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Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: FATE in the Hands of California Governor Schwarzenegger

Opponents of the death penalty hold signs in support of condemed killer Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams outside the California State Capitol where California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger held a clemency hearing in Sacramento, California. Williams, the founder of the notorious Crips gang, is scheduled to be excecuted 13 December 2005 unless Schwarzenegger grants him clemency.

The Los Angeles Times has Gov. Quiet on Williams’ Fate

Prosecutors and lawyers for the convicted killer make their arguments as his execution date nears.

The fate of Stanley Tookie Williams rested in the hands of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday after lawyers for the condemned man made a final plea for his life and prosecutors said his crimes merit society’s harshest punishment.

After hearing attorneys’ arguments during a private, 75-minute meeting, Schwarzenegger made no comment and aides could not say how soon he would decide whether to grant Williams clemency.

“He will deliberate as long as it takes to make a conscientious, fair and just decision,” press secretary Margita Thompson said. She said Schwarzenegger would release a written statement as early as today or as late as Monday.

Flap handicaps a Friday afternoon release of a statement in time for the Saturday media cycle. The California Corrections folks need to prepare for the Tuesday, 12:01 AM execution of Tookie.

Will there be a last minute legal stay? Perhaps.

The filings are being completed probably as this is being written.

Unless the governor acts or a court intervenes, the four-time convicted murderer and co-founder of the Crips street gang will die by lethal injection at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, becoming the 12th man executed in California since 1978.

None of the lawyers would disclose details of their presentations during the morning session, which took place in the governor’s Ronald Reagan Cabinet Room, nor would they characterize Schwarzenegger’s reaction.

The governor, seated at the long wooden table that dominates the nondescript conference room, was accompanied by legal affairs secretary Andrea Hoch, advisor Peter Siggins and two other members of his legal team. He did not ask questions, but received a letter from Williams, the contents of which were not disclosed, and viewed some material on a large screen.

Williams’ attorneys had hoped to present a videotaped plea from the death row inmate, but San Quentin Warden Steven Ornoski denied the request. Tape-recording of prisoners has been restricted since a gun smuggled inside a recording device figured in a bloody uprising at the prison in 1971 that left inmate George Jackson and five others, including three guards, dead.

Demonstrators calling for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to grant clemency to convicted killer Stanley Tookie Williams rally at the California State Capitol in Sacramento, California December 8, 2005.

Asked to assess the chances of clemency, Peter Fleming Jr., the lead lawyer arguing for Williams at the meeting, told reporters, “I’m not an oddsmaker.”

Fleming, who earlier in the week called the governor “a man of courage and independence,” said he is “frightened to death” that his client will be executed rather than be permitted to live out his life behind bars.

Los Angeles County prosecutors, meanwhile, said Schwarzenegger was gracious during the hearing. In remarks to the media, Deputy Dist. Atty. John Monaghan said Williams deserved to die for the senseless and brutal shotgun murders of four people during two robberies in Los Angeles in 1979.

Monaghan also said that the considerable public support for Williams should “absolutely not” sway Schwarzenegger.

“The evidence in this case is truly overwhelming,” Monaghan said, and Williams “should pay the ultimate penalty for his crimes.”

Peter Fleming Jr., attorney for condemed killer Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams, leaves the California State Capitol following a clemency hearing with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sacramento, California.

On Thursday, Fleming said that when he met Williams, he told the inmate, “If you did this, you should confess to it because it will help.”

According to Fleming, Williams responded: “If my innocence will cost me my life, so be it.”

Williams has confessed to many robberies and assaults, specifically in his memoir, “Blue Rage, Black Redemption.”

With fellow Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorneys Patrick Dixon (L) and David Walgren (R) beside him, Deputy DA John Monaghan (C) talks at a press conference after California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger held a private clemency hearing for Crips gang co-founder and convicted murderer Stanley Tookie Williams at the California State Capitol in Sacramento, California, December 8, 2005.

Law enforcement officials, including Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley, Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton and Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, have strongly opposed clemency. They call Williams a coldblooded killer and a founding father of one of the nation’s most vicious gangs.

While the lawyers made their arguments inside the Capitol, about 100 supporters at a rally outside urged the governor to show mercy.

One large banner reflected hopes that the governor’s Austrian roots might make him inclined to spare Williams and read: “Arnold Would You Execute an Austrian?” There is no capital punishment in Austria, and the governor has been harshly criticized there for allowing an earlier execution.

Stay tuned…….

Anti-death penalty signs are placed outside of San Quentin State Penitentiary in San Quentin, Calif. on Thursday, Dec. 8, 2005.


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  1. hi my name is Cammy and i’m from Scotland, i have been following the case of Stanley ‘Tookey’ Williams for the past 5 years. And through what i have investigated i do beleive Tookey has changed so much, and everyone i know who knows about Tookey beleives he should be allowed to live, so please let him live. He has touched people from all over the world, alot further than Scotland!!!

  2. I have heard that through the Crips, he has committed more murders, ergo, gang members, numbering more than killed in viet nam war. Also, supposed childrens books and other propaganda was written by prison groupie women, would love to know who actually wrote these, since Tookie has been conducting business as usual until the priliminary confinement. Why waste our energies on him – lets save those who have been unjustly imprisoned!

  3. Hello’
    I am hear to argue with the playing of nd with my constitutional rights . I defie where in the constitution it says that we are both unequal and subject to cruel and unusual punishment . How can we continue to let states play god with the laws of the Land and the words of the Founders — Law is clear that no one can treat someone unequal under the law states law that is Our laws .
    I believe Mr. Wilson have been treated unequal when in the case or example there of : two bigots :One Mass Murderer and his brother and :: Several Underworld characters sit in their cells smoking a big cigar laughing at you and your laws .
    I find this to be deporable . Now , I am so P.O.ed I really don’t even care about this case , even though it another human dying , I can’t see why the courts allow this flounting of Federal and constitutional law .
    Please spare this mans’ life .
    Thank You Kevin

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