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Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: Should California Governor Schwarzenegger Grant CLEMENCY? – The POLL

Updated: The Poll was NOT working so Flap created a new one.

The Los Angeles Times has Californians Conflicted on Williams’ Fate

Deciding whether someone should live or die with the sanction of the state cannot be an easy thing. Schwarzenegger has already said he dreads deciding whether to let the Dec. 13 execution go forward. But although the judgment will not hinge on politics, the choice is particularly fraught for Schwarzenegger as he seeks to recover from last month’s disastrous special election and runs for a second term next year.

Abandoned by a large swath of the state’s Democratic-leaning electorate, Republican Schwarzenegger has worked to reclaim his centrist image by aggressively reaching out to old adversaries, even going so far as naming a longtime Democratic activist, Susan Kennedy, as his new chief of staff.

Granting clemency to Williams “would fit in with that kind of new characterization” of the governor as a more “humane, caring individual,” said Larry N. Gerston, a San Jose State political scientist.

And yet blocking Williams’ execution could further antagonize conservatives already outraged by Kennedy’s appointment and Schwarzenegger’s talk of huge new borrowing to pay for improved roads, ports and other infrastructure projects. “If he blinks on this issue, does he perhaps add more fuel to that fire and open the possibility for a primary fight?” Gerston asked.

But public opinion on the matter appears shaded with nuance. In polls taken over roughly the last decade, a majority of Californians have consistently said they support the death penalty for serious crimes. At the same time, some surveys have also found strong support for an alternative sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

A series of random interviews around the state last week — in politically competitive areas reflecting California as a whole — found similar ambivalence among nearly four dozen individuals who agreed to discuss their views on Schwarzenegger, capital punishment and the choice the governor faces.

The Los Angeles Times has their poll here.

Note the Times question and responses:

Should Gov. Schwarzenegger grant clemency to convicted murderer Stanley “Tookie” Williams?

Yes. He’s redeemed himself in prison, and his life still has value.

No. The jury’s sentence must be carried out.

I don’t know. (Fortunately, it’s not for me to decide.)

California Conservative Blog has another poll.

Note California Conservative asks a different question:

After sitting on death row for 25 years, should convicted multiple murderer Stanley “Tookie” Williams be executed as sentenced by law?

Yes or No

Flap will have his own poll, keeping to the central issue of the December 8th clemency hearing.

UPDATE: This Poll below does not seem to work so please go to this link and VOTE.

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Should California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Grant Convicted Murderer Stanley Tookie Williams CLEMENCY?

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  • Barba ra Edwards

    No. According to the “evidence” he should not die. If it were my son, father, brother I would want all the evidence to make sense and be
    without a shadow of a doubt”. Sure things have happened, but’s it the 4 deaths that he is in jail for, and those four the “evidence” does not add up.

  • LawMan

    The Crips Gang is responsible for too many crimes and deaths to overlook “Tookies” acts.
    The Crips Gang has issued a warning that they will kill law enforcement if Tookie is killed. This is nothing but domestic terroroism and should be dealt with the same as any other terrorism…Do not negotiate with them and if there are acts of violence after Tookie is put to death, deal with it as an act of terrorism…enough of this touchy feelie ACLU crap, gangs are THE leading problem in society and need to be stopped. Nothing Tookie has done since incarceration warrants his clemency.

  • nan

    Anyone who knows the “truth and history of gangs” knows that killing this man could lead to an even greater problem. With no one heading this NATION WIDE Organized Crime (crips) a fight for power will surely to come. Doesn’t anyone think it is odd that the opposing/revival organized crime organization (bloods) are negotiating with for his release? Think People!!! If the bloods (who historically HATE the crips) are requesting his pardon for the exchange of semi-automatic weapons, NOT EVEN HIS RELEASE, there must be a reason. More likely than not they are just as concern with the introduction and implementation of a NEW WORLD ORDER ( which is something the crips have been trying to accomplish for decades) could potentially occurred. Individuals knowledgeable about the “truth” about gangs understand that a NEW WORLD ORDER (which is also referred as a WAR) will not only negatively effect California, but also the nation.

  • M. Johnson

    It is rediculouse to kill a man that have accomplished the things this man has. Its ok for the government to re-release, Rapists, Childmolesters, and Murderers, that have done less than this man to rehabilitate themselve other than finding religion. It’s alright for them to go free, while this man has done nearly the impossible to show that he’s changed. The man wrote child books to help them stay away from drugs and gangs, Nominated for the damn nobel peace prize while in prison (which is almost impossible,we wouldn’t execute any other nobel peace prize recipiants would we? Wait, We already have Dr. Mr. Luther King, and Malcom X. would we have killed Mother Teressa if it was rumored that she killed someone?) He denounce gang life which was a major step in itself (Because if any one knew what it takes to get out of a gang, would know that you would have to be killed. even in prison especially. Or become a ghost and never be seen again but he did the opposite, he taught kids that gangs werent the way). To add upon that this astounding man did what the impossible he organized a peace treaty between the bloods and the crips in california, When your police and your government couldn’t do that. By Killing this man for somthing that isn’t even proven beyond a shodow of a doubt is ludicrouse and appauling, “what they couldn’t get O.J. So you go after the next thing huh. If this man dies, do you really think things will all of a suddenly get better. By this man passing it will discredit your judicial system and all of what it stands for, because no matter how much you change, how much good you do, It doesnt matter there is no rehabilitation for you in this system so you pretty much good as dead. Just remeber that when these suburban kids and inner city white kids, or you sons and daughters decide to join gangs in their futers (god forbid)don’t blame them or their surrounding blame yourself and your Government system; because the one person that could have stopped them from joining could have been Tookie Williams was sent to die on December 13 12.01 p. (But dont worry it could never happen to you)

    ((((((((((Merry Christmas)))))))))))

  • PandL

    No they should have not killed he showed the U.S. he was innocent and that he Renounced gang life that was good enough. He had spent 25 years in death row and you kill him anyways like Barbara Bencol said THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA JUST KILLED AN INNOCENT MAN!!!!!!!