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Iran Nuclear Watch: Iran Says Still Wants to Enrich Uranium in IRAN

Reuters has Iran says still wants to enrich uranium at home

Iran’s agreement to discuss Moscow’s plan to enrich uranium in Russia does not mean that Tehran has abandoned its drive to enrich uranium on its own soil, a senior Iranian official was quoted as saying on Friday.

The remarks by Javad Vaeedi, deputy of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, appeared to dash faint hopes that Russia’s proposal could resolve the Islamic state’s nuclear standoff with the West.

Flap has the story about Russia’s proposal here, Iran Nuclear Watch: Iran and Russia Agree to Nuclear Talks

The proposal, which is backed by Washington and the European Union, involves the creation of a joint Iranian-Russian company to enrich uranium in Russia.

The plan has been put forward by Moscow to try to allay international concerns that Iran could manufacture highly enriched uranium on its own soil to build atomic weapons.

Iran says it wants to enrich uranium only to a low grade, suitable for use in atomic power reactors.

But Vaeedi said Iran had only agreed to study Moscow’s joint-venture proposal on the assumption that it did not affect Iran’s plans to develop a full nuclear fuel cycle, including enrichment, at home.

If Iran thinks they will be able to “STALL” Israel, then they better deploy the anti-missle system they recently purchased from the Russians.

War planning continues for a March/April strike against Iran.


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