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Illegal Immigration Watch: Senate Compromise Bill Delayed? NOW Shelved…..



ASSociated Press: Senate Shelves Immigration Bill 

Like Flap said the first time…….
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ASSociated Press: Partisan Bickering Delays Immigration Deal

A Senate breakthrough on an immigration bill praised by leaders in both parties appeared endangered by partisan bickering over amendments from opponents.

Both sides acknowledged that if the Senate is going to pass a bill, it might not occur until Congress returns from a two-week Easter recess.

Republicans appeared united in blocking a final vote on a compromise proposal worked out among immigration leaders in the two parties until Democrats allow votes on amendments by opponents.

A test vote was scheduled Friday on the compromise, as well as a bill by Majority Leader Bill Frist.

The compromise bill is a LOSER and WILL NOT pass a Republican cloture vote. However, it has provided shelter for the GOP from the Senate Judiciary Committee bill which is worse.

And the Democrats……well, they are obstructing again for partisan advantage but will have to vote today on Senator Frist’s bill. This vote will be interesting to watch. Will the Democrats vote against strenghtening border security?


Democrats said the amendments would undermine the immigration compromise that offered hope for American citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants.

“I know the reality, tomorrow we cannot finish it,” the assistant Democratic leader, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said late Thursday.

Supporters of the compromise claimed 70 votes and said they could defeat all of the amendments offered by opponents. Republicans, however, closed ranks in insisting that at least some of those amendments get votes. Both sides indicated the Senate would complete the bill when Congress returns from the recess that begins Monday.

Flap doubts there afe 70 votes for this bill. They don’t have 60, otherwise, they would move forward, close debate and vote the bill out of the Senate.

Interesting that the Democrats will not allow amendments. Flap supposes they really don’t want recorded votes against Hispanic immigrants/illegal aliens and/or their labor union base.

Senator Frist’s bill will pass today and this will be the only immigration bill passing through the Senate this year, despite all of the rancor.

The compromise bill is DEAD…..the United States Senate needs to move on……..

Stay tuned……


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