had the balls to burn an American flag in front of San Quentin State Prison did NOT; have big enough balls to NOT wear masks over their faces. You don’t like how things work here? Get the f*&# out. You don’t have to burn our flag to be heard. Go to Iraq or Iran if you want to burn flags. They will love you.

  118. Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye! The song applyies…has a nice ring to it, thanks!

    And GANG BANGERS are another form of TERROISTS that do nothing for this country but lie, steal, cheat and rob people of there loved ones and property, just like TOOKIE did to them honest middle classed working for a living citizens and just like the other GANG members who are on the evening news and crime blotters sucking our society dry. We see them on TV and read about the destruction they do in the newspapers every single day, and thanks to TOOKIE and his briliant idea forming his COWARDLY CRIPS street gang. As far as I am concerned when they EXECUTED TOOKIE they did us all a big favor and removed one parasite off mother earths ass, one less low-life parasite for the State of California to support his existance on death row. And to you TOOKIE SUPPORTERS, yeah it figures, burning our Flag. And to BARBARA BAGNUL -however you spell the last name- YOU POMPUS, ERAGANT KNOW NUTHIN NAPPY HEADED TOOKIE LOVER SAYING THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA MURDERED TOOKIE…Get real lipstick lips, he was executed like the law spells out for idiots who MURDER INOCENT PEOPLE like your poor little TOOKIE MURDERED THEM PEOPLE. Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye! ROT N HELL TOOKIE! …get a real job Jessie Jackson, you shit stirer! out!

  119. HOORAY!!!!!!! Poor Ol’ Tookie is gone for good!!!! YAHOOOOOOOO!! I am presently taking tap dancing lessons, so that I can do a little dance on his grave!!! Too bad, tho, that they can’t stuff that loudmouth idiot, Jesse Jackson, in Tookies’ grave too!!! Tookie, that no good, lying, murdering, arrogant piece of crap… and look at those monumentally stupid celebrities who were crying for him! None of them had ONE word for the victims… what out of touch morons!!! Hey, Tookie, after you meet your maker, maybe you can start up the Crips again!!! Just like old times, huh!!!

  120. To Tookie… GOODBYE and GOOD RIDDANCE!! Here come the maggots to have dinner with you, you A hole!!! And just look at Bianca Jagger… YUCK!! She looks like a dried out prune!! And what exactly is HER claim to fame? We have to listen to HER just because she got humped by that living fossil, Mick Jagger? I can’t imagine a woman willingly lying underneath THAT walking skeleton!! What some sluts will do for money!!! And to the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson… To be called a “Reverend”, it means you have to be revered by someone…. WHAT A JOKE!!!! You are nothing but a loudmouthed trouble maker who has had only ONE real job in your entire life!!! Remember, Jesse, working in that restaurant, where you were fired for spitting into white people’s food? Thought we forgot about that one, huh, Jesse? You human TURD, I wish you were on the cot next to Tookie, getting YOUR shot of death juice!!! Maybe one day soon….

  121. John 3:19 This is the judgement, that the Light has come into the world, and men loves the darkness more than the Light, because their deeds were evil.

    Jesus is the light, everyone needs Jesus. The heart of the matter is what’s the matter with your heart. Open your eyes to the one, real truth of this world, that Jesus saves, all the rest are empty bank accts.

    Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
    Romans 6:23 The wages of sin is death.

    Merry CHRISTmas one and all, it IS about Jesus!!

  122. Ok this really strikes me odd. Tuesday morning i read in the paper. That Terrel Owens had a party on Monday night in Atlanta. Well check this out. Who was in attendance, none other then Jamie Foxx and Jessie Jackson. Doing their part for stanley williams. oh yea they really gave a rats xss about him. come on that is just funny. If you believe in something why you at a party hours before his death. whatever. If I can find a link to the article I will post it.

  123. The Spitting Jackson
    by Will Varner
    from the American Times Today

    Former Black Panther leader Jesse Jackson admitted in a November, 1969 “Life” magazine interview that when he worked as a waiter in a Greenville, South Carolina hotel he spat into the soups and salads of White customers. “[Spitting into the food] gave me a psychological gratification,” Jackson said.

    During his early years in the communist civil rights movement Jackson often repeated this story to audiences. In fact the New York “Times” in a July, 1972 article, said: “Jesse would spit into their soup or salad before he brought it to the table, and watch with enjoyment as Whites ate gobs of saliva as though it were, say, oil and vinegar dressing.”

    Jackson’s formerly self-professed behavior as a waiter reflects his contempt for Whites. When he was an adolescent he often made fun of Whites, recalls Horace Nash, a classmatte of Jackson’s in Greenville.

    “He [Jackson] made up foolish jokes about Whites, about how stupid they were,” remembers Nash. “He used to turn things around, and he actually looked down on White people.”

    As a self-professed preacher Jackson sometimes delivers sermons on the legacy of slavery, and many of his campaign speeches are laced with strong racist overtones.

    We urge all Whites that frequent fast-food chains and who are concerned about their health, to remember that if there are negroes preparing food there, you can bet that they are doing the same thing.


    Celebrities, ex-teammates help Owens celebrate 32nd birthday
    By The Associated Press
    December 13, 2005

    ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Terrell Owens doesn’t need to score touchdowns to celebrate.

    Exiled from the Philadelphia Eagles last month, the All-Pro wide receiver known for his flamboyant end zone theatrics hosted a birthday party Monday night at rapper Jay-Z’s 40-40 club. T.O. turned 32 on Dec. 7.


    The bash drew several NFL stars, some of Owens’ former teammates on the Eagles and a few celebrities.

    Among the celebrities on the guest list were Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

    Former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin, former Bears coach Mike Ditka, Redskins running back Clinton Portis and Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss also were invited. Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was a surprise name on the list — he and Owens feuded last year when Owens spurned a trade from San Francisco to Baltimore.

    A day earlier, the reigning conference champion Eagles were eliminated from playoff contention with their sixth loss in seven games. Jevon Kearse and Lito Sheppard were among the 11 Eagles who attended.

  125. New York Sun Editorial
    December 14, 2005

    In California this week, supporters of convicted killer and founder of the Crips street gang, Stanley “Tookie” Williams, argued that Williams should be spared execution because he had changed his ways while in prison, writing children’s books about the evils of gangs and encouraging young people to lead better lives than he had. Others argued that he should still have to pay for the crimes for which he was convicted in 1981 no matter what he had done with himself in the meantime. We didn’t hear anything about the gun control laws that were in effect 26 years ago when Williams committed the crimes that landed him on death row. What happened in San Quentin prison Monday night was about Williams and the four people he victimized.

  126. The Spitting Jackson, very interesting. And a former black panther, no wonder he acts the way he does. I am not all that surprised and now I can understand his racist laced speeches he gives. I now know he has a excuse for all of this, simply a mentaly ill individual who is a glory-hound and insecure with in his self. What is this guy, is he a real Reverand? He preaches but certainly does not set an example for his people to follow.

    If Tookie Williams was a white man would these same people come to his defense? I doubt it, there would’t be anything in it for them. They cry wolf and site racisum all day long but they can’t take it when it gets tossed back at them. What a miserable life to be like that.

  127. Thank you, albeej!!! You got the real facts on good ol’ Spittin’ Jesse!! I wonder how all of them can look at themselves… they all use each other for their own gain!!! Tookie was using Jesse, Jesse was using Tookie.. that “black brotherhood” routine is getting old… any of them would stab each other in the back for a little publicity.
    And as for that Barbara Becnel…. How can she stand up so often for that lousy murderer? I would like to shake her hand, if she was EVER that supportive of the victim’s families! Oh, well, someone else to despise… HEY!!! Maybe she and Jesse can hook up!! That would be a match made in heaven!!! Go, Jesse, GO!!!!!

  128. Today, is the happiest day of my life! I stayed up to catch the play by play of poor, sweet, innocent, happy go lucky Tookie….. After all he didn’t kill those innocent people, the SHOTGUN did!!! That evil, murdering gun wasted all of them!! Poor Tookie, he was just holding it when it went off…. Tookie, you evil bastard, you sure got it easier than your four victims… I just wish I could have been there to see you dead. They hook you up, strap you down, in goes the IV, and the chemical is released… YIPPPEEEE!!!!! Soon, your last batch of bad breath is expelled into the room! I would suggest dropping your corpse into an alligator pit, but even THEY would get indigestion eating YOUR evil carcass! Rot in peace, Tookie, rot in peace…..

  129. So Jesse Jackson says he used to spit in White folks’ food, huh? Very interesting. Not cool. But then again, White people used to lynch Blacks, shoot them, imprison them, whip them and burn them alive just because they were Black. And lynching isn’t a “relic” of the past. . .the Klan lynched a young Black man in the South as recently as the 1980’s !!! Maybe there is a REASON some Black folk feel like spitting in our food. Maybe they’ve had it with us arrogant White people and they’re just sick and tired of the whole mess we created with our racism and our attitude that we are entitled to own and use and abuse EVERY FUCKING THING ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH! I am White, and I can totally understand where Black people are coming from. I admit my life is a hell of a lot easier because I’m not Black. I doubt many of you White people out there would have the balls to admit it to yourselves.

  130. wake up people. let’s stop bickering among each other. let’s come together and fix this madness.all blacks aren’t being mistreated,all whites aren’t racist. what do you say to black on black crimes. Is that the racist fault? lets stop putting labels on people. don’t you know labels are hard to peel off. Let God be the judge, afterall He’s the only one who sees, knows and hears all. let us seek Him for the answers we are looking for and so desperately need. please let’s stop bickering. those innocent victims that lost their lives for nothing are gone, Let’s get it right in their honor and for america’s sake.

  131. Woah!
    What’s all of this bad talk here? You would think TOOKIE actually took that shotgun and murdered four innocent law abiding citezens or something? I don’t belive it one moment. That shotgun must have jumped out of Tookie’s hands and went off by itself. I think that is what occured and I am patiently waiting to hear Barbara Becnel prove that Tookie Williams is a innocent man like she says. I ain’t holdin’ my breath you can count on that!

  132. Monday night, 11:58 p.m. at San Quentin, Stanley “I Didn’t Do It But I Redeemed Myself By Allowing Some Chick To Put My Name On Some Books” Williams sits on a gurney, awaiting his fate. The phone rings. The guard picks up, says “why hello! … OK … Well, yes, of course. Boy, was that close!” He hangs up, turns to the Tookinator and says “Good news! I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico!”

  133. Commercial opens with Williams’ being strapped to the gurney, the eyes of everyone on him, a look of despair in his own eyes, while the voiceover says, “Want to get away? Southwest has flights to hundreds of getaway spots…”


  134. Given the reports that the injection took a bit longer than planned:

    Commerical opens with the technicians fiddling with the hoses, Tookie strapped to the table eating a Snickers bar with one hand while the voice over asks: “Not going anywhere for a while?”…

  135. Tell me who are all you to condem one man for these acts. The was little evidence that he commited those murders. Who are you to say this man should be murdered himself because he started a gang. Sure this man did some awfull things in his life, but he did some good things two. By the way all of you are fking racisits. He is more likely to get the needle cause he is black because of the still lingering prejudice in todays government.
    It is not like he is going to go around killing more people if he got life in prision. the only thing that he can do is make a possitive impact by writing more childrens books and preaching anti violence.
    Oh and idiot woman up there who says what should i tell my kids. if “crime is ok as long as you make “ammends”” and “it is alright to kill innocent victims in cold blood, but not alright to use lethal injection on the perpetrators” and ““crime pays”, that if you are a smart enough murderer you may be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize”
    then you my dear should have your kids taken away because you have no clue how to parent. Where are those good morals we all claim to have? Love your enemies pray for your prosecutors how bout you tell your kids that. Tell them that this man commited a horrible crime when he was young and now he is suffering punishment for his crimes in jail, but he is trying to do what he can to make ammends. Show them there is good in everybody.


  136. Tookie “i’m inocent” Williams. Finally taking the big dirt nap. If he didnt do it, who did?
    Ef his skull, that low life bastid.

  137. Uh playing God. He already decided. If you read the bible its says an eye for an eye. It doesnt say an eye for a slap on the hand. You preach but dont read what the bible says. duh

  138. TO BRAD: You idiotic liberal moron… You can go on and on listing who did what to who all the way back to the caveman! If you are a “guilty” whitey, that is YOUR problem… I am white, love being white, and am NOT guilty for what some evil white guy did to a black guy…. or vice versa!! If you are so guilty, spray paint yourself a nice charcoal black, and get on Jesse’s bandwagon! By the way, I wish I could meet you somewhere to beat your face into bleeding raw hamburger! Have a great day, Brad, you scrawny spineless weasel!!!

  139. Must these post mortem opinions continue? Anything said on either side will not bring Williams back or reexecute him a second time. Give it up and move on.
    All these opinions do is scratch the deep inner itch that eases only you, but at the same time inflames the majority who visit this blog.
    Once again, give it up…please.
    The Williams issue is a dead issue….stop stomping sour grapes. The results can only be vinegar.

  140. To the electricchairrepairman; I am with you, dude!! I want to beat up Brad, too!!! that is if there is anything left of him after you tear him apart!! OOPS! And, that’s assuming he would ever have the GUTS to show up for a fight…. He sounds like a coward of the tenth magnitude to me! I bet he can run fast… Brad, could you catch the Roadrunner? I bet you could! TURD

  141. Hey, TOOKIENATOR: I just LOVE that idea for a commercial you had!! I bet Tookie would have gone for that! He could have donated any money he would have gotten for doing the commercial to his best pal, Spittin’ Jesse Jackson!!! Cuz we all know that good ol’ Jesse is a truly caring human being, who desperately cared about Tookie!

  142. IMPORTANT NEWS FLASH ABOUT TOOKIE: I have confirmed information that in the last five years of his life, Stanley “Tookie” Williams had been stockpiling his semen in a local laboratory. It is estimated that there are about 5,000 doses in deep freeze. Tookie realized that he may die soon, so he wanted to be sure that his seed is carried on. These samples are now available to women for artificial insemination. There is a small fee for the procedure. Any women interested in continuing the genetic link for Tookie can get more information at: Good luck, ladies!

  143. “electricchairrepairman” and “brainbuster”: you are just the kind of inbred, cousin-fucking, skinhead, Nazi-loving Klansmen who make other White people look SO BAD!!!! God, you’re dumb. You “love” being White?!? Did you know that “whiteness” is an invented concept. There is no specific genetic-marker for “whiteness”. It’s a concept invented by a bunch of elitist assholes who happen to have pale skin or blue eyes or brown or blonde or red hair–I’ve seen people from Israel, Iran, all over Europe, even people from Africa claim they were “white”. Of course, you two nimrods are too busy playing with yourselves to understand any of that. You proved me right—none of you has the balls to admit how much harder our lives would be if we were Black. You KNOW I’m right, and that’s exactly why you got so pissed-off and threated to “call me out” for a fight (kinda like the kiddies do in gradeschool). Well, sorry fellas–I have no time for fighting. I’ll be too busy spending quality time with my woman! I’m sure quality -women RUN SCREAMING from you two “geniuses”, so maybe you can make a night of it alone together…buy eachother a couple of beers and then beat the shit out of eachother. Enjoy. LOL LOL LOL LOL LMAO.

  144. Emptyhandkiller, THANK YOU for that information!! I have sent many cards and letters to Tookie over the years. I really found him attractive, and now I can show my love for him by having his child! I hope to have a little boy, and I will name him Tookie!!! And, for his first birthday, I will buy him his very own shotgun, just like the one the real Tookie had!! I hope little Tookie is as good a shot as his daddy was! When I masturbate, I always pretend Tookie is doing me… I know I can’t ever have sex with Tookie, but now I can have his baby!

  145. Before I start, I would like to urge everyone to please form intelligent arguments before you click to submit. As a young Black man, I do not appreciate my race being disrespected, or fellow blacks sending messages that make us appear as the ignorant “kaffirs” most whites perceive us to be.
    Over the last few weeks, I have read a barrage of media articles and other publications regarding Mr. Williams and other things. I, along with several others have had time to form OPINIONS and SPECULATIONS, biased or otherwise, about what they think happened that night in 1979. First, Mr. Williams said that to give inside information about the Crips organization would be “snitching”. Well, you have to understand that at first, the purpose of the Crips was to feel safe in their own neighborhood. A lot of what occurs now is a result of the younger guys. As far as snitching goes, in Mr. Williams’ neighborhood, they live by a strict code, and tattling, or “snitching” is a heinous crime in the Black ‘hoods, mostly punishable by death. So, why save your life to have it taken by one of your own. As good as prisoner segregation may be, I bet someone would take you out over time. NONE of you know if Mr. Williams personally killed all four people, so stop trashing the man. All you know is what you have been fed. Only those people killed, Mr. Williams, and God Almighty know what happened at those places. If he did, in fact, murder those people, then it is a slap in the face to the Black race, and his supporters; as well, it goes to show MAINSTREAM White America (that means to subtract the White people that want to be and try to act Black) how ignorant the African-American race is. If he did commit those robberies, he only made enough to get by for a few days. Maybe it was a lot of money in ’79, but today, you could make that amount of money in one paycheck at a fast-food restaurant.
    However, America has gave so much focus to Mr. Williams’ fate that it has lost sight of what is going on in society. Homosexuality is gradually taking over, and that will be the beginning of the end. Sexually-transmitted disease are at an all-time high, mainly because of these queers, as well as undercover queers, who pretend to love women, but will either bend a man over, or will “drop the soap” more than some inmates do. There are countries waiting for the chance to blow us off the face of the earth. People are murdered every day, and now, the founder of an anti-social black organiztion “kills” someone and he is rushed to death, no matter how long it took to actually carry out the sentence.Many of our young men are doomed to die young because they are going to fight so you can have this very right to be fighting over such trivial matters as this.You people disrespect him, and then he is immortalized. What is he is posthumously found innocent? Uh-Oh. Not to compare him to Jesus, but you crucified him, AND THEN YOU LIFTED HIM UP. It may take a while for those of you with two-digit IQ’s to comprehend that.
    In closing, you do know what happened, let the ultimate judge handle this case. Other races, do not disrespect my race anymore than they disrespect themselves daily. This is not slavery or the days of the Klan. A lot of you people claim to be Christians, but then you curse more than drunken sailors, and you seek to shed more blood than some of the gangs you despise.

  146. Tookie Williams is a cold-blooded killer. He was convicted of capital murder in California, and is scheduled to die a few hours from now. After a full-court Hollywood press, Governor Schwarzenegger decided against granting clemency to Williams.

    Good enough.

    Oddly, Rainbow Push Coalition leader Jesse Jackson will be marching in protest. Jackson, of course, is famous for his defence of black “victims” of justice. He personally met with the Governor to plea the Williams case, saying on his web site:

    Tookie Williams personifies what “Redemption” is all about. He has used his time in prison to reach others and save lives. We may not be able to quantify the number of children he has saved, but I am certain that there are children in this country and abroad that would not be here had they not received his powerful message.

    Interesting perspective. Can we quantify the thousands of children who would be with us had Tookie Williams not started the Crips gang to begin with?

    While I am personally opposed to capital punishment– and I am not a Christian– I must say this is not what redemption is about. Redemption begins with acknowledgement of one’s actions, then asking forgiveness.

    Williams has done neither. He simply claims not to have committed the crimes for which he was convicted. Nobody is asking on his behalf for a new trial, nor is evidence of his innocence being offered. Nobody seriously claims his innocence. They simply insist he is a better person, presumably for not admitting guilt and asking forgiveness.

    Here is the strangest matter in this case: Jesse Jackson puts his energy into pleading for mercy for Williams, and protests the state’s punishment. Yet, in all my years, I have no recollection of Jesse Jackson even once protesting anywhere on behalf of those unquantified victims of Tookie Williams’ legacy of gang violence. He simply dances to the Tookie Williams tune of ignore-my-actions-but-listen-to-what-I-say.

    Most of the victims of gang killings are black. Jesse Jackson purports to advocate for the black community, yet he has never, to my knowlege, marched against black-on-black violence anywhere.

    For whom, then, is Jesse Jackson an advocate?

  147. Tookie Williams was irritated that the execution took longer than he expected because of problems getting the needle into his arm.

    Witnesses and prison officials said Williams appeared to grow impatient as prison staffers searched for several minutes for a vein in his muscular left arm.
    “He did seemed frustrated that it didn’t go as quickly as he thought it might,” said San Quentin State Prison Warden.

    Whining about several minutes?

    Thanks to your lawyers, your liberal Hollywood friends, the tangled justice system, and meddling NGO’s, it took 24 years to get that needle into your arm, you murdering bastard. Twenty-six, if you count from the moment you killed those four people, and even longer than that if you go back to when you founded your gang of destruction.

    What’s a few more minutes, Tookie?

    The Gates Of Hell are always open, 24 / 7. Walk right in, they’ve been waiting for you a very long time.

  148. TOOKIE:

    Crip cuzz Crip. Hope you bump into some Bloods down there daddy-O, besure to flash them the Big “C” sign. Singin, burn baby burn, disco inferno!

  149. Great quote:

    “All we need now is time to investigate to make sure this story is real,” said NAACP California President Alice Huffman.

    I’m sorry but you’ve had 25 years to investigate. It’s time for Tookie to go to hell.

  150. TO BRAD: You cowardly slime ball… you “don’t have the time for fighting”??? Thanks for confirming what I already know about you. And, you spend “quality time” with your woman? Sure, I’ll just bet you do….. you meet your brain damaged deformed slut at the arcade, spend your entire 50 cents allowance on her, and then try to rub your puny prick up against her side until you squirt your thimble full of baby batter inside your pants! So, genius, if there are no white people, then just who do all the black people hate? And world traveller, who are you to say who has a hard life or not? How would YOU know, since you are living in a treehouse behind your parents house… world traveller, are you allowed to ride your bike down to the corner store by yourself yet? Brad, just stay up in your tree house, whack your meat and sing sad songs about your bro, Tookie! You total, idiotic halfwit…

  151. Brad: You have gotten my attention with your worthless whining. It is obvious by your backing down from a showdown with brainbuster that you prefer long distance insults to actual combat. You disgust me. I believe you are a scrawny weakling, who only fights with his keyboard. You claim to be so “guilty” for being white. You must have shown your posts to your black friends, so that they would “like” you… Brad, you are a true coward. You really think you have it all figured out, but you are nothing more than an infinitessimal peabrain. Of course some black people have had a hard time, but a lot have had it pretty good, what with affirmative action for decades, and whites making conscious efforts to help their situation. You don’t mention that… because you are too busy searching for excuses for Tookie the unrepentant killer. I wish I could go back in time, and switch you with the young man at the store. I wonder if Tookie would have let you live, since you feel so bad for black people. At least Tookie would have shut your mouth, so that brainbuster won’t have to.

  152. Emptyhandkiller, THANK YOU!!! I am glad that you see what a no good piece of crap Brad is!!! I can take time off from work to go knock him out anytime! I will enjoy shattering his jaw with punches, and then choking him like a chicken… I think I will get someone to video the fight. It will be short, but extremely violent and satisfying! I am gonna turn Brad’s fat lying face into raw hamburger…..

  153. T’was the night before Christmas and all through San Quentin,
    the crips were protesting, and liberals were ventin’.

    The cyanide hung by the chamber wth care,
    in hopes that the reaper soon would be there.

    The inmates were nestled all snug in their bed;
    except for Old Tookie, who soon would be dead.

    And me with my beer mug, dressed warm in my flannell,
    had curled up to watch it, on the Fox News Channel.

    I set up my TIVO to record the news station,
    and thoroughly loved the momentous occasion.

    It seemed lady justice had gotten her way,
    and that there would be one less savage today.

    When outside the jail there arose such a clatter,
    the cameras had turned to see what was the matter.

    When what to my civilized eyes did appear,
    but a lineup of actors, all liberal, half queer.

    The misguided freaks drew some curious looks,
    as they proclaimed his innocence; clutching his books.

    The tears then flew out from Sarandon’s eyes,
    as she nominated him again for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    The actors were tethered to an ACLU sleigh,
    all towing the line of the urban decay.

    On Asner, on Penn, on liberal cop-haters,
    On Sharpton, on Jesse and other race-baiters.

    Then at 3:01 all curled up like a beetle,
    Tookie cried like a bitch as they gave him the needle.

    When up from the actors there arose such a cry,
    they had failed in their mission, and Tookie DID DIE !!

    I heard Bill O’Reilly say, as I turned out my light,
    Merry Christmas to all … there was justice tonight !!

    DIN DONG THE TOOKIES DEAD! (ding dong the witch is dead)

  154. Lester,
    That was pretty much the best poem I ever read. Did it take you like 2 hours to do it? Emptybrainkiller and nobrainsbuster, are you guys for real? Calling out someone on this blog? Wow, you guys might as well be called dumb and dumber. Regardless of another’s post, challenging someone to a fight is about as 7th grade as you can get? Let me guess, you also go to bars, get stupid drunk, and get beat up all night, right? Why don’t you try out for UFC where the real fighters are, you’d probably last 30 secs.

  155. Dontgetit: No, it only took a hot minute for the poem. I am happy another worthless piece of trash is off the streets, I always write good stuff when my meds kick in. thanks. Hey is it true that, THEY ARE PLANNING A BIG MEMORIAL FOR the big piece of-trash TOOKIE? Wow, maybe if we are all lucky they wil do some drive-by shootings and smack down some more gang bangers and liberals at the funeral. At least they won’t have far to go. Toss Tookie in the nearest dupster in a alley in L.A. Takin Out The Trach, thanks S.Q.

    Lester ‘take out the trash, one banger at a time’

  156. Yes,—“brainbuster” and “emptyhandkiller” are total morons. They are, by far, the most idiotic dumbfucks who have ever posted on this site. Those two cowards would never say this kind of stuff to anyone’s face: they hide behind their computers instead. Grow some balls, boys! Admit that we as White people are NOT perfect! Everything is NOT the fault of Black people! Stop admiring your own reflections long enough to educate yourselves. . .no, I take that back. . .it’s much more entertaining to watch you two running around in circles chasing your own tails. What a couple of pitiful dickheads.

  157. They say they need TOOKIE for his message, well the books can be reprinted and the videos copied. If he really wanted to make a messadge he’d do a video with the script along the lines of:
    “I am Tookie Williams and I am dead. I joined a gang and murdered four people. Don’t do what I did.”

    As far as the riot possibility, Bratton didn’t seemed too worried. Besides the Korean store-owners need some target practice, last time they shot someone was 93.

    The Nobel Peace Prize, I go back to a Bratton’s quote, “A ham sandwitch could get nominated for the nobel peace prize.”

    Lastly we had some “community activist” out here claiming Tookie was framed by the LAPD because they didn’t like him, just like OJ.

    Hey you Koreans did good bro!

  158. ARNOLD: You insignificant drop of sweat on an illegal aliens’ anus. I would dearly love to face you in real combat. I would prefer not to knock you out right away. I would torture you, breaking certain bones, rupturing certain organs, that would debilitate you, but not kill you outright. When you were sufficiently helpless, I would skin you alive, like an onion. Once you were skinned, I would roll you in salt. Ahhhh, the glorious screams! I would record your screams, sending a copy to your family to play on holidays, the other to the web, for all to hear! I would long remember the wonderful feeling of my fists crushing the bones in your face….. ecstasy….

  159. dontgetit…… You sissified stringbean, I wish I had you here right now to squash like a bug under my combat boot. I can tell you were never in the service of this great country. Too yellow, I would bet. In fact, I doubt if you have EVER had to fight someone for any reason, even your own honor, because you have none. I want to lock horns with you in physical combat, to see the wave of fear come over you when you realize that you are overmatched. In the service, I fought many, many brave men. I have learned so many ways to cripple and kill. Forget my sniper training, I want you hand to hand. That is the best way of fighting. To watch you crumble before my eyes, maybe beg, maybe cry…. that is when you will be finished off. I doubt if even your family would want your corpse. No one wants a coward around.


    Service for Williams Is Scheduled for Tuesday
    The killer was executed at San Quentin this week. His ashes are to be spread in South Africa.

    By Anna Gorman, Times Staff Writer

    A memorial service for Stanley Tookie Williams, a co-founder of the Crips gang who was executed at San Quentin this week, will be held at a South Los Angeles church Tuesday, organizers said.

    The service is scheduled for noon at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church and will be officiated by Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, said supporter Jasmyne Cannick. Other participants will include the Rev. Jesse Jackson, recording artist Snoop Dogg and NAACP President Bruce S. Gordon, she said.

    Williams, 51, was convicted of murdering four people 26 years ago. He was executed by lethal injection Tuesday, hours after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger denied his clemency petition. His case drew international media attention, in part because Williams had become an anti-gang activist and had been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

    He requested that his ashes be spread in South Africa. Cannick said his request would be honored.

    She said the funeral was a chance for Williams to be remembered as a man who made contributions to the community.

    “This is an opportunity for people who knew Mr. Williams, who were friends with Mr. Williams, who respected his work to be able to pay their final respects,” Cannick said.

    A Los Angeles Police Department spokesman said officers would be in the area but would not intrude on the service.

    “We will monitor it like we would any other large event like this,” said Lt. Paul Vernon. “We don’t anticipate any problems.”

    The church, at 7900 S. Western Ave., holds about 1,500 people, organizers said. They said they planned to show the service on screens outside for any overflow crowd.

  161. Party…Where? At a South Los Angeles church
    When? Next Tuesday
    BYOB. leave guns and knives at home.

    Music by Junior Walker and the All Stars, will be singing all time hit SHOTGUN!

    refreshments : free ripple and mad dog 20/20 will be served in the back alley parking lot.
    food; fried chicken, pork and soup. The soup line will be served by the reverand Spittin-Jessie Jackson.

  162. balbuster……. Thanks for the info!! You know what? I heard that Campbell’s Soup company has hired Spittin’ Jesse for a whole new line of soups, to be called, “Old Time Southern Flavor” soups!!! I can’t WAIT to get a can!!! I heard they taste great with Jesse’s hock of mucous in there!!! As far as Tookie’s ashes go… don’t be surprised if Jesse tosses the ashes out of the limo window on the way to the airport, and still takes the free trip to South Africa!!
    And, I heard that after the ceremonies for Tookie, there will be a shotgun shooting contest behind the church! The targets will be white and asian mannequins with bullseyes on their backs! And, I STILL want to beat the crap out of Brad, dontgetit,ARNOLD, and a few other wimps posted in here! KILL KILL KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. Right on, I bet Spittin’ jessie jackson will dump his ashes in the gutter. Maybe compress TOOKIES ashes in pucs and use them for sheet shooting behind the church.

    Fly Tookie Fly! hope your ashes land in a shithold in s. afrika

  164. Twas the night before Christmas and all through San Quentin,
    the crips were protesting, and liberals were winein’.
    The cyanide hung by the chamber wth care,
    in hopes that the reaper soon would be there.

    The inmates were nestled all snug in their bed,
    except for Old Tookie, who soon would be dead.

    And me with my beer mug, dressed warm in my flannell,
    had curled up to watch it, on the Fox News Channel.

    I set up my TIVO to record the news station,
    and thoroughly loved the momentous occasion.

    It seemed lady justice had gotten her way,
    and that there would be one less savage today.

    When outside the jail there arose such a clatter,
    the cameras had turned to see what was the matter.

    When what to my civilized eyes did appear,
    but a lineup of actors, all liberal, half queer.

    The misguided freaks drew some curious looks,
    as they proclaimed his innocence, clutching his books.

    The tears then flew out from Sarandon’s eyes,
    as she nominated him again for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    The actors were tethered to an ACLU sleigh,
    all towing the line of the urban decay.

    On Farrell, on Penn, on liberal cop-haters, On Sharpton,
    on Jesse and other race-baiters.

    Then at 12:01 all curled up like a beetle,
    Tookie cried like a bitch as they gave him the needle.

    When up from the actors there arose such a cry,
    they had failed in their mission, and Tookie DID DIE!!

    I heard Bill O’Reilly say, as I turned out my light,
    Merry Christmas to all … there was justice tonight!!

  165. Comment to no 7: you would not have got the death penalty because you are white. There were alot of murders that year. But Tookie being BLACK was the only who got the death penalty. You would have got off because you are white

  166. Keisha…. enough already, ok? You don’t even have the facts on who was executed. Forget the “cuz he’s black” thing, ok? Sick of it. Look at it from this side… if those were your family members he slaughtered, THEN would you want the death penalty? I know I sure would. And, don’t go on about Tookie being all better now… those books were written by Barbara Becnel, and made to look like Tookie the wonderful guy wrote them. You talk about racism? Tookie hated white people far more than any white person hated him. He was a violent, hating, career criminal and murderer. How about caring about someone who DESERVES it? Start with the victims and their families. By the way, Brad? I still wanna slap you around…..

  167. ditto to that, man. and tookie set a good example for us all what NOT to do! as far as i am concerned, Tookie wrote one book, his own autobiography. it will be a owners manual for all to see how hateful and twisted a person like he got. four inocent people who were somebodys something who didn’t ask for all the pain suffering and grief he caused. and the gang he formed still leaves the same misery in their wake. a nobel prize? patoowie! job well done Governor! we are safer now.


  169. natasha…… I have you all figured out…. “IT IS OVER. LET IT BE”? It’s obvious you are in love with Tookie, and are mad because you will never have Tookie on top of you, pumping away, puffing his bad breath into your face, shoving his tongue halfway down your throat, ramming your pelvis with his, and finally, accepting his load of little Tookies deep inside your body! You would LOVE to be impregnated by Tookie, wouldn’t you! You would LOVE to hatch out a Tookie replica, wouldn’t you! You would LOVE to raise up your own Tookie, and teach him how to hate, buy him his very own shotgun, and finally, tell him to go murder a bunch of people, wouldn’t you!!!! Well, it AIN’T over! I am STILL partying over Tookies’ croaking, and I AIN’T gonna stop!!!!

  170. Enough already!! It’s Christmas. Have some respect. Natasha is absolutely right. It is over. The man is dead. Anyone who continues “partying” over his death is a complete loser. Everybody needs to get a life and move on.

  171. Marcus: It is YOU who is the loser… So, my celebrating the extermination of a murdering scumbag is a bad thing, huh? And, “have some respect”? Sure, Marcus, you idiot, just like Ol’ Tookie respected the people he blasted! I respect anyone who DESERVES respect, and I would have preferred to have Tookie executed on Christmas… what a great gift to the world THAT would have been! Hey, Marcus, Tookie’s cell is available now! Wouldn’t you just LOVE to sleep in your hero’s bed, smell the farts he pumped into the mattress, and take your dumps on the very same toilet that Wonderful Tookie did? I bet thinking of this brings a tear to your eye, huh, Marcus! Hurry, call the warden! Be first on the sign-up list!

  172. BRIAN: YOU are the idiot… To open your stupid mouth to ME proves it! I will crush you in a fight in less than 10 seconds, and I will bet my life savings on it… you fat little weasel, I want to watch your expression as I rip out your liver and bite into it, just before you die! I will pound your stupid face into pulp as you kick and flail and call for your mommy…. you scrawny weakling, I will take true pleasure in destroying a flabby coward like you…. I pray that you have never reproduced, because you could only make more worthless idiot cowards like yourself! Any woman who was EVER underneath YOU would have to be paid handsomely, otherwise not even a hag from the nut house would do YOU! You stinking, slimy, yellow bellied, no good, crudball halfwit who didn’t ever graduate from the third grade! By the way, Brian, I have a bag of Tookies’ belly button lint… wanna buy it and stuff a pillow with it? $500 and it’s yours!!

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