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Global War on Terror Watch: Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist to Offer Bill Halting U.S. Port Deal

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Captain Clifton Anderson, back to camera, explains operations to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., standing at right, during a tour of the San Pedro Service Processing Center on Terminal Island in Los Angeles, Tuesday morning, Feb. 21, 2006.

ASSociated Press: Frist to Offer Bill Halting U.S. Port Deal

Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist called Tuesday for the Bush administration to stop a deal permitting a United Arab Emirates company to take over six major U.S. seaports, upping the ante on a fight that several congressmen, governors and mayors are waging with the White House.

“The decision to finalize this deal should be put on hold until the administration conducts a more extensive review of this matter,” said Frist. “If the administration cannot delay this process, I plan on introducing legislation to ensure that the deal is placed on hold until this decision gets a more thorough review.”

“I’m not against foreign ownership,” said Frist, “but my main concern is national security.” He was speaking to reporters in Long Beach, Calif., where Frist was doing a fact-finding tour on port security and immigration issues.

Will this be another Harriet Miers?


The President is wrong and there is enough bi-partisan sentiment to quash the deal.

Michelle Malkin has BUSH DIGS IN

***video at Expose the Left***

Day by Day cartoonist Chris Muir weighs in on Bush’s plea to accept the deal “on faith:”

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