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Muhammad Caricature Watch: Muslim Leaders Urge Calm

Members of the South Africa Muslim Community take part in a protest march in Cape Town, South Africa, Thursday, Feb. 9, 2006 in solidarity with Muslims around the world over published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. The march took place with no incidents reported.

ASSociated Press: Muslim Leaders Urge Calm Over Cartoons

Many Arab governments, Muslim religious leaders and newspapers have been calling for calm in the protests over the Prophet Muhammad cartoons, fearing the violence of the past weeks has only reinforced Islam’s negative image in the West.

No major demonstrations took place in Mideast and North African cities Thursday, suggesting the fervor was easing. But it wasn’t clear whether the calm would last. A test may come after weekly Muslim prayers on Friday, when at least one large protest is planned, in Morocco.

There will also be a major weekend protest, Saturday, in London.

But many in the Middle East watched the stone-throwing, flag burnings and embassy attacks with sorrow. Some — including governments, religious leaders and newspaper writers — are trying to put on the brakes on the outrage, even if they feel Muslims are right to be angry.

“They committed a crime when they violated our prophet’s sanctity,” Mohammed Abdel-Qaddous, a prominent Egyptian writer on Islamic issues, said Wednesday at a forum organized by the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo.

“But if we set their embassy on fire, as happened in Syria or Lebanon, we will then be responding to their crime with another crime,” he said.

There is NO excuse for violence against foreign embassies in this FLAP. But, will cool heads prevail this weekend?

Stay tuned……..


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  • feras hssan

    sham on you , what do you want from us ? leave Muslims and worke on your problems
    if the west say that he is civelized then where the princeples of freedom and civelisation
    we love jesus christ and all the profits >so try to respect our belives and let us
    bring peace and love to warld not war and clash ….
    and peace upon all the world
    feras hassan -syria-homs

  • ece ozturk

    west have to learn how to respect our relıgıon or theır behaverıng wıll deal to happen much more events whıch damage both muslıms and chrıstıans.we respect also jesus and other all prophets but some people in the west didnt do so.thıs event made us very angry and thınk negatıve about them.holy thıngs such relıgıons are very ımportant for belıevers.they should have respected our holy.and Islam doesnt let drawıng pictures of our prophet.ı hope they wıll apologıze from all the muslıms and belıevers cause thıs behaverıng agaınst not only muslıms but also all the belıevers!!!!!!!!!!!