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Los Angeles Times Watch: Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter – An UNHINGED Blogger


Over the holidays, I linked to Patterico’s devastating year-end review of journalistic malpractice at the LA Times.

One left-wing LA Times columnist, Michael Hiltzik, has responded by comparing Patterico and other media watchdog bloggers to Stalin. Read more about the unhinged attack at Patterico’s.

Michael Hiltzik is taking today off from blogging but his two UNHINGED posts against Patterico are:

On Partisan Criticism of the Press (Part One)

…To back up their assertions, they often quote articles selectively, take out of context what they do quote, and ascribe imaginary motivations to reporters and editors, which they then feel free to decry. As any student of history knows, these are tools and techniques that were used to great effect during the Stalinist show trials of the ‘40s and ‘50s. The functionaries who wielded them then had the same goals as the self-anointed press watchdogs on the right do today: To support the regime in power through intimidation and threat and to impose ideological conformity, while avoiding at all costs debate on the merits…

On Partisan Criticism of the Press (Part Two)

Unfortunately, the world is as it is, not as we want it to be. The goal of Frey, Hewitt, Kaus, and others of their ilk is to prevent the press from reporting on the world in all its messy, kaleidoscopic complexity. If they think that viewing the wide world with open eyes and an open mind is “bias,” so be it. They’re welcome to their comfy little burrow, embowering themselves in their sedulously-sought ignorance, if they can keep it. I’ll live in and cover the real world, thanks.

Patterico has A Response to Michael Hiltzik

You know you’ve arrived when an L.A. Times columnist compares you to a dishonest, totalitarian Stalinist apparatchik.

Hiltzik has become UNHINGED.

First, it was with Hugh Hewitt some time ago (the transcript and audio is here) and now with Patterico.

Flap wonders if the Chicago-based Tribume Company owned Los Angeles Times, smarting from a dramatic decline in circulation and layoffs (spelled nobody is subscribing to your newspaper and you cannot pay the bills, thank you) is supporting this blatant disinformation and attack on the blogosphere.

If this is how Big Media MSM plans to wage the information/media wars – the blogosphere has WON.


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