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Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: Schwarzenegger to Hold Private Clemency Hearing


Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will hold a hearing on clemency for the former gang member turned Nobel Peace prize nominee who now faces execution, a spokeswoman has revealed.

Welcome all Michelle Malkin readers.

The Los Angeles Times and Dog Trainer has Gov. to Consider Clemency for Killer

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will hold a private hearing at his Sacramento office Dec. 8 to consider whether to grant clemency to convicted murderer Stanley Tookie Williams, co-founder of the Crips street gang.

Margita Thompson, the governor’s press secretary, said Schwarzenegger’s decision to hold the private meeting with lawyers representing Williams and the families of his victims did not indicate which way he was leaning on whether to commute Williams’ sentence from death to life in prison without possibility of parole.

“The governor reviewed the material in the case this week,” Thompson said late Friday. “He decided the best route is a private clemency hearing, so he can hear directly from counsel.”

What more does Schwarzeneger need to consider?

Another hearing – and how many years has it been?…….over 24 years!

Read the 57 page brief the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has prepared here.

Schwarzenegger doesn’t need the “show” of a public or private hearing.

Make the decision, Governor.

You know what is at stake……..YOUR political future.


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Cobb has a piece on Tookie’s son.

For example in 1994 my office prosecuted Stanley 46 Williams’ son, Stanley “Little Tookie” William, Jr., a “Neighborhood Crip” for shooting a twenty year old girl to death in an alley off of Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood in a gang retaliation shooting. “Little Tookie” was convicted by a jury of murder.

Now this revelation is just a real stunning gem. I couldn’t invent it. Here’s a guy who is supposed to be spared because he writes children’s books, but his own son is a convicted murderer.

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79 thoughts on “Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: Schwarzenegger to Hold Private Clemency Hearing

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  2. send your cards and letters to:

    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Office of Constituent Affairs
    State Capitol Building
    Sacramento, CA

    his office told me the decision deadline was 14DEC05, so get writting.

    who’d cheerfully draw up and adminster the meds hisownself

  3. It’s a joke that a bunch of Hollywood LIBS and THUGS can even get the Governor to have this meeting with that piece of crap murder. He made his bed, now it’s time to lie in it. The 13th of Dec can’t come soon enough!

  4. Stan Tookie Williams has accomplished a lot since being in prison… the books, the movie deals, etc. What else did he have to do in there? He did these things for his own means, the attention, the special privaleges and meeting movie stars among them.

    He still hasn’t admitted to what he did, he has helped no authority with information about gangs or other crimes. He says that would be snitching and his new life is about doing good, not hurting others. What a load of dung.

    It’s time for Tookie to say goodbye. He had time in life to make his mark and say his farewells, to provide for his family. The people he hurt did not have that luxery.

    It’s time for Tookie to die!

    P.S. Jamie Foxx start helping people who deserve it, you stupid racist jerk.

  5. Stan “Tookie” Williams has done what he had a chance to do in life, and all it’s caused is a lot of pain and suffering. And who the hell cares about Snoop Dog, Jesse Jackson or Mike Farrell or even Bianca Jager. These people are idiots who make too much money and have too much time on their hands. Make the right decision Governor! As for the Tookie, say goodnight Gracie!!

  6. I’m not going to criticize, point the finger, or name blame anyone for trying to save this man’s life. Some people are right about if you do the crime then you do the time but who are we to judge his situation. There’s alot of people in this world that has done more than what this man has done and now all you can do is point the finger at these celeb’s about there means to save Stanley’s life. Now let me make one thing clear I’m not a gang banger, member, associate, or affiliated with nothing of that nature. What we need to do is pray for the victims families & Stanley and let the Lord above to make that decision for all of us, because he does the final decision making ya dig. We are all still his children in this world let’s learn to love instead of hate. Peace to all

  7. We call ourselves a Christian Nation will Christian Values. Yet, we are some of the most racist and blood thirtiest people in the world. Get Real!!! If there is a God and Heaven you can bet you won’t see many of you people there. If you do get there you’ll think you’re in the wrong place because when you find out your maker is Black and heaven if filled with all types of people you will say to God “send me to hell where all my kin folk and friends are.

  8. Good one MJ, that makes no sense at all. All Christians will be proud of your genius perspective. Racism is not at play here. I would be really interested in knowing how you found out what color God is…

    “Tookie” has no debt to society. His debt is to those he damaged. The 4 he murdered, and their family. The people unjustly killed cannot be compensated for their lives, and their family cannot be compensated for their loss. The death penalty is the closest we can come to an equitable punishment. True judgement will come after he is executed.

  9. “On Sunday November 13, one week before the “Save Tookie” rally at San Quentin, fourteen-year old William Cox and a friend were attending a neighborhood carnival when they were gunned down by a man who mistook them for rival gang members. Cox, who was not in a gang, was struck in the chest and died at the scene. That is the evil wrought by Stanley Williams!” as the collum reads from Malkin’s webblog, the continuing violence that is carried on by the legacy of Mr. Williams’ begginings will be felt by our nation for many many years. Yes the man has done great things to open his own eyes to his wrongful ways,maybe even helped a few stay away from the life,, but for far to many dead already and so many that will die his damage can not be undone. For these crimes he was actually convicted of ,surely I hope , the nation does not believe these to be his only crimes.
    Think of it as a genocide of his own people, Hitler may not have actually pulled the switch at the concentration camps but he ordered them switched. It will take more than a few books to undo hwat has been started by Mr. Williams and his friends. It will take generations of good leaders to turn around what was started .



    By Michelle Malkin · November 26, 2005 03:33 PM

    Convicted murderer Stanley “Tookie” Williams, the co-founder of the violent Crips gang who is on Death Row in California, is Hollyweird’s current cause celebre. He is scheduled to be executed on Dec. 13 after 24 years of legal wrangling. The San Francisco Chronicle reports today that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to hold a clemency hearing Dec. 8.

    Among the Save Tookie brigades: Snoop Dogg, Bianca Jagger, Jesse Jackson, Margaret Cho, Mike Farrell, Jason Alexander, Laurence Fishburne, Danny Glover, Anjelica Huston, Bonnie Raitt, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, and Noah Wyle.

    I wrote about Williams’ bleeding-heart worshipers back in 2000, when he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize:

    San Quentin prison officials report that juvenile delinquents idolize Williams. His propaganda has been endorsed by the Congressional Black Caucus. As part of an ongoing public relations campaign to soften his image while he ties up the courts with specious legal appeals, Williams has been profiled sympathetically by People magazine, Time, the Los Angeles Times, and the ethnic press. He even appeared on a TV special introduced by President Clinton. Barbara Becnel, a crusading journalist who “edits” Williams’ writings, once gushed that if the death-row inmate had “been raised in Brentwood instead of South Central, he’d be head of the state Democratic party.”
    Williams’ groupies would have us believe that their Nobel Peace Prize nominee is a helpless victim of his environment, addled by low self-esteem, forced to turn to violence by racist oppressors, and now apologetic “for the atrocities which I and others committed against our race through gang violence.” Spare us the sob story. Here are the cold-blooded facts missing from Williams’ Nobel Peace Prize application:

    Williams was convicted of murdering four innocent bystanders with a sawed-off shotgun in 1979. There was nothing peaceful or compassionate about the way [Albert Owens], Thsai-Shai Yang, Yen-I Yang and Yee Chen Lin died. Owen[s] was a white teen-age clerk at a 7-11 convenience store, shot twice in the back of the head — execution-style — as he lay unarmed on the floor during a hold-up. A witness testified that Williams mocked the gurgling sounds Owen[s] made as he lay dying. “You should have heard the way he sounded when I shot him,” the witness quoted Williams.

    The Yangs were Taiwanese immigrants who, along with their daughter Yee Chen Lin, were gunned down during a motel robbery two weeks after Owen[s] died. Half of the daughter’s face was blown off by the shotgun blasts, former L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Robert Martin told me in an interview this week. Williams called them “Buddhaheads,” Martin recounted, and robbed them of petty cash.

    Williams has yet to apologize to the victims’ families. When the trial ended, Martin told me, Williams muttered to the prosecution team, “I’ll get every one of you m—–f—–s.”

    Spoken like a Nobel laureate.

    Tookie Williams was sentenced to die for these brutal crimes in 1981. But at the end of this year, he will have celebrated 19 more Thanksgivings, 19 more Christmases, and 19 more birthdays. That’s 6,935 days more than [Albert Owens], Thsai-Shai Yang, Yen-I Yang and Yee Chen Lin were allowed to enjoy on this earth…

    Wayne Owens, Albert’s brother, speaks out here.

    Rebecca Owens, Albert’s daughter, weighs in here.

    Lora Owens, Albert’s stepmother, writes:

    My name is Lora Owens. I am the stepmother of Albert Lewis Owens. My husband, Albert’s father, has died so I also speak for him since we discussed this letter frequently over the years. I am writing you concerning clemency for Stanley “Tookie” Williams who murdered Albert in 1979 by shooting him twice in the back. Within seconds, though Albert pleaded for his life, Williams chose to become the judge, jury and executioner of Albert, then laughed as he lay dying. In 1981, Williams was tried, convicted and sentenced to death for the murders he committed in cold blood. Now the many, many years of appeals have also been denied and the facts remain steadfast and the verdict remains firm.
    Now that the appeals have been denied, Williams has decided on a new tactic. A female friend has entered his life who happens to be a journalist who wants to write children’s books against gangs. Since the defense of brain damage in his appeals did not gain him anything, Williams decided to become an articulate author denouncing gang activity. He doesn’t assist the authorities in stopping gang activity by “debriefing” however, but concentrates on teaching primary school age children the “walk and talk” of gang life. This he claims will deter them from joining a gang.

    The Nobel Peace Prize nominations, from the first to the last, have been made by activists who see an opportunity to further their personal cause.The first was quoted to have made the nomination to “raise the awareness of the death penalty to a higher degree”. Totally nothing to do with Williams and whether he deserved the recognition but for a political agenda.

    This has been true of each nomination since.

    They have quoted that it doesn’t matter what he has done in the past but what he is doing now.

    I contend that he is not doing anything now to warrant any type of award and it definitely does matter what he has done in the past. It would matter to anyone whose child is dying in a pool of blood because Williams had the loaded gun and chose to shoot- not in self defense-but shot innocent, unarmed victims simply bcause he could.

    John and Ken of KFI-AM talk radio in Los Angeles are following the latest twists and turns.

    Flap’s Blog is keeping a Tookie Watch. RedState on the impending death of Tookie Williams.

    Debra J. Saunders, who has followed the case for years, debunks the Tookie sympathizers’ mythology:

    The whole “redemption” line is a joke. As Williams’ former prosecutor Robert Martin once told me, redemption requires an admission of guilt, facing up to what you did and expressing remorse. Williams has done none of the above, yet newspaper editorial pages (including The Chronicle’s) and various do-gooders (including some Ninth U.S. Court of Appeals judges) have been pushing for the governor to grant Tookie clemency.
    That would turn the whole concept of clemency on its ear.

    Let me stipulate: While I support the death penalty, I can respect those who oppose it. But I can’t respect those who lionize the most violent thugs as if they are prize sages. My advice to the anti-execution crowd — and I have no doubt it will be ignored — is to find some poor schlub who killed in a panic and doesn’t belong on death row, and seek clemency for that person.

    Don’t put a cold-blooded killer on a pedestal. Don’t denounce a government killing as barbaric while you laud a cold-blooded thug. And don’t ask for clemency for a killer who won’t fess up to his crimes.

    Williams’ co-author, Barbara Becnel, told the Los Angeles Times, “What Stan presents is hope that they, too, can change. He is worth far more to society alive than dead.”

    Wrong. He is worth more to society dead. The message from the Tookie-philes is that you can kill innocent people and be a star. An execution says you can kill innocent people and pay the price.

    Which message will Gov. Schwarzenegger send?

    Stay tuned.

    Update: Send a message to the Tookie worshipers. Nominate Patterico for a Nobel Peace Prize!


  13. Tookie Williams is a convicted murder. Being rehabilitated is what he is supposed to do in prison. So what if he writes childrens books. If he truly is religous now and has god in his life , then he should be happy to finally meet god. Unless of course he knows he is even guiltier then everyone thinks he is , and now he’s afraid to meet god because its going to be the devil instead.

  14. I am a counselor at an elementary school in Georgia. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times a scenario like this has happened in my school:
    “Why are you in the office?”

    “I got in trouble.”

    “What happened?”

    “I kicked someone.”

    “Oh–I see.”

    “No, but I said I was sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “Well, you know, when we do something wrong, we have to deal with the consequences. I am glad you said you were sorry, but that doesn’t take away what happened, and now the consequence is that you’re in the principal’s office.”

    “But I said I was sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    These children seem to truly not understand that “sorry” doesn’t fix everything. Sometimes it seems they know they can do whatever they want because all they have to do is say sorry afterwards.
    I’m not so sure I want to reinforce that message with the founder of the Crips being granted clemency.

  15. This execution needs to happen, all his VICTIMS have been waiting over 24 years, that is preposterous. If you are convicted, and sentenced to death, there should not be endless appeals, for years on end. Exexutions should be carried out within no more than 2 years to give a fair chance at appeals. SMOKE HIM LIKE HE SMOKED AND WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATHS OF POSSIBLY THOUSANDS!

  16. For you that don’t know, WE ARE IN TROUBLE. For the teacher in Georgia please tell me what school you are at so I can make sure my kids don’t attend. We have to “Bridge the Gap” in America or else! We can’t fight an evil sprit with an evil sprit. For the teacher this is why they say I’m sorry over and over again because of people like yourself with the wrong attitude to teach OUR FUTURE! For the family hurt by Tookie Williams, you can’t look to get revenge against Mr. Williams and if you believe there is a God, THOU SALT NOT KILL! When the U.S. kills they are just as guilty as Tookie. If they kill Tookie Williams and you live in L.A. or anywhere near these cell of people, please be prepared for another terrible event in 2005. We are at war not only abroad but also here at home. We have to learn how to be better friends and neighbors or we will continue to become the third world power. We also need not only check the resume of such teachers as above but do a community check on there character as well. Come on people whatever the governor does, that’s up to him but we have to learn how to get alone and work together for the good of our country. CRIPS, BLOODS, GANGSTERS, MOBS,KKK,SKINHEADS, all are beneath us! We should not hold them accountable, we should hold ourselves accountable for not doing more for those who have chosen that way of life. Most of it starts with education. They started out at a school like the one in Georgia. Get to know your teachers and what they are teaching your kids. Pray that they are BEING TAUGHT the right way so they dont have to say SORRY over and over again. Pray they are showing many in the home how to be better, especially if the home is under educated. “WE HAVE TO “BRIDGE THE GAP”, IN OUR SOCIETY! Let’s begin now, whether they execute Tookie Williams or not! Also, let’s look at the facts and not the RACE! If you don’t know the facts, find out before you voice your hate! I don’t know the facts but I do know we are a country that can fight a war abroad together and be at RACE at home! WE ARE IN TROUBLE!

  17. I would like the american public to know how much money this murderer has made from his books and movie deals. Then let them know how much of that money was spent on trying to prevent gang violence and abolish the gangs. I bet you will find that he is full of crap and is not remorseful at all. If he were he would admit that he killed four innocent people. Instead he continues to deny what he did. I don’t see any change of life from this piece of garbage, I say let him die; he has lived too long on tax payer’s money and of course his own. I would like to see what the money that this killer made was actually spent on. And if racists blacks wish to turn to violence after he is dead and gone, then let them go for it. I say get prepared to fight the violence with force and if that means shoot to kill and ask questions later then use whatever force it takes. It is time that racists blacks take responsability for their actions and stop this bullcrap of Blaming the white community. And if the Arnold jumps on the Black band wagon then he should enjoy the lack of votes he will get, due to lack of Blacks that vote. I hope to see “TOOKIE” die tonight at 12:01am and I will breath a sigh of releif for those that died when I hear he is dead. ENJOY HELL Tookie!!!


  19. Why is it that when a man is sentenced by a jury of his peers, has never been able to convince a court to release him, that one man should let him free.Just becuase one says they are changed and rights a few books does not bring back the 4 people he brutally and uncaringlly massacred. Is it not also true that if he was not caught he would have kept doing the same? or do you believe after killing maybe 10, 20 more people the light bulb would have gone off for him to stop.

  20. Let me get this straight,this punk thug,cofounded the Crips,has committed 4 cold blooded murders and who knows how many others he hurt during his life on the street.Now while he is in prison he writes some childrens books and talks against gangs,and this undoes all the harm here helped to create.How many peoples lives have been destroyed due to this man and his wonderful creativity…street gangs. He was found guiltly by a jury of his peers and the sentence should be carried out.If his redemption is real,then he should have no trouble meeting his God face to face,to give an account of his life.May God show you more mercy than you showed to your victims.

  21. jessie jackson is a disgrace, how on earth could he even compare tookie, a brutal murderer of four people to MOSES??????????????????? jackson is nothing more than con artist himself.

  22. #39’s should be put to death in the electric chair for their comment posted on this site. What makes you any better? I know,, NOTHING!

  23. Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams killed those people and there was ballistics evidence traced to his gun. His two friend that he hung out with reported that he confessed to both of them. I am convinced that Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams did kill people violently for little or no reason. Regardless of his new jailhouse halo and stuff. He should have thought twice before he killed those people. He referred to the Asian family that he killed as “Buddha-Heads” as he confessed to a friend.
    I am against the death penalty, but I feel that Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams is most definitely guilty.

  24. I have read all the stories and actions of this mans past. What good is this going to do? Will it bring back those who alledly were killed by this man? What if the man testifying against Tookie Williams lied and he was actually the shooter? So many what ifs this is not a fair case. It is because he is black and poor. I am American Indian and poor and know exactly what both races go through with the public. I am ashamed of America. Sadam gets TV coverage for killing millions and a trial that will cost billions also a war that is costing us billions while our own Country is falling apart. But, the one man who has changed and has to right the wrongs between gangs is going to be taken out by a Government who cannot control them at all. Who is going to stop this War in our country? Our Government? Or someone who knows the streets and the people? Save Tookie at the last moment please.

  25. The fact that there are impending or feared riots only highlights the ignorance of the general public; of law, morals and ethics. Not only that, but it also reveals the ugly racist, double-standard, political correctness and absurdities of liberalism. They’re as worse as fundamentalists! It’s a sad time for human thought and intelligence.

  26. Tookie is dead and I am a happy person. After all the guys is nothing but a nigger who killed 4 people. I guess justice is sweet and this son-of-bitch is dead. The world is a better place. I think I will have a beer to celebrate this losers death!

  27. Motherfuckers like USA (commentator #39) exemplify what is wrong with this country and why we have so many Tookie Williamses. The issue at hand is completely obliterated by this asshole’s racism. Now we resort to reaction, vilification and humanization–at that point, when you’ve made someone less than human, less than yourself, then it’s a hell of a lot easier to squeeze that trigger. You are a senseless murderer waiting to pull that trigger. God HELP America, my home sweet home.

  28. Man,you got to be the most retarded American Indian person on this planet. Your dumbass comments about, ” What if the man testifying against……” is so ridiculously funny. Why don’t you get your facts straight before voicing your opinions and who gives a fuck if you are an American Indian and poor, that is simply a lame excuse for anything. Maybe you and other poor black folks should go back to school, finish college, find a job, and maybe that way other people won’t discriminate you ” poor individuals” as much. One more thing, you should not be ashamed of America, I just think that America should be ashamed of you!!!!!!

  29. Should have beheaded him in public. Nothing to do with race. Gangs all over need to GET THE MESSAGE : Cut it out. You aint tough, and even if you were, so what?

  30. just glad the punk ass bitch is dead. crying for his life after killing others.
    what a pussy!! just to bad for him he waiting to long to do right. most people

  31. It’s about time they put this trash to death. What a evil human being Tookie Williams was to society. He can stay in hell for the rest of his worthless life. I personally knew one of the people he killed. Tookie will never find Jesus. Jesus is always on the righteous path and never strays like Tookie did when he killed people.

  32. I think all of Tookie supporters are stepping on the memories of those he killed. I have no sympathy for Tookie nor feel he has redeemed himself enough to atone for what he did, yet I have over the years changed my mind about the death penalty. Other than it is less expensive to execute criminals than to incarcerate them. I don’t feel execution really serve a meaningful purpose. It seems a little barbaric as we move into the 21 first century to still be killing humans as a form of justice, revenge, maybe.
    I know if it was someone close that was murdered I would want the death penalthy but that is for emotional grafitfication.

    I think if we have to have the death penalthy then those tried and convicted should not be allowed to go on for years. Tookie should have been executed no more than a few years after his conviction. I don’t think he would have had very many supporters then. Our system is flawed. Either get rid of the dealth penalthy or speed up the process.

  33. Why did it take so long to kill that piece of shit? He should have been killed minutes after the guilty verdict. I wonder how all of these liberal bitches would react if it were one of their loved ones killed by him. Obviously these pussy’s are pushing their own political agenda.

  34. It seems to me that if Tookie had shown or demonstrated some redemption or remorse he might be alive right now. Even until his finality, he was defiant and prideful. This tells me this was a show for his gang and that he had been playing the media and the left like a bunk of punks. Rather sad if you was to truly think about it; it was his hatered for others that led to his downfall. Poor poor Tookie, I can only pray for those you hurt and those who you destroyed. Think about it, his selfish life meant nothing to anyone but himself!

  35. Tookie che si professava innocente,
    è stato ammazzato.
    Anche se fosse stato colpevole,
    andava perdonato.
    Solo a Iddio è conferito il drammatico compito
    di poter recidere una vita dalla terra.

    Tookie aveva sposato la filantropia,
    avrebbe donato la sua vita da ergastolano
    a quel che negli ultimi anni si era maggiormente dedicato,
    vale a dire prendersi cura di quei giovani miserabili,
    gli abbandonati, quelli che rispecchiavano LUI quando era giovane, neri, delinquenti, ghettizzanti, senza alcuna identità ne punti di riferimento
    se non riconoscersi nella violenza.

    Tookie stava riuscendo nelsuo intento,
    le sue parole, quasi come parabole,
    riscattavano le esistenze di questi adolescenti diseredati.

    Stanley Tookie Williams
    era innocente dall’accusa di omicidio.

    è colpevole di assassinio.

    Ma il primo è morto
    e il secondo sarà prossimamente l’erede di bush,

    l’uomo più potente su questa terra,
    e allora tutti noi avremo un cappio intorno al collo

    vik from italy

  36. I do not know the entire story, I do not know all the facts, but what I do know is that it would have been more cheaper to give a shot gun to the victims’ families on the day he was found guilty and let them pull the trigger the same way he pulled the trigger on their loved ones than to allow this man to stay alive for over 20 years. I am 26 years old, I never seen his movie and I never read his books, as a matter of fact I didn’t even know his name until today, but I will say that it is absolutely stupid to allow him to stay alive so long. Now I don’t know if he did it or not, research on the internet has informed me that the ballistics pointed to him so maybe he did do it although up until his death he still pleaded his innocence, but I read where so many different people was pleading for clemency on his behalf, and I read somewhere that someone even stated that keeping him alive was would benefit America as a whole because he could continue to speak to children to gear them towards not joining a gang, but here’s a revelation, since America is a country that believes in capital punishment, how about killing these murderers as soon as they get convicted, I think that the message would get across 100 percent more than any speech he could ever give. Stop waiting so long to get the point across. I don’t know whether not or if he really did repent for his sins but I say that after over 20 years I would have repented if I ever did somethihg like that and I would want my life spared until God was ready for me to leave this earth. Even though he is partially responsible for the creations of the crips, he is not responsible for gangs as a whole because gang violence has been going on way before he was even thought of being born. I just purchased a video game called “Guns” and to me, in it’s own way, that game deplicts gang violence because the “cowboys and indians” days were in fact gang violence too. America is a country that was built on blood sometimes innocent blood regardless of the race. Some people are blaming his chosen path on the fact that he was brought up in proverty, but it’s up people as an individual whether to rise from that type of an evironment or to succumb to it. Going to proverty stricken areas would scare the shit out of anybody, black, white or any other color, unless you are a product of that evironment, but even then there has got to be some kind of fear, So I say to my fellow American citizens stop playing the race card with these type of situations. No humane person wants to live in a world where you are scared to go to certain communities because of it’s violence, and that’s including white neighborhoods where minorities are scared to enter also. See this situation is actually more than just Stanley “Tookie” Williams killing 4 innocent people. This situation as a whole is about the fact that Americans needs to find a way to get along with one another better than we have been doing. Black-Americans, White-Americans, Asian-Americans, Native-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and who ever else I left out WE need to get along better. When 9/11 happened, WE as a nation, formed a unity because we had been attacked by people that was not of our country, if we can come together for that I think we can come together for anything. And to the racist people who continue to call him the n-word, that just shows how ignorant you are, your anger shouldn’t be because he’s black, it should be because he’s guilty. When Jeffery Dahmer was convicted, were you happy, when John Wayne Gacy was convicted were you as happy, and did you call either one of those men any racists names at all. STOP THE VIOLENCE, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER AND IGNORANCE IS A CHOICE. SPREAD LOVE NOT HATE.

  37. I was born black, and i faced racsism, none of those things gives me the right to take a life in cold blood like this animal did, I also was sent to prison, which is exactly where i should have gone, and i was not their long before i found out two things, in prison everyone is innocent, and the other is, if you want to get out someday, you better play the
    ” I got with god game” I care not onr bit how many children’s books he co authored, or how many times he was nominated for a peace prize, the ugliest crime post murders was that it took so long for him to pay for his brutal crimes. In the end it all come down to choices, he made his, and got to make millioms more than his victims did. just think about that for a minute, killed without mercy, and has the nerve to think he should recieve some now, PLEASE
    for anyone who can read theese words, before you feel sorry for this lethal thug, go and read the transcripts of the trial, and then see how much mercy you think he should get.

  38. hello all. i just want to say that if you actually have done research on this issue, and are not simply posting racist comments that you know you wouldnt dare say in front of the proper audience, i appreciate your insight in this matter. as is evident here, a lot of people in fact havent done their research on this issue. still, regardless of how informed you are, i dont think its respectable to poke fun at this man who was just condemned to death by other human beings. he was condemned to death, not by our creator (if in fact there is one), but other human beings living on this earth. i personally think that it is no man’s right to deal death and isnt it quite (un)godly of you to judge? im sorry, were you present when tookie pulled the trigger? the media coverage, and that damn actor/governor’s statement has led everyone to believe that the trial was completely fair, conclusive, and not racially determined. tookie didn’t refuse to apologize, he proclaimed his innocence, until his death. for any of you with street smarts, you know that being a snitch is the lowest you can get as far as credibility. did tookie attempt to negotiate names for repreival? no, he had just that much honor. you may think you’re being humorous in making a mockery of this man’s life and death, but i think its just ignorant. shame on you.

    furthermore, the issue of concern shouldnt be the credibility of his redemption (although let me say, i believe he was sincere), but the implications of subjecting a man to the death penalty. its perpetuating the message that violence is the answer to any problems, that vindication and revenge are synonymous with justice. you all speak of justice being served, but do you know what it means for there to be peace? do you think you know what it means for there to be justice if you’re egging on the executioners? perhaps your internet endeavors would better be suited in a study of morality. i will continue to pray for this country, and you all.

    PEACE O; )
    the bayangel

  39. To all you bleeding heart, crying liberals and the do gooders like Danny Glover,who is one of the afore mentioned liberals.You really disgust me by your self serving concern for someone who is to be put to death,like the murderer Tookie Williams.Where is the outcry and concern for the truly innocent who are beind killed to the tune of 4 million a year.What have they done to deserve the death penalty?You are total hypocrites to rally to the aid of a convicted murderer and turn a blind eye and ear to aborted unborn innocents.Any clear thinking individual knows full well, that they are human beings and not a piece of tissue,that is not even an issue that is open to debate.I suggest you rethink your priorities of who deserves death and who does not…..

  40. Yesterday, was a sad day. An innocent man endured racist and calculated manipulations beyond his control. You all stand in judgement. I laugh at all you weak people. I doubt 2% of you naysayers could even stand in Tookie’s shoes. He was set up from the beginning. Do you people not pay attention to details or do you trust your president and media far too much. The so called witnesses all had criminal records, and they were all given deals, to essentially lie. In the end the government won…and the real killer is amongst you! If anything that should scare the hell out of you all!


  41. bay angel and renee…high five to you!
    For those of you saying that he deserves it because what he’s done and esp since he made the Crips gang, here are the facts…The Crips ORIGINAL founder was Raymond Lee Washington. He founded the Crips in 1969 in order to protect his neighborhood from ACTUAL gangs who were trying to “infiltrate” and rob and commit crimes in and around his neighborhood. So, he and a bunch of his friends formed a gang called the CRIBS. Two years later, in 1971, Raymond meets Stan as Stan and his friends had done the same thing to protect their neighborhood, so they decided to join forces and form one big gang (the CRIPS, with a “p”, just eventually evolved). In the beginning, there were NO GUNS!!! There were not very nice things used for weapons, but it was a rival gang which first introduced guns into their constant neighborhood battles, and soon after the Crips shot back!
    AND…the witnesses who tried against him came forward saying they were bribed and threatened to try against him!!
    You guys are ignorant. And I feel sorry for you because you think youre putting out what you think is right and funny by mocking him, but you look like fools. He saved people!!
    maybe God needed him more in heaven, but i think he could have saved more lives if he was kept here. Arnold took away a hero.
    People on here are hating on eachother and its pathetic! people will never truly respect our opinions, because we don’t respect each others.
    God Bless

  42. The death penalty is a barbaric act in a civilization. The USA are acting in the same league as Iran, China, Saudi Arabia and some other medival countries. CNN reports, Pope Benedict XVI’s top official for justice matters denounced the death penalty for going against redemption and human dignity. “We know the death penalty doesn’t resolve anything,” Cardinal Renato Martino told Associated Press Television News.

  43. well I Think no bodies to judge cause when it all comes down & you’re the one standing behind a gun and a dead body I you’re not gonna want to die or go to prison you may also say o’ i’m sorry i didnt mean it plus look at where this guy came from it was a terrible place to be brought up ever body wanted to be big and bad and most of all respected no body cared about the kids there was still rascism going on so the blacks didnt get much of a education they weren’t intrested cause nobody pulled them by the waist side and said i’m gonna help you make something out of yourself there was really no father figure it was hard. and it took prison to get his mind away from all that distraction for him to sit down and look at stuff in a better view it took prison to let God open his eyes and see what he was doing.So before critisizing look at it from those other view points and tink about it, and what you really should do is sit down and watch “redemption”, see the truth look up his life you should never speak without the facts. yes it was wrong for him to kill those for people but consider who tried to steer him the right way ammerica always tries to condem the wrong but never tries to stop the wrongs. Tookie death did really open up peoples eyes cause if he were to stay in prison some people wouldnt even know about him till this day, he even said; “if it takes my death to get people to stop then so shall it be” and if he ‘s really redemmed himself he’s going to heaven any way. but tookie will be remember no matter what for good or for bad his death caught alot of attention but no one should be able to judge cause when you point out theres three pointing right back at you! and yes i’m black for all you who want to know and i’m a 14 year old highly brigtht and intelligent high school student.

  44. To all you Tookie lovers,
    God makes all decisions in this world- who needs to go, who needs to stay! Tookie needed to go!!!!!!

  45. No matter how you look at it. Killing is wrong! Absolutely Wrong!!!!!
    But The State of California is just as wrong as Tookie. No man has the write to decide the fate of anyones life. And as religous as our politicans claim to be the bible says this. If Tookie really committed these crimes we will never truley know. Only he & God know for sure. And as we know he made peace with his maker for the crimes he may have committed. But the people that ordered his execution have to answer for the life that they took. Vengance is mine sayeth the Lord. I am not a preacher or anything like that but I know that the Death Penalty is soooo wrong. To the familys of the victims I do not mean any harm but his life was just as precious as the one you lost. I pray for peace umong everyone black white whatever. You can not judge a man until you take a long walk in his shoes not everyone has had an easy walk. I hope his innocence is proven so that we as people can re-evaluate our whole death penalty process. To Mrs Owens do you truley know that he did????

  46. BTK deserves the death penalty if anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t agree with it but let’s sentence properly!!!!!

  47. #45……..There us no bigger loser then one who drinks beer to celebrate death. Because of people like you, hatred between races remains alive.

  48. Before I start, I would like to urge everyone to please form intelligent arguments before you click to submit. As a young Black man, I do not appreciate my race being disrespected, or fellow blacks sending messages that make us appear as the ignorant “kaffirs” most whites perceive us to be.
    Over the last few weeks, I have read a barrage of media articles and other publications regarding Mr. Williams and other things. I, along with several others have had time to form OPINIONS and SPECULATIONS, biased or otherwise, about what they think happened that night in 1979. First, Mr. Williams said that to give inside information about the Crips organization would be “snitching”. Well, you have to understand that at first, the purpose of the Crips was to feel safe in their own neighborhood. A lot of what occurs now is a result of the younger guys. As far as snitching goes, in Mr. Williams’ neighborhood, they live by a strict code, and tattling, or “snitching” is a heinous crime in the Black ‘hoods, mostly punishable by death. So, why save your life to have it taken by one of your own. As good as prisoner segregation may be, I bet someone would take you out over time. NONE of you know if Mr. Williams personally killed all four people, so stop trashing the man. All you know is what you have been fed. Only those people killed, Mr. Williams, and God Almighty know what happened at those places. If he did, in fact, murder those people, then it is a slap in the face to the Black race, and his supporters; as well, it goes to show MAINSTREAM White America (that means to subtract the White people that want to be and try to act Black) how ignorant the African-American race is. If he did commit those robberies, he only made enough to get by for a few days. Maybe it was a lot of money in ’79, but today, you could make that amount of money in one paycheck at a fast-food restaurant.
    However, America has gave so much focus to Mr. Williams’ fate that it has lost sight of what is going on in society. Homosexuality is gradually taking over, and that will be the beginning of the end. Sexually-transmitted disease are at an all-time high, mainly because of these queers, as well as undercover queers, who pretend to love women, but will either bend a man over, or will “drop the soap” more than some inmates do. There are countries waiting for the chance to blow us off the face of the earth. People are murdered every day, and now, the founder of an anti-social black organiztion “kills” someone and he is rushed to death, no matter how long it took to actually carry out the sentence.Many of our young men are doomed to die young because they are going to fight so you can have this very right to be fighting over such trivial matters as this.You people disrespect him, and then he is immortalized. What is he is posthumously found innocent? Uh-Oh. Not to compare him to Jesus, but you crucified him, AND THEN YOU LIFTED HIM UP. It may take a while for those of you with two-digit IQ’s to comprehend that.
    In closing, you do know what happened, let the ultimate judge handle this case. Other races, do not disrespect my race anymore than they disrespect themselves daily. This is not slavery or the days of the Klan. A lot of you people claim to be Christians, but then you curse more than drunken sailors, and you seek to shed more blood than some of the gangs you despise.

  49. My remarks are directed to kevvgotti,as I would like to make a couple of points.First being, your remark about we only know what we are being fed.Does that go for you also or are you so above people with 2 digit IQ,s,that you have an inside track on what really happened.You left out a real crucial point on who really knows what happened when a crime is committed,what about eyewitnesses and others who were committing the crimes with the perpetrator,is their testimony not reliable.My second point is,you should try reading the actual court transcripts, once you do that you will not have to worry about Tookie being found innocent after the fact.This was just the tip of the iceberg of what this man has done during his violent ridden life.I do really hope Tookie let God change his life while he was alive,either way it has really change at this point. Lighten up a little kevvgotti,your really do not come across as being any more intelligent than the average person,anyway we are all ignorant in different areas of our life.

  50. Stanley should not be executed. If God forgive why we can not forgive. Whatever justice is due, he will receive it. If he was convicted on circumtance evidenice, he should be given life in prison without parole. We can not continue in this country to play God. The bible said “thou shalt not kill”.

  51. Gloria ..We can forgive but that does not mean there are not still consequences for his actions.The justice that was due according to his sentence was death and that is what he received.Also he definitely not convicted on circumstantual evidence,read the court transcripts.The bible also says “those who live by the sword,will die by the sword”

  52. Fu#k TOOKIE … he ain’t nuthin but a worthless piece of S____! And the state of Kaifornia finally scraped him off of the heels of it’s shoe. He had it comming big-time for what the blood sucking leach did to them people. He deserved to die even slower just for forming one of the most good for nothing destructive street gangs that rob our society. A bunch of good for nuthin drug dealing paroles.


    Tookie deserved all that was coming to him. Can’t believe all these lilly-livered individuals with such short memories. The US’s biggest mistake was waiting so long to finish him off.

    In principal, I’m against the death penalty. But whilst you barbaric yanks insist on having it in many states, you should make use of it when you get an evil an example as Stanley Tookie Williams.

    Did They Die?


  55. Ode To Tookie

    Twas the night before Christmas and all through San Quentin,
    the crips were protesting, and liberals were ventin’.

    The cyanide hung by the chamber with care, in hopes that the reaper soon would be there.

    The inmates were nestled all snug in their bed ;
    except for Old Tookie, who soon would be dead.

    And me with my beer mug, dressed warm in my flannel, had curled up to watch it, on the Fox News Channel.

    I set up my TIVO to record the news station, and thoroughly loved the momentous occasion.

    It seemed lady justice had gotten her way, and that there would be one less savage today.

    When outside the jail there arose such a clatter, the cameras had turned to see what was the matter.

    When what to my civilized eyes did appear, but a lineup of actors, all liberal, half queer.

    The misguided freaks drew some curious looks, as they proclaimed his innocence; clutching his books.

    The tears then flew out from Sarandon’s eyes, as she nominated him again for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    The actors were tethered to an ACLU sleigh, all towing the line of urban decay.

    On Asner, on Penn, on liberal cop-haters,
    On Sharpton, on Jesse and other race-baiters.

    Then at 3:01 all curled up like a beetle, Tookie cried like a bitch as they gave him the needle.

    When up from the actors there arose such a cry, they had failed in their mission, and Tookie DID DIE !!

    I heard Bill O’Reilly say, as I turned out my light, Merry Christmas to all … there was justice tonight !!

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