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Clarence Ray Allen Watch: California Supreme Court Refuses to Block January 17 Execution

This undated photo provided by the California Department of Corrections shows Clarence Ray Allen. The California Supreme Court Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2006, refused to block the scheduled Jan. 17 execution of Allen after the inmate claimed the punishment would be cruel and unusual because of his age and health problems. In a two-sentence order signed by Chief Justice Ronald George, Allen’s request for a reprieve was ‘denied on the merits.’ An attorney for Allen said the 75-year-old condemned man, whose request for clemency to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is pending, would ask the federal courts to stop the execution.

San Francisco Chronicle: State high court rejects appeal from 75-year-old Death Row inmate

The state Supreme Court turned down an appeal today by condemned inmate Clarence Ray Allen, who argued that his scheduled execution next week would be cruel and unusual because of his advanced age and health problems.

The court’s unanimous decision, issued without comment, means that Allen, the state’s oldest Death Row inmate at 75, is running out of legal options to block his execution. Allen, who is legally blind and uses a wheelchair, ordered three murders from his prison cell in 1980.

Defense attorney Michael Satris said today that he would explore other issues related to Allen’s death sentence in the federal court system.

“I’m not being surprised or unsurprised by anything,” Satris said. “You never know.”

Allen’s request for clemency by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is pending. The governor will not hold a clemency hearing for Allen, but will instead review written arguments before deciding whether to spare Allen’s life, his office says.

Schwarzenegger will NOT grant clemency.

BIG JAB for Clarence in one week.


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