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Iran Nuclear Watch: European Union 3 Draft Resolution Opens Door to United Nations Security Council Sanctions

Reuters: EU3 draft opens door to UN sanctions on Iran

France, Britain and Germany began circulating a draft resolution on Wednesday that asks the U.N. nuclear watchdog to report Iran’s nuclear program to the Security Council, opening the door to possible U.N. sanctions.

The draft has been distributed to key members of the U.N.
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), whose 35-nation board of governors will vote on it at an emergency meeting.

The EU trio wants the meeting to take place on February 2-3.

The EU 3 are simply going through the motions. China and Russia are the two security coucil members who will decide the fate of United Nation’s sanctions.

China has already urged more talks before referral.

Zhou Wenzhong, center, China’s ambassador to the United States, is greeted at a reception following his addresses to the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2006, in Chicago. Zhou said he’s concerned that Iran has restarted its nuclear program and diplomatic efforts by the U.S., China, Russia and European allies must be given a second chance.

European officials are lobbying countries like Russia, China and other skeptics to help ratchet up diplomatic pressure on Tehran, which the European Union and United States fear is seeking nuclear arms under cover of a civilian atomic program.

The resolution drafted by the “EU3,” and dictated to Reuters an EU3 diplomat, asks Iran “to help the (IAEA) clarify questions regarding possible nuclear weapons activities” and calls on IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei “to transmit a copy of this resolution to the Security Council.”

Stay tuned as this draft resolution is revised throughout the day and for Iran’s reaction.


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