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Clarence Ray Allen Watch: NO Clemency Hearing Vs. NO PUBLIC Clemency Hearing

Reuters: No clemency hearing for condemned man

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ruled out a clemency hearing on Wednesday for the state’s oldest death row prisoner, who is scheduled to be executed on January 17 for ordering three murders while serving a life sentence in prison.

Clarence Ray Allen, 75, would be the second-oldest man executed in the United States in recent decades. In December, a 77-year-old Mississippi man became the oldest prisoner executed in the United States since it resumed capital punishment in 1977.

Citing the failing health of their client, who suffered a heart attack in September, Allen’s lawyers have sought to stay his execution. A federal judge last month declined their request.

The lawyers are also seeking a clemency review, where the governor would make a decision based on documents rather than on oral arguments in a hearing. Schwarzenegger has not yet made a decision on their request, an aide said.

It was previously reported that Schwarzenegger would not grant a PUBLIC clemency hearing.


If Allen had only written children’s books about the Crips……..

Will Governor Arnold grant Williams clemency?

Stay tuned……….


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