Dentistry in the News Watch: BriteSmile Agrees to Sell Its Associated Center Business to Discus Dental, Inc.

Flap supposes one way to beat a lawsuit is to acquire the plaintiff.

BriteSmile, Inc. (Nasdaq: BSML – News), a leading international provider of state-of-the-art teeth-whitening systems, today announced that it has entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement with Discus Dental, Inc., a California corporation, in which Discus Dental has agreed to purchase that part of BriteSmile’s business consisting of offering teeth-whitening procedures and products through existing independent dental offices known as BriteSmile Professional Teeth Whitening Associated Centers — its Associated Center Business. Through the Associated Center Business, teeth whitening procedures are performed by independent dentists using BriteSmile’s whitening technology in more than 5,000 Associated Centers located in the United States and in more than 75 countries worldwide. The sale will also include substantially all of BriteSmile’s intellectual property, consisting of patents, patent applications, trademarks and copyrights.

The Bleach Wars conclude with consolidation.


Dentistry Today: BriteSmile Files New Suit Against Discus Dental

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