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Clarence Ray Allen Watch: Asks for STAY of Execution


The San Francisco Chronicle has Next in line on Death Row seeks stay of execution

76-year-old Allen is blind and crippled, his lawyers say

Lawyers for Clarence Ray Allen, scheduled to die by lethal injection Jan. 17 for ordering three murders from his prison cell in 1980, asked the California Supreme Court for a stay of execution Tuesday, saying the state-sponsored killing of a blind, wheelchair-bound and seriously ill 76-year-old would be cruel and unusual punishment.

In their brief to the high court Friday, Allen’s attorneys made arguments similar to those they presented to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Dec. 13 in asking for clemency. They did not dispute his guilt or the proceedings at his trial, but stressed instead that he would be the oldest and sickest man California has ever executed, and the second-oldest to go to any U.S. death chamber in the last 30 years.

“To wheel Mr. Allen, a blind, aged, crippled and enfeebled man, into the execution chamber at San Quentin to be put to death would be a bizarre spectacle that shocks the conscience and offends fundamental notions of human decency,” defense lawyers wrote.

“If confined to prison for the rest of his natural life, Mr. Allen bears no practical risk of harm to anyone.”

And why do you suppose he is old and infirm?

The California justice system is NOT timely and has allowed him to live for far too many years!

State lawyers have argued that Allen’s crimes showed he was a menace even in prison, and that his age and illness should not spare him from his punishment.

“Mr. Allen has shown that imprisonment is simply no guarantee of public security,” Deputy Attorney General Ward Campbell wrote last week in urging Schwarzenegger to deny clemency. “… The fact that Allen has been able to live his life after depriving so many innocent people of theirs is no reason to show him mercy now.”

And when was Allen first convicted?

Over 25 years ago!

Allen, who once ran a security company in Fresno, became the leader of a theft ring in the San Joaquin Valley and was convicted of ordering the 1974 murder of his son’s girlfriend. While serving a life sentence at Folsom Prison, he was convicted of ordering three more murders at a Fresno supermarket in 1980, including the killing of a witness from his earlier trial. The gunman, Billy Ray Hamilton, a former fellow inmate, is also on Death Row.

BIG JAB for Allen on January 17th


Clarence Ray Allen Watch: Petitions California Governor Schwarzenegger for Clemency


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  1. this man is a fine example of a strong hearted person. he killed a girl who snitched on his son, i respect that. kill the rat, good shit, i hope she suffered…fucking stupid whore. you snitch, you die, its the way of the world. i hope he told her why she was being killed, im sure he did. the father of that girl should feel bad for raising a rat. im proud of clarence…i will show him respect even after he is put to death.

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