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Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: Schwarzenegger Considers Tookie’s Fate

Danielle Moore, 23, of Oakland, Calif., protests for Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams outside of the Capitol building in Sacramento, Calif., Thursday, Dec. 8, 2005. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will hold a private clemency hearing in the case of Stanley Williams on Thursday morning. Williams, a founder of the notorious Crips street gang, was convicted and sentenced to death for the 1979 murders of four people during two robberies in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Times has Governor Considers Williams’ Fate Following Clemency Hearing

The fate of Stanley Tookie Williams was in the hands of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who began considering whether to grant clemency after meeting today with lawyers for the convicted murderer.

The private meeting began after 10 a.m. and the participants, including lawyers opposing mercy, left about 11:30 a.m.

It was likely the last chance for Williams, one of the founders of the notorious Crips gang, to avoid execution by lethal injection early Tuesday.

Life and death hung in the balance during the meeting, which lasted more than an hour. Schwarzenegger is not expected to announce his decision today.

The hearing was held in the Cabinet Room, with Schwarzenegger seated at one end of a long wooden table. He was flanked by his legal affairs secretary, Andrea Hoch, and advisor Peter Siggins. Two other members of the governor’s legal team were present.

Led by Peter Fleming Jr., Williams’ lawyers used about 30 minutes to try to persuade Schwarzenegger to save Williams, who has said he has been redeemed by his work from his prison cell to try to stop gang violence. They presented parts of their argument on a large screen.

Opponents, including representatives of the law enforcement community, argued that Williams deserves his punishment.

Williams, 51, also sent a personal letter to the governor.

Flap handicaps that Schwarzenegger will wait until Friday afternoon to announce that the petition for clemency has been DENIED.

On the other hand, if Arnold grants clemency then the death you will see will be the Governor’s political career.

Actor/Comedian Jamie Foxx, middle, gets a hug from a well-wisher outside of San Quentin State Penitentiary in San Quentin, Calif. on Thursday, Dec. 8, 2005. Foxx was visiting with death row inmate Stanley Tookie Williams who faces execution on Dec. 13, 2005 for the murder of four people in Los Angeles. Foxx played Williams in a made-for-television movie.


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