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Representative Cynthia McKinney Watch: Going to Jail?

From the Pirates Cove (via Michelle Malkin): Cynthia McKinney To Be Arrested?

Capitol Hill police are expected to seek an arrest warrant next week for Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia, who was involved in a physical confrontation with a Capitol police officer Wednesday, police and legal authorities said Thursday.

Officially, the investigation of the incident, in which the DeKalb County Democrat allegedly struck a police officer who tried to stop her from going around a security checkpoint, is ongoing, said Sgt. Kimberly Schneider, spokeswoman for Capitol Hill police.

However, police have notified the federal prosecutor’s office in Washington that they will be seeking an arrest warrant after the investigation is complete next week, said police and legal authorities, who spoke on the condition that they not be named because the investigation was not yet complete.

Throw the Moron in jail and fine her heavily.

If Flap did this to a peace officer ……..

Oh! And by the way, McKinney has No regrets.

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11 thoughts on “Representative Cynthia McKinney Watch: Going to Jail?

  1. Buh bye Cynthia! and good riddance. I find it hard to believe anyone votes for the racist.

  2. It’s about time that this woman was lynched for the comments she made on 9/11.

    How dare she say that it was a conspiracy that our government was involved in.


  3. Nice job!Good example of how NOT to act as a citizen,…let alone a representative in congress!Gotta pull the the ole race-card again!I wonder if, “her MAJESY” can remember all of the fellow representatives she works with?This women needs a wake-up call to decend back to earth!They should have shot the clown!

  4. I “googled” this member of government and I have found a history of trying to make a name for herself, but in a rather negative way. If on the day the most recent incident happened she apologized for what she did, and five days later, she pulls the “race card”, I have the feeling she is trying to generate some publicity with her black constituents before her Georgia primary. These gentlemen that stopped her are officers of the law. I don’t care who you are, but you listen to the person with the weapon who is there to protect members of congress. If I were them, I would direct the next gunman that circumvented the securtiy system in her congressional office building and escort him to her office, just so she has a fuckin’ clue as to what she has created.

  5. What is with this woman! You can not attack an officer because your job is, in your eyes, more important than his. In my opinion, everyone should be expected to go through the metal detector, regardless what your position is. From googling this woman, it seems like she has been nothing but trouble from the word “go”. She is an example of why some still have rough feelings between the races. Everything is a race card nowadays. We live in a world dominated by reverse racism. As a former educator, I have seen many non-minority students who have been offered no assistance despite having excellent grades and backgrounds, while many others have been free rides based solely on race and not on merit. If the roles were reversed and we had a United Middle-Class White Person College Fund, it would hit the roof as being racist. So why is the opposite acceptible? I have no problem with anyone getting assistance if they have earned it academically or through hard work, but giving a free ride because you are a minority is not acceptible. Maybe Rep. McKinney missed the manners part of being a good citizen at whatever school she attended!!

  6. As I watched this morning when Soledad O’Brien respectfully asked the question that I asked myself…”ok, so what actually happened” to Ms. McKinney, I was almost embarrased to see another person of color completely ignore the question that is trully the crux of this particular case. I have learned more than anything else to look at each incident(case) independently. Yes there are many cases that do in fact have a connection to other cases pending, but this stinks of oppurtunism!
    As a person of color myself having grown up in DC Ms. Mckinney should be ashamed of herself. If she turned in embarrasment and struck the officer who chose to detain her(doing his job) for confirmation of her identity she should appologize and move on. That simple…do the right thing. Choosing this situation to air the congressional police’s dirty laundry of past incidents of predjudice is a gross abuse of her position. Furthermore, Ms. Mckinney ddin’t even deny the charges that the police officer on the same show levied against her!!!!
    Question….”what the hell is she even doing on TV?????” She’s obviously guilty!
    And I am a not a republican for the record.

  7. Get over it! Cynthia McKinney is the most honest person in the government we have. I think she is just wonderful. She is the only repsentative that cares for us underdogs and we really appreciate her! Sharon

  8. McKinney was given the excuse that she might not have been recognized due to a new hairdo. That is rubbish. When an officer asks you to stop he is performing his duty. McKinney’s job is to uphold the law and be a role model for the American public, regardless of whether she had on her identification pin or hairdo. Officers do not have time to explain why they are stopping you in times of crisis. McKinney would do well to support those charged to protect her, regardless of her race. Officers are all blue and most take their job seriously. It seems that McKinney owes our nation’s officers an apology for her disrespect, not just her peers. She has now taught her constituents that it is okay to disregard police officers. She has in fact placed her district in danger. She also owes this area a public apology and explanation for her inappropriate behavior.

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