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Muhammad Caricature Watch: The False Cartoons and Danish Imams

Fake anti-Muslim cartoons attributed to Jyllands-Posten.


Lorenzo Vidino at The Counterterrorism Blog follows up on his report about how a delegation of Danish imams led by Ahmed Abdel Rahman Abu Laban disseminated fake anti-Muslim cartoons and attributed them to the Jyllands-Posten to stir up Islamist rage.

The Counterterrorism Blog: More lies from Danish Imams (Updated 2/5)

Last Friday the CT Blog revealed how a delegation of Danish Muslims, led by Copenhagen imam Abu Laban, toured the Middle East in December and showed fabricated cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in a very offensive fashion, even though the pictures had never appeared on Jyllands Posten.

The controversy has now exploded in Denmark. Friday night Danish public television, DR, ran two interesting stories about Abu Laban, the man who organized the delegation’s trip to the Middle East. While the first profiled him, showing his extensive links to the Egyptian group Gamaa Islamiya, the second showed his double-talk. Abu Laban, in fact, was first shown speaking on Danish television condemning the boycott of Danish goods (in English), then shown interviewed on al Jazeera, cheerfully commenting on the effectiveness of the boycott (in Arabic). To see the stories go to DR’s website, click on “Se TV AVISEN” on the right and select the news broadcast from Friday, Feb. 3, at 9 PM (the stories start on the 23rd minute).

Moreover, Andy Cochran has just made available to me the English translation of the Arabic letter that the Danish Muslim delegation presented during their tour of the Middle East. To see the document, irrefutable proof of the delegation’s intent to create animosity, click here: Download danish_letter.pdf

UPDATE 2/5: The original files in Arabic and Danish, first published in the Danish daily Ekstra Bladet, can be found here.

Jim Hoft has much more on Abu Laban, including a video link to Fox News Channel reporter Jonathan Hunt’s interview with the terror-sympathizing Laban.

Michelle Malkin has this link from the American Thinker.

So, a concerted effort by the Danish Imams to disseminate FALSELY ATTRIBUTED and MORE PROFANE cartoons to the Arab World.

Disinformation and inflammatory/violent demonstrations reminds Flap of the old Soviet Union/Communist playbook.

Do you think the Danes are learning about their Islofascist problem?


Flap will have more links and sample fake cartoons as they become available. Some links are not working – probably due to traffic.


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  • Neal Adler

    Quite frankly I find the whole thing very funny. The arab and muslim newspapers (governement controlled) can publish the most anti-Jewish and anti-American cartoons but it’s not ok to be satirical about islam. If I could I would do a fly over of every muslim country and drop thousands of leaflets showing the cartoons just to piss them off even more.

  • Pete Raymond

    It is allright for Muslims to kill innocent men, women, and children and yet this is ok to them. No outcry in the streets from Muslims over the bombing and killing of innocent people of which they do on a day to day basis. No outcry from other Muslims on the killing of Christians and burning down of Christian Churches in Nigeria, this is allright for them, but publish some cartoons of their so-called Prophet and they go nuts and out of their minds. They are trying to crushed Freedom of Expression in the Western Society and they want us to accept it. No Way Muslims , I cherished my freedom of speech and expression and freedom of the Press too much to give in to a bunch of terrorists. If you don’t like us in the West then why don’t you just stay in your own Muslim Country and stop dictating and imposing your Islamic Laws on us.

  • arnold

    i think we are living in the end times, disasters,wars,rumors of wars,persecution,nuclear weaponry,…..everybody is claiming that they are the truth and their actions are justified….TRUTH? what is the real truth behind all this controversy? is there any where else that i can look to so that im not caught up in the ” line of fire ” of all these heated controversy?..people….Jesus said that ” I AM THE WAY, the TRUTH and THE LIFE, NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THRU ME” (JOHN 14:6)

    there has never been a religious icon of any faith that has made such a stunning yet bold and so confident statement such as Jesus’..i think the world needs Jesus…The Prince of Peace, regards to this matter, i am strongly against any act of violence and so am i against any act of direct condemnation of any other religious belief….

    i would like to give my support to the Danish people and just say that God loves the Danish people and God loves the muslims too…but when aggression meets aggression, what results is MORE AGGRESSION!! that leads to more painful things such as wars,murders,etc…
    there is an urgency for all christians to pray for justice to prevail,

    judging from what is happening around the world,wholistically i strongly believe that GOD wants people to KNOW that true judgement belongs to the LORD who made heaven and earth..
    i believe in freedom of speech,but there should be wisdom applied as well.Tactfulness also plays a major part as meanings can often get lost in words (in this case, graphics).

    I strongly believe that the TRUTH should not be hidden, my country has tottally banned the printing of these pictures in the newspapers.And I, as an intellectual human being, have a right to know what is happening around the world…because i am also a citizen of this world…i think there should be a distinction between freedom of speech and exposing the truth…

    personally for me, after viewing these pictures, feel that some of it are quite offensive but yet, what the Islamic world has portrayed in the world and how it has affected people’s perception of the religion has so much so sparked a string of questions and doubts of Islam’s integrity…..I tottally disagree that Islam is Terrorism, but the fact is, MOST terrorist are MUSLIMS!!…..please gimme an explanation?

    i call for the people around the world to start “loving” their muslim counterparts..and sympathize and empathize with them….judging from a muslim point of view, they have a right to be loved as well…

    as for what is happening right now, let us all be careful that our words will not have sentiments that would cause more indignation among our fellows…



    islam means way of peace

    i dnt know why we must enemy to each other, islam is not terorist, islam ful of peace and luv, islam just defensive themselve to survive,

    we all have responsibility to treating each other and respect THE religions of others.

    those people behind of this caricatures “dnt destroy the islam religion because u may destroying the bilions of muslims. those people who got da effort to make and publish these caricatures u are uncivilized people and not supporters of peace …to all people in this world “IF U WANT PEACE FYT 4 JUSTICE”