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Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: Los Angeles Councilmembers Urge Calm over Tookie Clemency

Sheila Rodden gives a thumbs down as she walks past a rally in support of clemency for death row inmate Stantley Williams at the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., Thursday, Dec. 8, 2005. Earlier in the day Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger held a clemency hearing at his Capitol office to gather information before making a final decision on Williams execution which is to take place Tuesday, Dec. 13.

KNBC 4 News Los Angeles has Council Members Urge Calm Over ‘Tookie’ Williams Decisions

Four Los Angeles City Council members called for calm Friday as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger considers whether to grant clemency to Crips co-founder and death row inmate Stanley “Tookie” Williams.

With less than four days to go before Williams’ scheduled Tuesday execution, sporadic-yet-credible threats of civil unrest have prompted the council members and representatives from the city and county human relations commissions to ask religious leaders to emphasize a message of peace during weekend services.

“We picked up information that led us to believe that there were some planned and intentioned acts of violence that could occur in the wake of the decision or the execution planned for Stan “Tookie” Williams,” Robin Toma, executive director of the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission, said during a news conference at City Hall.

Toma declined to list the affected communities or elaborate on the threats.

Councilman Bernard Parks said he spoke earlier today about potential civil unrest with Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief Earl Paysinger of the South Bureau.

Parks said Paysinger assured him the LAPD would remain “vigilant” this weekend, but there was no immediate need to put the city on tactical alert.

And why would the good members of the African American community in Los angeles be outraged if clemency is not granted?

Tookie is a “BANGER” and a MURDERER.

He is NOT an oppressed model citizen who has been unfairly treated and injustly convicted. He has had after all 24 years of legal appeals.

“All you need is a few to disrupt the entire city,” Parks said, referring to the events that led to the 1992 riots. “You don’t need large numbers of people to start a problem.”

Parks, along with council members Jan Perry, Herb Wesson and Bill Rosendahl, said they are asking religious leaders to deliver a message of peace in the days leading up to Williams’ scheduled lethal injection execution at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday at San Quentin Prison.

“Regardless of your personal views on Mr. Williams’ situation, I believe we all share a desire to ensure that people find outlets in which they can respectfully and positively voice their opinions,” Perry said. “I believe that our religious institutions provide guidance and leadership to thousands in our community, and it is times like these that we must turn to each other for support.”

If people do NOT respect the rule of law then arrest them and if they are unruly subdue them.

This is not France and rioting will NOT be tolerated.

If clemency is denied, Parks said he will ask religious leaders to open their churches and synagogues for community discussions.

Rosendahl added: “I’m standing here as a white guy that represents the 11th District who realizes it impacts all of us, we’re all in this dialogue together. In my district, black and white and brown and Asian together are mixing and discussing this issue. It’s of great concern to all of us.”

Stay tuned………


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9 thoughts on “Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: Los Angeles Councilmembers Urge Calm over Tookie Clemency

  1. Yes it is easy! Go kill half dozen people, spend 25 years after they were
    buried @ tax payers expenses and pretend you are THE REDEEMER!

    Didn’t this murderer got anough reprieve already?
    We prolounged his miserable life by a quarter of a century!


  2. Tookie has to pay for his crimes of cold bloody murder. NAACP tryed to play the race card to free him but that did not work. You see how the NAACP works now along with others like FARRAKON And JEESE JACKSON. They are all racist towards whites but yet i did not hear a word about the white guy a few days ago who was the 1,000 person to be excuted in the united states. and they say the death pealty is wrong but they said nothing about the 1,000 man. why cause he was white and he murder 1 person…Now tookie is black and all the blacks democratic so called civil rights group are trying to save him cause he has changed. Even knowing he still to this day has ties to the crips. and he killed for people and threated to kill one of the jurers…. but thats ok he is black and should get a free pass.. These last few months have been crazy with black on white hate crimes and now this…..Its getting out of control with the leaders of these groups standing up helping killers etc….This time it will not help the man killed 4 people and made frone of them as they were dieing. HOW SICK THAT IS. the man is crazy….I guess we should give charles mansion to freedom cause he says he is a changed man. YEA RIGHT!. He also should die for his crimes as with anyone else. They all know that if they kill that they will get the death penulty. So its not like a suprise or somthing like that. its the law of the humans no matter what your race THOU SHALL NOT KILL! and if you do its an eye for an eye.

    Democrats are also the problem in this coutry being so racist towards whites. We Stop the KKK now i guess we also have to stop the NAACP,BLACK CULKUS,FARRAKON AND ANY DEMOCRATS THAT SUPPORT RACIST TOWARDS WHITES!. Its wrong and needs to stop.

  3. This black man has done nothing but sit in prison, eat, sleep, and life weights at mostly white tax payer expense as the overwhelming number of taxpayers in America are white.This black racist murderer stated to his co-murder when ask why he killed the white man that he killed the guy because he was white and that all white people should be killed. Gee, the liberal media left this fact out when reporting on this poor black who has been mistreated white a racist country. Give me a break! I say take this Snoop Dog loser, Jesse Jackson, and the fat man himself Al Sharpton and put them to sleep and maybe this country can move on. I say stop blaming the white man for all of your own failures. Blacks commit 90% of ALL interracial hate crimes and in those hate crimes a white is the victim but you will never hear this from the liberal media. Ask them and it is the big bad white man who commit all the hate crimes. Blacks are just misunderstood. I guess they are! Their own people sold them into slavery to other blacks and people of other races. Read Larry Elders “10 things you can’t say in America” and you will learn a lot. Read any of Rev. Jesse Pettersons book and you will learn the truth about hate crimes, slavery, and why black racist like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are screwing up this country for everyone. The day a black, Mexican, or even a white attempts to attack and harm me and my family will be the last day they do anything and no one will have to worry about a trial because I will not be bullied in my own country. If there are people that don’t like this country or its laws than they should move. If blacks don’t like this country than move to Africa and see if your life is any easier or better. It will not be because real Africans hate American blacks and this is fact.

  4. I find it very troubling to see that most of white america has and still won’t take responcibility for todays society. Tookie williams was a product of this very society which was formed by white america. He may have committed crimes but he REDEEMED himself through reaching out to youth who live in the very same society under the same conditions he once lived under. How can a realistic person not look at the environments that young black men live in and not realize how or why they mature into hardened criminals. The way our society is set up there must be inmates, the care and overseeing of inmates is a large part of the american economy. Mr.Williams never said he hadn’t committed crimes in his past, only that he didn’t commit the crimes he was accussed of. He only asked for the oppurtunity to continue helping youth who are set on a course of failure. The course which many black men have and will continue to follow. I ask white america one question, If you were put in an environment where the only chance of survival is through drugs, violence, and hustle what would you do? I have heard some say find a way out, but for many there is no way out. In an earlier comment by dthornton this is another example of whjite america at it’s finest. Saying that black leaders such as jesse jackson and al sharpton are racist is down right wrong. These leaders have been embrassed by presidents who have no stakes in either of these individauls personaly or professionaly. You sir should just go kill yourself. Just to clear the air real africans don’t like americans period, when 9/11 happen they were jumping up and down with joy in south africa. I know because I know an individual with political status in the country. I myself am apart of the new generation of african americans who have worked hard and cionntinue to change the status of blacks in this country. I have had the oppurtunity to stray away from the environments which breed criminals and people who are undercover racists such as yourself. So before I am on of your childrens boss kill yourself and take them with you.

  5. Troubled, please learn to check facts before running off at the mouth. I am white and at no time did I have a silver spoon in my mouth. I didn’t go yo private schools, drive fancy cars, have fancy clothes or anything else fancy. Blacks, or people pretending to be black, always place the race card just like you are doing. Blame the big bad white man for your own failures.I did not do to college for free like blacks and other so-called minotities. Look at all the blacks playing college basketball, football, etc. and tell me how many are paying their way compared to the few whites on the teams. I came from a broken home where my father and mother both played the field and left us kids to raise ourselves.
    My parents had money, but it was never passed to us.The public schools I went to were safe where the worst thing that happened was a fist fight and this was one or two fights a school year. Then came busing and the blacks. Our school went from a pretty good one to a run down school full of crime and fights all the time. Drugs were at our school before blacks but not as bad and next thing we knew our school was a drug school.
    Making excuses for blacks is sad. Slavery ended long ago and has nothing to do with blacks today or white as all American slaves are dead and all so-called slave owners had long been dead.People have a choice when it comes to drugs and drugs are not forced on anyone black or white. If this killer of mostly white people deserves a second chance than I say David Duke should run for public office again and America should give him a break. Just because he was once in the KKK doesn’t mean he is still a member. The racist NAACP, NOI, The New Black Panther Party and other anti-white hate groups need to be put out of business. The KKK members number less than 2500 members where the black groups like the bloods and Crips number well over 150,000. Why are 90% of interracial hate crimes committed by blacks and their most likely victims are whites? If whites were committing 90% of the interracial hate crimes than we would never hear the end of it but when it is blackie doing the hating it is no problem. I love reading stuff from losers like yourself because it shows you are very young and are to stupid to see the truth. A black can walk through my neighborhood and no one word would be said or any harm come to the black. I do not know of any black area where a white can walk through the hood without being assalted in some way or even killed just because he is white and for no other reason. You are probably a racist black who would have a problem with your daughter coming home with a white man but would have no problem with a son coming home with a white woman.I would not lose any sleep if Bush dropped a bomb on you and your whole family. Just fewer blacks to worry about rioting in the streets and raping innocent white women. I have never seen whites rioting in the streets looting stores and attacking blacks just for the heck of it so grow up and take advantage of the free education that white men have given you.

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