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Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: Danny Glover – “I Think There is a Chance Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Grant Clemency”

Actor Danny Glover took to the stage in a packed San Francisco theater to urge celebrity governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to spare a condemned gang founder turned anti-gang advocate.

AFP has Actor Danny Glover urges Arnold Schwarzenegger to spare condemned inmate

Actor Danny Glover took to the stage in a packed San Francisco theater to urge celebrity governor
Arnold Schwarzenegger to spare a condemned gang founder turned anti-gang advocate.

Schwarzenegger is the only person with the power to cancel the date convicted killer and Crips gang co-founder Stanley “Tookie” Williams has with San Quentin Prison’s death chamber on December 13.

Glover drew cheers and a standing ovation from the standing-room-only audience that showed up for an anti-execution fund-raising screening of the film “Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story.”

“I think there is a chance Arnold Schwarzenegger will grant clemency,” Glover told AFP. “He should grant Tookie Williams clemency; that will let Williams touch lives and change lives.”

Glover derided the death penalty as “immoral” and out of tune with most of the civilized nations in the world.

“The international community has a chance to make the United States look at itself in the mirror, sit down and abolish the death penalty,” Glover said while noting support for Williams has spread past US borders.

Schwarzenegger has granted Williams a private clemency hearing on December 8 and is to decide whether to use his muscle as governor to convert Williams’ sentence to life in prison with no chance of parole.

But, Mr. Glover, what about justice for Tookie’s four murdered victims?

The charges that put Williams on death row “weren’t proven beyond a shadow of doubt” and “it’s a trick” to blame Williams for the deeds of the notorious Crips gang he helped form in Los Angeles decades ago, Glover said.

“To blame Tookie Williams for The Crips is barking up the wrong tree,” Glover said. “It would be like blaming all white people for slavery.”

Are you kidding me?

The charges were proven and Tookie has had 24 years of legal appeals, including the California and United States Supreme Court.

Stanley Tookie Williams is a renown “Crips” gang leader and is responsible for many crimes.

Danny should stick to acting and investing his money in Planet Hollywood with Arnold before he makes pronouncements that are factually FALSE.

“Tookie’s example breathes life not only into gang members, former gang members, and wannabe gang members, it breathes life into us. He shows us we can be a value to society as well.”

Glover recounted Williams’ influence helping in truce talks he, now US secretary of state
Condoleezza Rice and others brokered with street gangs slightly more than a decade ago.

African-American film maker Kevin Epps warned that hardship-shaped young people who relate to Williams will react if Williams is executed.

“They are on the street, and they are watching,” Epps said. “They will make a decision on how they are going to respond.”

“We have to save this brother’s life,” the young filmmaker said, pressing his open hands to his troubled face. “Because, if we save this brother, we are going to save a generation.”

If you save this brother (grant clemency) from the “BIG JAB” all you are saving is a savage murderer who shotgunned four innocent victims to death.



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  • Grouper

    My only regret is that Tookie will die peacefully with a minor needle stick instead of riding lightening that would singe his hair, curl his toes, and cook his demented brain. Bring back the electric chair!

  • William

    The goverment should let tookie out, he dont deserve to be in the cage were i once was everyone deserves a second chance. grant clemency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    The notion that a wretched human life like Tookie’s should be saved for any reason is an absolute mystery that no rational thinking human can unravel. Accepting the fact that his death sentence should be commuted: are the taxpayers of California honestly willing to foot the bill for this scumbag’s existence for the rest of his life? Are washed-up actors like Glover and Farrell so addicted to empty standing ovations from idiotic audiences that they honestly believe that the life of a cold-blooded killer is worth wasting their time on?

  • agentkohlrabi

    “If we save this brother, we are going to save a generation”??? Did that idiot really say that? Sorry, I am pretty liberal myself, but if we are going to save the next generation of kids, maybe we could stop elevating cold blooded murdering thugs to hero status. And maybe start supporting and recognizing the Black kids who grew up surrounded by Mr. Williams and his type and still chose to avoid killing and pimping.

  • jim van vranken

    Williams should and will die for his crimes. The dead have had no life since the time he shot them in cold blood. Life in prison is no picnic but he breathes and relates to others, he communicates with loved ones, he is alive and his victims lay in their grave. Kill this animal now! The Crips have murdered countless victims. He is unrepentant and without guilt. Let his example portray the “gangster life” die in prison with a needle in your arm.

  • Mickey

    I think you answered your own question! You kill people who kill people to show them it’s wrong to kill people!!! See ya Tookie, and oh! Merry Christmas!!

  • FLBivens

    I hope that everyone who wanted Stanley Tookie Williams dead are jumping with joy this day. What a feeling to kill someone for killing someone else in cold blood. The victory is sweet to you all I can imagine. But, is it enough for you all? After all, Stanley Tookie Williams is resting in peace, and the way I believe, if he has settle his debt with God the Almighty, He will live again in peace. But of course, a lot of people don’t believe as I do. So you all relish this moment, cheer and clap, enjoy. What has been accomplished? The death he died was a very peaceful one.

  • Mark

    Far from resting in peace; Tookie Williams is burning in hell for his crimes! If anyone’s resting in peace now it is the innocent victims that he barbarically slaughtered. Burn in hell you filthy monster!

  • Mzz. Isis

    i just want to say…i am not a firm believer of the death penalty…i think it was wrong for the governor of actually grant the order of tookie’s death..why didnt he just stoped it?…did it come to his head that riots my form in the U.S. because of Tookie’s death?…are any of you thinking that?…Do you at least know that Crips and Bloods are lifetime rivals…some where in the US there Bloods celebrating the death of the Crips Founding Father….and a war between does to gangs will form…and the bigger it gets the worser it gets….why did they waited so long to exectute Tookie?…Yes he did kill all does 4 people…Yes he commited crimes…but dont you think is kind of hypocritical that you go to jail for killing somebody and then its okay for other people to kill you…?…its wrong to kill but then its okay for other people to kill a punishment of your crime…The Death Penalty is a very hipocrate law…hmm…no good can over come the death penalty..and no good will come out…of Stanley “Tookie” Williams Death…its okay for life in prison but, Death Penalty..??..NO…what tookie did was in 1979?..its 2005-06 people get over it..4 killings is nothing to what is going on in the US NOW…think about it..i just hope nothing bad happens..and that Arnold knoes what he is doing…

    Mzz. Isis

    R.I.P Stanley “Tookie” Williams

    You commited mistakes in the past, we are humans thats what we do…you killed people, you went to jail…you learned from your mistake…and decided to help other people and kids to do not join gangs and to do this and that..and what not…You did many great things..and a lot of us saw it…even god did…God forgives all….REST IN PEACE

  • FLBivens

    To #13 I don’t know if you are a bible believer or what, but the book of ecc. says that the DEAD KNOW NOTHING, so therefore he is neither is heaven or hell at this point. But by what I believe and this is biblical, when the son of God returns to this earth, then and only then will his/her destiny be determined. Like I said, if Stanley Tookie Williams asked to be forgiven by God, well…………..

  • kevin

    He was nothing more than a man who murdered 4 people. Tried, sentenced, and then sentence carried out. WoW, the system actually worked in this case! No matter what good he did waiting for his sentence to be carried out changes what he did and was sentenced to. Play with fire, you get burned. Matter of fact! Arnold, thanks for upholding some integrity in our judicial process.

  • Mickey

    It would be a good thing if the Crips and Bloods went after each other, that way they would kill each other off and rid the world of their crimes!! Whats wrong with that?? As for Tookie are you saying “he killed those people in 1979 and now it’s 2005 so we should just forget it? Ya Right!!!He got just what he deserved only about 24 3/4 years to late.

  • Flash

    Now that Tookie is in hell, I hope that the devil has a Makita drill and is inserting sheetrock screws into his tesicles and pee hole in and out – and that he is feeling pain 10 times magnified, is smelling an unbelievable stench, is continuously vomiting and listening to Paul Anka’s song “Having My Baby” over and over again for all of eternity.

    Rot in hell Tookie – you pathatic bastard!!

  • PAt

    Some people are some sickos. Ive read some of the comments from readers.I have this to say.Vengence is mine thus saith the Lord.We are not God.I’m glad mankind is not God,some of us would never be forgiven. There are were only the victims, Stanley Williams, and God who knew without a reasonable doubt who shot the victims.I read .”why didn’t tookie ask for forgivness for the kiling, if he was a redeemed man?Why should he have?,According to the BIBLE, you ask GOD for forgiveness.He said he didn’t commit the murders, wasn’t there, knwe nothing abut it,why should he ask for forgiveness for something he didn’t do.I’ve had personal experience with the “LAW’ and the one officers lied about the what happened and his partner had to back the lie,so I know about the law,police, DA,Judge etc. So rest in peace all of you who where or have been wrongfully accused and sentenced.GHod knows all things, and he’ll do the judging.

  • rusty m.

    HO HO HOOOOOOO….Merry Christmas Tookie lovers! May the big bad cpip-gang banger burn in helllllllllllllllllllllllll and may his ashes be spread all over south africas HIV AIDS infested land……………..

  • Steve m.

    burn baby burn, disco infirno, burn baby burn—-tookie tookie, where art-thow, tookie—-we hear ya are at the big shotgun club down under.

  • Carna Morton

    Freed Spirit
    There’s a message loud and clear from the books that” Tookie” wrote,
    Violence is not the answer, as we often heard him quote.

    He chose a life of crime, at a very tender age,
    That became his motivation, to relinquish all his rage.

    At 17 he formed the “CRIPS”, as the gangs began to grow,
    Four murders were committed and he was sentenced to “Death Row”

    In his world of silence, REDEMPTION changed his life.
    Through his many prayers, releasing fear and strife.

    Revoking past gang life, with no honour and no glory,
    Inside of all his books is where you will find his story.

    Pleading with the gangs, to turn their lives around,
    Leading by example, is the fate that “Tookie” found.

    After Twenty Years in prison, his clemency denied,
    No mercy has been shown for the times, that he has tried.

    December quick upon us, the execution date is near,
    Lethally injected, a punishment too severe.

    He pleaded he was innocent, of the victims that were slain,
    Too late for the truth,for he may have died in vain.

    The final moments of his life, I’m sure his peace was made,
    Rest in peace dear “Tookie”, For you have dearly paid.

    Carna Morton

    May your spirit live on and your message be heard through outthe world. I know that you have inspired many youths, and I pray that Through your books your spirit lives on.

    Rest In Peace Stanley “Tookie” Williams