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Michael Kinsley Watch: Black and White and Dead All Over

Michael Kinsley in the Washington Post: Black and White and Dead All Over

…Ten years later, newspapers are starting to panic again. But merely slobbering after bloggers may not be enough. In 1996 the oldest Americans who grew up with computers and don’t even understand my tiresome anecdotes about how people used to resist them (“What’s a typewriter, Mike?”) were just entering adulthood. Now they are most of the working population, or close to it…

…No one knows how all this will play out. But it is hard to believe that there will be room in the economy for delivering news by the Rube Goldberg process described above. That doesn’t mean newspapers are toast. After all, they’ve got the brand names…

…And newspapers have got the content…

…There is even hope for newspapers in the very absurdity of their current methods of production and distribution. What customers pay for a newspaper doesn’t cover the cost of the paper, let alone the attendant folderol. Without these costs, even zero revenue from customers would be a good deal for newspapers, if advertisers go along. Which they might. Maybe. Don’t you think? Please?

Flap misses Michael Kinsley at the Los Angeles Times. The recent changes of personnel and editing staff has done nothing but precipitate the slide in the newspaper’s importance and circulation. In fact, Flap senses a MEAN VINDICTIVENESS on the part of the newspaper against NEW MEDIA and others because of their declining business model and number of subscribers.

MIchael Kinsley in his own tongue in cheek manner explains the absurdity of the “pulp” newspaper Rube Goldberg mentality.

He is RIGHT!

The delivery of news content is NO longer pulp newspaper dependent. People want it fast, accurate and without an AGENDA/BIAS (except on opinion pages).

Now, if Kinsley et al could change the newspapers towards this end……….


Flap confesses the Los Angeles Times is WORSE since Kinsley left.


Michael Kinsley: The Press Is in Decline

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