NSA Surveillance Leak Case Watch: CIA Director Goss – “Leaks About the NSA Program and Other Intelligence Efforts Have Caused “Very Severe” Damage”

(L-R) Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Gen. Michael Hayden, U.S. Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte, CIA Director Porter Goss and FBI Director Robert Mueller listen to opening remarks at a Senate Select Intelligence Committee hearing on world wide threats to the United States, on Capitol Hill in Washington, February 2, 2006. Negroponte said Thursday that the al-Qaeda terror network remains the ‘top concern’ of the U.S. intelligence community, followed closely by the nuclear activities of Iran and North Korea.

Washington Post: Intel Chief Says al Qaeda Is ‘Top Concern’

Appearing with the chiefs of the intelligence agencies, including the CIA, FBI and National Security Agency, Negroponte sparred with committee Democrats over a controversial NSA eavesdropping program that critics have charged violates U.S. law. The intelligence chiefs defended the legality of the program and strongly denounced leaks about it, but they refused to provide details in open session.

The CIA director, Porter J. Goss, said in response to a question that leaks about the NSA program and other intelligence efforts have caused “very severe” damage, and he expressed hope that journalists would be forced to testify before grand juries on the sources of the leaks.

Haul Russell Tice’s ASS before a federal Grand Jury and then prosecute him. Same for James Risen and see how long it takes for him to give up his sources.

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