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Illegal Immigration Watch: The United States Senate Judiciary Committee Takes Up the Debate


United Farm Workers members and their supporters rally Sunday, March 26, 2006, in downtown Los Angeles, to mark the birthday of the late Cesar Chavez, the union’s founder, and to call for enactment of a federal law that would give temporary legal status to many illegal agricultural workers.

ASSociated Press: Guest Worker Issue Tops Immigration Debate

The Senate tackles the hot-button election issue of what to do with the nation’s estimated 11 million illegal immigrants this week, with President Bush coming down on the side of letting many of them stay if they have jobs.

Bush planned to use a naturalization ceremony for swearing in 30 new citizens Monday to press his call for a “guest worker” program. The Senate Judiciary Committee, meanwhile, faced a midnight deadline for completing a bill.

Let the debate begin.

There are many politically painful issues to decide and this debate will be carried forward to the 2008 Presidential election.

However, for today, Flap handicaps the Senate Judiciary Committee will be unable to reach a filibuster-proof consensus and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist will call up a bill tomorrow dealing with border security, employer sanctions and increasing the number of visas.

The debate in the United States Senate today will be the prelude to the 2008 Presidential race.

Senators to watch – John McCain and Hilary Clinton.

Stay tuned…..

Michelle Malkin has some background on the RADICAL Reconquista portion of the illegal immigration debate: WELCOME TO RECONQUISTA

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