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Muhammad Caricature Watch: Malaysia Reprimands Newspaper for Lampoon Muhammad Caricature Cartoon

Reuters: Malaysia slaps newspaper in twist to cartoon row

Malaysia has reprimanded one of its biggest daily newspapers for printing a cartoon lampooning the global controversy over caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad.

The government’s move has fanned a hot debate in this mainly Muslim country about where to draw the line between press freedom and respect of religion, because this time it involves a newspaper closely aligned with mainstream Muslim opinion.

The English-language New Straits Times had defended its right this week to publish the cartoon, which featured a street artist offering “caricatures of Muhammad while you wait.”

But the government, a prominent voice in the Islamic world, felt it crossed the line and its internal security ministry had given the daily three days to explain itself, the New Straits Times said on its front page on Thursday.

“The ministry said the cartoon had breached the conditions of the newspaper’s publishing permit,” the paper said.

“It added that the sketch was inappropriate and could invite negative reactions in the country, especially among Muslims.”

Malaysia, led by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, an Islamic scholar, has banned the Danish newspaper cartoons at the heart of the row and has suspended the publishing licences of two newspapers for publishing some of them.

Everyday Flap is happy he lives in America with the United States Constitution with its Bill of Rights.

Can you imagine an America where newspapers, blogs or websites would be required to have a government “PERMIT?” And if you wrote something said government did not “LIKE” then the government could censure, intimidate, jail or otherwise force you to stop your inappropriate speech.

The offending cartoon published by the New Straits Times on Monday was one of the globally syndicated Non Sequitur series by Wiley Miller. In an editorial on Wednesday, the newspaper responded to complaints about the cartoon, saying the Prophet had not been depicted.

In the editorial, it asked rhetorically whether the complaints were politically motivated to cow the newspaper’s editors. “When the truth gets reported, some get hurt. The powerful ones will seek to protect themselves with whatever means at their disposal,” the editorial said without elaborating.

The controversy is the latest episode in a public spat between the newspaper and elements of the ruling party, which has objected to the New Straits Times’ reporting on sensitive issues of race and religion and its criticism of government policy.

No “FREE” press in Malaysia.

Now……..why has the American MSM for the large part refused to print the Muhammad Caricatures?

The Washington Post has A Failure of the Press

The American MSM has failed. But, the American blogopshere has NOT……..

Stay tuned……

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  • ümit

    It was the most awful thing I’ve ever encontered who can mock our beliefs and our prophet. have we ever did anything like that. we cannot even think of something like that because Jesus is also a prohet sent by god and we accept this but our prophet is the last and the greatest. Anyway we cannot make you believe in our religion but at least you have to respect our beliefs. You are not the owner of the world as we aren’t, either. But we know that every single person will be judged in the hereafter and we will meet you there with our prophet with us. And I will see how you will go on mocking my prophet who is accepted by even your own prophet, if you actually have a religion and a prophet. see you in the hereafter…….