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NHS Dentistry Watch: One in five dentists ready to leave NHS

News Telegraph: One in five dentists ready to leave NHS

Thousands of dentists are poised to leave the National Health Service in protest at the Government’s new work contract, prompting the worst crisis in the profession since NHS services began nearly 60 years ago.

According to research by the British Dental Association and the Conservative Party, as many as half of dentists in London and one in three in Birmingham plan to turn their backs on the NHS by refusing to sign the contract which takes effect on April 1. Nationally about 20 per cent are threatening to go.

The haemorrhage will leave about four million patients without access to a dentist. A further 40 per cent of the remaining 16,000 NHS dentists say they will reduce their health service work, leaving seven million more people struggling to obtain basic dental care.

The UK dentists are voting against the socialized NHS with their feet. Many millions of Britains will now have to scramble for dental care.

And the Tony Blair government does ?

Stay tuned…….

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