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Iran Nuclear Watch: Iran Builds a Secret Underground Command Center

News.Telegraph: Iran builds a secret underground complex as nuclear tensions rise

Iran’s leaders have built a secret underground emergency command centre in Teheran as they prepare for a confrontation with the West over their illicit nuclear programme, the Sunday Telegraph has been told.

The complex of rooms and offices beneath the Abbas Abad district in the north of the capital is designed to serve as a bolthole and headquarters for the country’s rulers as military tensions mount.

The recently completed command centre is connected by tunnels to other government compounds near the Mossala prayer ground, one of the city’s most important religious sites.

So, Iran is preparing for war. What a surprise. Does this tell the world about their negotiating stance on their nuclear program?

The opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) learnt about the complex from its contacts within the regime. The same network revealed in 2002 that Iran had been operating a secret nuclear programme for 18 years.

The underground strategy is partly designed to hide activities from satellite view and international inspections but also reflects a growing belief in Teheran that its showdown with the international community could end in air strikes by America or Israel. “Iran’s leaders are clearly preparing for a confrontation by going underground,” said Alireza Jafarzadeh, the NCRI official who made the 2002 announcement.

Ok, and the diagram/graphic above shows how Iran can be a fly in the ointment. But, do the Iranians (the Mullahs and their lackey leaders) REALLY think that any attempt at small ball war with the United States and Israel will lead to small retaliations and NOT full-scale invasion and regime change?

If the United States and Israel launched a military operation against Iran it would be an “ALL IN” proposition not a half-assed bombing campaign that Bill Clinton made famous.

If Iran were to mine the Strait of Hormuz or attack merchant vessels with suicide boats and/or cruise missles the United States and Israel would bomb Tehran back to the “STONE AGE.”

This should include the use of tactical nuclear weapons on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Stay tuned……


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The Natanz uranium enrichment complex in Natanz is pictured in this January 2, 2006 satellite image.

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