8 thoughts on “Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: Isn’t it The Truth By Cobb

  1. Why isn’t the public being given the facts of the trial that convicted Stanley Williams decades ago? Who were the individuals that came forward to testify against Williams, what information did they share and what did they have to gain by sharing that information? Is there any doubt about the guilt of Mr. Williams? How can we execute individuals without 100% knowledge of guilt? Stanley Williams started the Crips, to that he admits guilt and culpability. The long-range effects of creating that group are horrendous, but does that make him guilty of these murders and are those two facts being weaved together to determine guilt? Can you help me learn the facts?

  2. Please people, let it go. The man has paid for his crimes. This man inspried me on a lot of levels concerning his work with the gangs from prison. He paid the ultement for what he did. Now please, let him rest in peace.

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