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Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: NAACP Chief Bruce Gordon Champions “CRIPS” Founder

Bruce Gordon, president and chief executive of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, speaks during a news conference Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2005, in Los Angeles. The group is trying to urge Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to grant clemency for Stanley Tookie Williams who is scheduled for execution Dec. 13.

The ASSociated Press has NAACP chief champions Crips founder ‘Tookie’ Williams

Gordon offers Schwarzenegger petition from thousands urging clemency for Crips founder

Calling Stanley Tookie Williams a secret weapon to help young black men stay out of gangs, the national leader of the NAACP traveled across California on Tuesday rallying support for the convicted murderer set for execution next week.


Tookie has been condemned to death for the shotgun murder of four innocent victims for over twenty four years and has this ended BLACK gang violence…….UHHHHHH NO!

At a stop in Sacramento, Bruce Gordon, president and chief executive of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, delivered signed petitions from more than 56,000 people to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office, urging the governor to grant Williams clemency.

Gordon said Schwarzenegger turned down his invitation to meet.

This is not an NAACP civil rights issue but one of respect for law and order for all California communities.

Gordon said his organization, with Williams’ help, can become “a powerful force for change,” and killing him by lethal injection on Dec. 13 would be a mistake.

“He is our secret weapon to help young African-Americans avoid gangs,” Gordon said earlier at a rally in Los Angeles. “We want to save his life so he can save the lives of others.”

Tookie’s execution will serve as a deterrence to other murdering scum they they cannot randomly and wantonly kill innocent people. Clemency for this thug will send what message to young African-American gangbangers? ““Go ahead and murder you can discover an EXCUSE later.”

This is an absurd argument.

Apparently Tookie’s anti-gang violence message was lost on these bangers. Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times has Gangsters Missed Tookie’s Lesson.

If Stanley Tookie Williams has had such a big impact with his antiviolence message from death row, as his supporters would have us believe, then why are the streets so violent and the jails so jampacked with gangbangers?

Seemed like a fair question, so I went to jail Tuesday to talk to gang members about the scheduled Dec. 13 execution of the co-founder of the Crips.

Read it all.

Meanwhile, the Gordon of the NAACP……

Gordon said he believes there wasn’t enough evidence to convict Williams.

“I believe that Stanley’s life amplifies the deficiencies, the flaws in the (criminal justice) system,” he said. Regardless of guilt or innocence, however, Gordon said Williams deserves mercy.

He “brings something to the table that most others do not,” Gordon said. “I don’t see one other individual on death row who stands out like Stanley Williams.”

24 years of legal appeals, including the California and United States Supreme Court – there is sufficient evidence.

The NAACP is attempting to turn Tookie’s crimes into a RACIAL issue – IT IS NOT!

Tookie committed four heinous crimes and justice must be served.


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  1. After 24 years and the Cal court said there was more then enough.
    He should have been put to death no less then 6 months after the guilty verdect

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