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Samuel Alito Watch: Senate Judiciary Committee Poised to Approve Judge Alito


Reuters: Senate committee set to vote on Alito

Conservative federal appeals judge Samuel Alito appeared likely on Tuesday to move a step closer toward Senate confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court, which he could end up pushing to the right.

The Senate Judiciary Committee was expected to split along party lines, 10-8, in urging approval by the Republican-led Senate of President George W. Bush’s 55-year-old candidate.

The full 100-member Senate was to begin debate on Wednesday, with a confirmation vote anticipated before Bush’s state of the union address to Congress next Tuesday.

Senate Judiciary Committe approval today along party line vote.

Watch for the filibuster on Wednesday.

Change of rules on Thursday (Nuclear Option).

Confirmation on Friday or Saturday.

Stay tuned for the fireworks………


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One thought on “Samuel Alito Watch: Senate Judiciary Committee Poised to Approve Judge Alito

  1. I cannot see how the Senate Democrats could get away with the filibuster in this case. Alito’s nomination is supported by the majority of Americans. I think that if the Senate Dems try to filibuster then their actions will be seen by the American people as 100% political. With such a highly qualified and widely supported nominee, i cannot see how a filibuster would happen.

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