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NHS Dentistry Watch: Another Desperate Dentistry Story

The Daily Mail: Desperate dentistry: Woman pulls tooth with pliers

A woman told today how she got a friend to pull out one of her teeth with a pair of pliers and filmed the gruesome process on a mobile phone after failing to find an NHS dentist.

Diane Hunter, 45, described how she became so exasperated after two years of toothache she opted for a DIY option.

“In the end I just got really drunk and got a friend to pull it out with a pair of big pliers,” she told the Bradford Telegraph and Argus.

“There was a lots of blood but I just needed the tooth out – it was causing me great pain and it still is.”

Failed search for NHS care

Miss Hunter, who lives in the Listerhills area of Bradford, said she has not seen a dentist for more than 20 years and failed in her search for any offering NHS care.

She said she first tried the old schoolboy trick of tying one end of a piece of string around her tooth and the other around a door handle before slamming the door but it did not work.

Miss Hunter told the paper she would never pull her own teeth out again.

“I was going to do it again but I showed a nurse at the doctor’s surgery what I had done and she said it could cause a heart attack,” she said.

She even went to hospital for help at one point but was never given anything more than paracetamol.

Her friend performed the DIY dentistry about six months ago.

Another desperate dentistry story from the FAILED SOCIALIZED NHS DENTISTRY in the United Kingdom.

Private dentistry is best with government accomodations/subsidies/vouchers for the truely poor, infirm, old, or disabled.

Look at the comments section of this piece and the varying opinions:

What a silly woman, or is she just an exhibitionist? After experiencing the agony, literally, of a series of poor NHS dentists my wife and I ‘went private’. To our surprise it isn’t much more expensive but the treatment is far superior. Recently I required a prescription for antibiotics and that was actually cheaper than the NHS.

– Chris Downing, Rothwell, England

It’s funny that she could afford to get “really drunk” but wouldn’t consider putting her hand in her own pocket to go to a private dentist. Obviously she was looking for a free service and I guess in the end, that’s what she got.

– Linda B, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Stupid woman. The money she spent getting drunk would have paid a significant amount towards the cost of a private dentist.

If she can’t be bothered to go to a dentist for regular check-ups why should she assume the NHS will sort out the mess.

– Anon, Reading

I don’t think we should have to go private. Haven’t we paid enough into the system all these years – where has all this money gone? (Or is that a silly question.)

– Diane, N Ireland

I dont blame her. I find myself and family in a similar situation. No NHS dentist available and unable to afford private care. What are we supposed to do?I wish I could get dental care for my childern even if not myself but none is forthcoming in the forseeable future.

– Kaz, cheshire

Stay tuned as more U.K. dentists go “PRIVATE.”


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