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Stanley “Tookie” Williams Executed: The Funeral


Barbara Becnel, spokesperson for Stanley Tookie Williams, speaks outside of San Quentin State prison in San Quentin, Calif., Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2005. Convicted killer Stanley Tookie Williams, the Crips gang co-founder whose case stirred a national debate about capital punishment and the possibility of redemption, was executed Tuesday morning. Williams, 51, died around 12:35 a.m. after receiving a lethal injection at San Quentin State Prison, officials said.

The San Francisco Chronicle has L.A. FUNERAL: Ashes will be taken to South Africa

Stanley Tookie Williams’ ashes will be scattered in South Africa after a large and public funeral planned for early next week in Los Angeles, the co-author of his anti-gang books said Tuesday.

Barbara Becnel said that Williams, who was executed early Tuesday, wanted his ashes to be scattered in Africa.

“He wanted to return to his ancestral home,” Becnel said. “We chose South Africa because I know some members of the Mandela family.”

So, now Barbara Becel is playing the race and apartheid card in Tookie’s death.

Flap can only imagine what a spectacle this funeral will be.

Williams and Becnel met Winnie Mandela in 1996, when she visited San Quentin State Prison to speak to them about the Internet Project for Street Peace, a computer program that links at-risk youths in Richmond with young people in Cape Town and Soweto.

The ex-wife of former South African President Nelson Mandela was one of numerous public figures who made unsuccessful appeals to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to grant clemency to Williams, who turned anti-gang activist after being convicted of four 1979 shotgun murders in the Los Angeles area.

Didn’t Winnie Mandela murder Stompie Seipei Moketsi? But, she got off on a technicality……

Read about this here.

The body of the 51-year-old Williams was removed Tuesday from San Quentin and taken to an Oakland mortuary. Becnel said the body will be transported to Los Angeles for a memorial service that will probably be held Tuesday.

A site has not been picked, “but it will be a large venue that can hold more than 16,000 people,” Becnel said. Confirmed speakers include rapper Snoop Dogg, NAACP President Bruce Gordon and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, she said.

Stay tuned……


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9 thoughts on “Stanley “Tookie” Williams Executed: The Funeral

  1. …mmmm.

    I don’t quite get the Tookie Williams / South Africa connection. Somebody please explain! South Africa is already FULL of criminals(many of them now in Government – and Winnie Mandela being no exeption). Adding. Adding the ashes of ol’ Tookie to the African continent… and especially to South Africa is messing with my head. That people have openly associated with this guy is also beyond comprehension. What’s that saying again… “Birds of a feather…”.

    I guess whenever Winnie sees a black person behind bars, she assumes he is innocent and oppressed. Same goes for Rev. Jesse Jackson.

    I assume the assumption that South Africa is some sort of spiritual homeland for African Americans… will continue. No matter how flawed – as sadly no black people were taken from South Africa to America. It was West Africans that ended up in America – and – rival tribes in Benin sold slaves to traders. So it’s not always White people doing nasty things to Black people. I know today most of West Africa is a no-go area. So I guess South Africa with its advanced infrastructure will do nicely. And the Rand / Dollar exchange ratio is also so convenient.

  2. I here so many comments about what’s wrong here what’s wrong there. These are his wishes, why not stick with it. Who are we to judge him. Maybe South Africa is a place dream about and somehow found freedom (who knows), after twenty some years in prison. But we as people need to stop trying to put each other down, but start helping our youth build a future. We are going to make mistakes in life (not saying that it is okay to kill) but at some point and time we learn to grow. Maybe Stanley was not raised as good as some of us, so after doing time and jail he decided to change his life for the better. It’s not for us to say was not dedicated. Society want you to change for the better and when do, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS, EXECUTION! (Not a good example). And for Arnold Schwarzeneggar, God put someone’s faith in your hands and you did not know how to handle it, YOU ALSO WILL BE JUDGED.

  3. The state of California is against black’s.
    Especially the ones that are trying to better thememselfs

  4. I strongly agree with you Jeanette. People change & they change daily some for the better & others for the worse. Stanley clearly turned his life around for the better, but he not only changed his, he also changed thousands of other people with him. As it says in the bible we are not to judge, thats GOD’S territory & in this case here that was definitely up to GOD to make that ultimate decision. When the Governor decided not to grant the clemency he sent the wrong message out to others whom may be trying to change their lives around, but that we can still be judged on the past and put to death. I am angered because the Governor made this decision to end a life of someone whom clearly made an impact on others for the positive. & also that he would put the blood of this man on others, meaning the person whom had to help Stanley to the table, the one whom taped his hands, the whom inserted the cathaders into each arm,& the one whom pushed the buttons to release the poison. It’s strange how this system is ran. It’s sad because a hearing is put in place to put a halt to executions & they couldn’t even wait for the decision of that before putting this man to death.

    GOD is truly showing us that MAN CANNOT RUN THIS SYSTEM… I cannot wait until the day when JUDGEMENT COMES, hopefully everyone is ready because we all have to answer.

  5. I personally feel that Tookie was redeemed and who are we or any other to judge him or pass judgement on him. I feel it’s terrible that someone other than God can pass judgement and act on it when it comes to someone’s life. The government knows well as others that Tookie was out there but he wasnt given a fair trial. Information was withheld. I feel we are human and our past determines who we are today (trials and tribulations)and sometime we get caught up in things we know we have no business doing but one day we will learn and change. I was always told that its never too late to change and when we change to still be judged by that act, I feel is not fair. I pray for Tookies family and not Tookie cause I feel the Lord had this planned and for the government torturing this man by allowing him to live all those years and then to take him out just gave Tookie enough time to repent his sins and to redeem himself, so when judgement day come he could walk through those doors with open arms awaiting him. So when it comes to our government the laugh is on them cause they too along with all of us will have to walk to the opening of those doors and to be rejected would not be nice. Far as Winnie Mandela I feel she did nothing wrong by standing by Tookie. See that’s the problem we all as a race need to stick together but we dont, cause if we did no one would be able to defeat us and that starts at home.

  6. The courts did not fail Mr. Williams, he failed himself. One good act, or multiple acts, cannot turn back the clock & undo the damage he did in the past. By carrying out the sentence imposed on him by society we only expedited him to God’s judgement. If he truely atoned for his sins, it is up to God to forgive him not us.

  7. he got what he deserved. at least his family got to know him longer than the victims families did. you can’t murder people and be a menace to society and then write a couple books and do a few good deeds and think that everyone if just going to forgive and forget what that heartless person did. what was the reasoning for killing people? what he bored, thought he should play God, or was he just a bad person who didn’t deserve to have a breath in the first place. when you all say he should not have been executed and that he changed think if your family member was one of the indiviuals that he murdered or that one of his people murdered. think how you would feel. would you be you sympathetic? Pobably NOT

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