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Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch: California Republican Assembly Drops Bid to Pull Republican Pre-primary Endorsement

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger addresses local community and business leaders in San Jose, Calif., Thursday, Feb. 9, 2006, about his strategic growth plans for the California economy.

Orange County Register: GOP group drops effort to pull Schwarzenegger backing

The influential California Republican Assembly over the weekend dropped its bid to yank the GOP pre-primary-endorsement of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, effectively leaving the measure dead in the water.

Republican activists Monday dropped their bid to get the state GOP to yank its endorsement of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a measure that for weeks had divided many party loyalists and made others uncomfortable.

Instead, Schwarzenegger opponents within the GOP will focus on getting the party, at its upcoming convention in San Jose, to pass four other resolutions addressing the governor’s recent spending proposals and judicial appointments.

There were NOT the votes to yank the endorsement from the Governor. Also, who would replace him? The California Republican bench is very thin in 2006.

Flap handicaps a very contentious Republican election cycle in 2006.

Will mainstream California Republican voters even bother to vote for Governor Schwarzenegger?


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