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Muhammad Caricature Watch: Protests Over Muhammad Drawings Intensify

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AP: Protests Over Muhammad Drawings Intensify

Outrage over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad erupted in a swell of protests across the Muslim world Friday, with demonstrators demanding revenge against Denmark and death for those they accuse of defaming Islam’s holiest figure.

In Iraq, the leading Shiite cleric denounced the drawings first published in a Danish newspaper in September, one of which depicted the prophet wearing a turban shaped as a bomb. But the cleric also suggested militant Muslims were partly to blame for distorting the image of Islam.

Some European newspapers reprinted the caricatures this week, prompting protests Friday in Britain, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Palestinian areas. In Sudan, some even urged al-Qaida terrorists to target Denmark.

“Strike, strike, Bin Laden,” shouted some in a crowd of about 50,000 who filled a Khartoum square.

The U.S. and British governments criticized publication of the caricatures as offensive to Muslims, raising questions about whether the line between free speech and incitement had been crossed.

The Danish government tried to contain the damage. Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller called Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and said the Danish government “cannot accept an assault against Islam,” according to Abbas’ office.

On Monday, Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen said his government could not apologize on behalf of a newspaper, but that he personally “never would have depicted Muhammad, Jesus or any other religious character in a way that could offend other people.”

Many Muslims consider the Danish government’s reaction inadequate.

Flap disagrees with the United States government.

This is a free speech issue and the Islamic world better get over it. They do NOT control the Western World or the Western Press. If they wish to protest or boycott so be it.

By the way, BUY DANISH!

Hundreds of Morrocan Muslims protest against the Danish and Swedish publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, in front of the Parliament in Rabat, Morroco, Friday, Feb. 3, 2006. Incensed Muslims filled squares and streets across the Middle East on Friday to condemn Europe’s publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, trampling and burning Danish flags, and even calling on al-Qaida to carry out revenge attacks.

More photos of the IDIOTAS at Michelle Malkin: IN THEIR OWN WORDS

Oh Yes……American Newspapers WIMP OUT and will not publish the cartoons…….Disgracefully politically correct……..

Stay Tuned………


Muhammad Caricature Watch: Anger Over Cartoons of Muhammad Escalates

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  • mahmoud

    u do not respact any human hear cos u just want some talk about u and make problomes here cos this is not freedom this is isults in the air
    so show us good thing and stop right now

  • Burcu

    As a Muslim or a believer of another religion does not matter. I believe that west is more primitive than the Eastern people. These people who had the effort to make and publish these caricatures can not have a sensible reason for doing that. No type of freedom gives somebody the right to insult the sacred beliefs of other people.I no doubt condemn this behavior.


    To offend one and refuse to apologise autimatically disprovedour claim of being wise and civilised. Freedomof expression, mark you, doesnt include freedom of insulting or offending others. Some one’s rights always ends where another’s starts. We Muslims are very ready to sacrifice our lives if the situation is to continue

  • Naeem

    It is a terrorist activity to spoil the peace of the world. I request the peace loving nations to come forward & control these terrorist. This caricature publisher is more dangerous than aL-QAIDA.

  • Tiffany

    Look it is not that serious because the muslims are always poking fun of my Savior Jesus Christ but we aren’t offering million of dollars to kill the culprit. This just shows how crazy the muslims truly are!!!

  • Peace-seeker

    Muslims cannot take the cartoons at face value because of 9/11 event and associate it with terrorism. There is no better reason for revenge than to declare that it is insulting the Prophet of Islam. Muslims by their gesture of protests insinuate their acceptance and admission that the caricutures or cartoons are depicting the teachings of Muhammed. No one in the 21st century has seen the true picture or image of the Prophet. So why do Muslims accept the cartoons as the Prophet’s?? False witness is a sin in itself as the cartoon is harmless but one’s tongue is not! Muslims who say the cartoon is Muhammad’s are in actual fact giving false testimony against unbelievers? Do not give false testimony and cause racial and religious riots and loss of many lives around the world.

    May the blood of the innocent victims be upon the head of the evils. On the Day of Judgement, evil doers will be condemned and one will not escape the hell-fire. No man is licensed to kill as he cannot play as God because vengenace is in the hand of God and not man’s. Is God so helpless that He needs man to avenge for Him? What a fool!

  • IgroTheGreat

    Someone probably said this, can’t read all those lines. If not here: look at Christianity in 13th to 15th century. Kill non believers, witches, fires…looks familiar with today’s happenings? Knowing that Mohammed start preaching 5-600y after Jesus did, everything comes to place. Muslims need some 2-300y (general population) to ripe and grow. Like child, you can help, but don’t push it or it will go sidewise!!!

  • Autumn

    Making threats toward Europe is a childish thing to do. Wouldn’t the threats made only confirm the stereotype the comics were portreying about Muslims? Comic strips make fun of everyone and shouldn’t be taken so seriously. The best thing to do would be to get over it and move on.